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Joe Biden update: He's awake now and talking

joe Biden awake during a meeting with president Obama and the Fiscal Responsibility commission in the Oval Office 4-14-11

Longtime senator and train rider Joe Biden was reported awake, responding coherently to co-workers and resting comfortably in the vice presidency.

Biden had been spotted in the George Washington University audience Wednesday slipping into a deep coma along with countless Republicans nationwide during President Obama's reading of nearly 5,200 words off his teleprompter.

Here's why Obama had to give this deficit reduction speech. And here's the actual speech itself plus  commentary.

The remarks were designed to re-position the Democratic golfer from saying he supports budget cuts while really opposing them to instead supporting increases in taxing the wealthy, because it's party scripture to play classes against each other and the wealthy have too much money anyway.

Meanwhile, under the Obama-Biden administration the federal government has come up short of money. A weird coincidence.

Under this dynamic duo of Democrats, the federal government had to borrow another $3 trillion since taking office just to cover the back taxes of Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and to satisfy the spending needs of union supporters. joe Biden passes the time during Obama's long speech 4-13-11 This sum does not include costs of their new war in Libya or any other impromptu foreign conflagrations.

Biden was spotted by pool reporters Thursday in the White House Oval Office with the president for another staged meeting of the Commission on Fiscal Responsibility.

The vice president, who contradicted the president's red tie and shirt, appeared alert and well. He had the black shoes and socks down, as well as matching Obama's hand-clasping, as the president strongly prefers.

However, Biden screwed up on correctly choreographing his leg-crossings with the president.

Still, Obama was able to depart the White House as planned Thursday afternoon on his 747 for a night in the toddling town of Chicago, where he bagged a reported $17 million.

Not to put toward the $14+ trillion national debt. But for Obama's presidential reelection campaign. That campaign actually began Jan. 21, 2009, but the president pretended to announce its official opening in an e-mail earlier this month.

Aides say they expect to raise $1 billion before the votes are counted late Nov. 6, 2012.

However, that sum could be subject to increases like everything these days. A new Gallup Poll finds Obama's approval rating has continued to slide down to 42%, a five-month low. Additionally, his disapproval rating has climbed to reach half of all Americans (50%).

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photos: Pool via Getty (Biden with Obama, April 14); ABC News.

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I have always wondered where people in high office get the energy to do what they do some times, especially when days come and go in my life where I find myself wanting to take a minute or two to refresh myself as people like Joe Biden take on what must be massive amounts of work, make incredible decisions involving the lives of millions of people, and are interupted in their personal lives at all ours of the day and night?

It is nice to know that vice presidents are people just like me!

GOD Bless and keep them, each and every one, regardless of their political affiliation.

They actually pay you to write this drivel? Wow.

But isn't Palin the real fool? I don't care for Palin, but the media has given Biden a free ride for decades. His "experience" involves being wrong on a host of domestic and foreign policy issues for the last 30 years!

Maybe Joe should go back to sleep...

I guess Obama is using the Castro approach, just talk the people into submission. "I will continue to talk until you submit because the rich are paying me to talk..."

Absolutely loved it. Great piece.

We must keep in mind that Andrew Malcolm stated with certainty that Joe Biden was being dropped from the ticket prior to the 2008 election. I didn't see a retraction to this galactic error. Apparently Malcolm was napping....

(AM responds: Yes, pls do remember. It's very early yet, bucko. Keep watching. :--)) )

Malcolm, with bright people with contributions to make out of work, you sit there and drool this junk? Shameful.


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