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Joe Biden: Deep in thought or nodding off? We report, you decide

Joe Biden resting his eyes or is he sleeping Vice President Joe Biden was given another big job by President Obama on Wednesday and the burden may have driven Obama's go-to guy into a moment of sleep or, at least, contemplation.

Biden, who has more than a nodding acquaintance with deficits, debts and federal budget woes, was caught apparently deep in thought or catching a few winks while Obama outlined his plan for dealing with the deficit. The video was posted on The Note, a political blog run by ABC News.

In his speech, the president explained that Biden would begin meeting with lawmakers from both parties next month with a goal of trying to work out a bipartisan deficit reduction plan.

The legislators will be chosen by the congressional leaders and they will seek some common ground between the widely different visions in the proposed GOP plan and the president's latest ideas.

Biden served in this role before on both domestic and foreign issues. He was one of those who recently helped negotiate the current compromise on this year's spending plan.

-- Michael Muskal

Photo: Screen shot from video off ABC News of Vice President Joe Biden with his eyes closed, apparently sleeping. Credit: ABC News

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Biden: Deep in Thought or Nodding Off??? Is there a difference?

Not to worry Joe, he puts me to sleep too.

Actually the Veep was prepping for a stand-in for one of our air traffic controllers :)

Who cares?

Because his eyes are closed? Only a media that would consider Trump and viable Presidential candidate would show this.

Closed his eyes for almost 30 seconds during a political speech.

Crucify him.

Whatever; I'm sure he knew the speech by heart.
Unlike the "let me jot it down on my hand" type of politician.

Snide and obviously not asleep as the Vice President's lips are pressed firmly together in a contemplatively serious line...a sleeping individual's facial muscles would appear far more relaxed...But, tell the Koch brothers , nice try.
PS--Senator Inhofe nearly killed people in a reckless airplane stunt in's newsier.

Well,, Maybe he is praying???? Because he knows it is not enough or he hopes people don't hear what he is really saying ----not saying!

I think he is praying that Obama chooses someone else to be vice-president next time.

Can a guy pray in peace, or is someone going to complain that it's a church and state thing? Let the man be!

i was ready to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he was nodding off. and more often than not, it's a reflection on the speakers abilities as an orator.

oh noes, i'm only 12!

I know if I were handed the job to "work out a bipartisan deficit reduction plan", I would be in silent prayer for some time. Possibly contemplating the Book of Job.

LIKE the rest of the Washington asleep

Definitely asleep. Check out his facial muscles. There is tension around the eyes and mouth. Were he asleep his facial muscles would be lax and in some cases the mouth would be slightly open. I know we all want to get our monies worth out of our public servants and some of us can't resist a dig, but give the guy a break! Who among you has never closed your eyes during a speech to ruminate or close out external stimuli so you could concentrate? I know I have. I have even nodded re. my thoughts or sometimes tapped my fingers in time to an internal beat. I personally prefer this to the "thousand meter stare".

Meditation and reflection are two more versions abt his state of mind at that moment of time)

Nothing he was asleep the whole time he was a senator for us here in Delaware

Looks to me like he is praying he doesn't screw it up.

Even when it is obvious you left wingers continue to be in denial. What we have in the White House is dumb and dumber.

transfer the V.P.(what's his name) to a FAA Control Tower!

This is why nothing gets done in Washington, too many people are asleep.

I was carpeted at my work for being drowsy during a speech about budgets. So relieved to see that someone in such a high office did the same thing!

William Shakespeare must have envisaged scenarios like this one, when he penned the following:
"O sleep! O gentle sleep! Nature's soft nurse, how have I frighted thee, That thou no more wilt weigh mine eyelids down And steep my senses in forgetfulness? Why, rather, sleep, liest thou in smoky cribs, Upon uneasy pallets stretching thee, And hush'd with buzzing night-flies to thy slumber, Than in the perfum'd chambers of the great, Under canopies of costly state, And lull'd with sound of sweetest melody?"

Yes, 'in the perfum'd Chambers of the Great and under the Canopies of Costly State', my dear Vice President Joe Biden slept. So why the talk? He had recently spent some serious hours negotiating the budget, side by side with President Obama. In fact, it was reported that Senator John Boehner was finally 'reined in' by Vice President Biden during the budget negotiations, when Biden reportedly said to Boehner, "If you do not act now, We will take it to the people". It was then, AND ONLY THEN, that we had the interim Budget deal! Biden deserves the rest and the break! Sleeping under those circumstances, is more than deserving; and perhaps this saved him from some of the dangerous consequences of 'unrequieted stress'that we know, and all too well. I just love Joe Biden; he tells it as it is, calls a spade a spade; and most importantly takes a break, after successfully completing his assignment; and to the benefit of millions of the American People. It is so nice when we can 'humbly' and 'sleepfully' be ourselves. I just love Joe Biden.


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