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John Phillips: Why Hillary Clinton must run in 2012

Hillary Clinton Told You So Button 2012If Hillary Clinton's primary voters and President Obama had their relationship status listed on their Facebook pages, it would change from “Married” to “It's complicated.”

To be fair, Hillary voters never fell in love with Obama, they just fell in line. Their relationship is less like a Julia Roberts chick flick and more like a Bengali arranged marriage.  

Because of their arrangement, Hillary-loving Obama voters are quick to jump ship whenever Mr. Hope-and-Change looks like he's getting played again by his political opponents, is in over his head or is dissing their girl.

Despite Obama's anti-climactic campaign announcement just now, according to all the recent polls, Hillary voters aren't only jumping ship –- they're taking their fins, snorkels and pina coladas with them.

A new Quinnipiac University poll shows President Obama's approval rating at....

...a pathetic 42% –- down four points from early March. The American public isn't impressed with his handling of the crisis in Libya either -– with 47% of the public against the war and 58% of registered voters saying the president has not clearly stated U.S. goals for the mission. 

Hillary Clinton 2012 button These numbers are bad –- really bad –- CNN prime time ratings bad.

To put them into context, according to Gallup, 76% of Americans supported military action against Iraq in 2003, 90% gave the A-OK for strikes against Afghanistan in 2001, and 65% approved of putting boots on the ground in Somalia in 1993. 

It's also important to state that this isn't part of a "throw all the bums out" mood directed at Washington.

The approval numbers for Hillary are nearing an all-time high –- with Gallup showing 66% of Americans giving "Hill the Thrill" a big thumbs up –- up from 61% in July.

This leads to the questions: Why are one out of three Hillary lovers giving Obama bad marks? Will they stick with him in November 2012?

And, most importantly, if she senses enough blood in the water, will Hillary quit the administration and launch a primary bid against Obama?

Hill-rage at Obama

Hillary Clinton's big selling point during the 2008 Democratic primaries was that she was an experienced hand who's been around the block a few times...not like how her husband has been around the block...but, you get the point.

Then-Sen. Clinton's "3 AM Phone Call" ad drove that point home. The 30-second TV spot raised the possibility of a future world crisis and asked voters who they would want in the White House making the big decisions if all hell broke loose. 

Hillary Clinton Get It RIGHT in 2012 button Hillary voters ate it up with a spoon –- deciding that an awakened and enraged Clinton with cold cream on her face and curlers in her hair is far scarier to third-world despots than an ex-Illinois state senator.

The military action in Libya is Team Hillary's 'I told you so' moment...with Hillary serving as the realistic, aggressive war hawk and Obama being a not-ready-for-prime-time waffler.

This frustration was expressed by a Clinton insider in the British newspaper The Daily, who said, "Obviously, she’s not happy with dealing with a president who can’t decide if today is Tuesday or Wednesday, who can’t make his mind’s like playing sports with a bunch of amateurs. And she doesn’t have any power. She’s trying to do what she can to keep things from imploding.”

This may not be a vote of no confidence...but at a minimum, it's voting 'present.'

Hill today, gone tomorrow

Hillary voters weren't swooned by Obama in the 2008 Democratic primaries and many are abandoning him in public opinion surveys today. But are they mad enough to ride the elephant in 2012? 

Get out the saddle, because that's exactly what they did in 2010.

Obama Button She Wouldnt Dare In the midterm elections, while it's true the Democrats were routed everywhere, they got especially creamed in states where Hillary did well. In House races, the Democrats lost four seats in Florida, six in New York, five in Ohio, four in Pennsylvania and three in Texas –- all states Hillary carried in the 2008 Democratic primaries. 

Meanwhile, the Democrats strengthened their hand in places that went heavily for Obama in 2008 –- with pickups in Hawaii, Delaware and the MSNBC prime-time lineup.

The lesson: Hillary voters aren't only willing to pull the plug on their fellow Democrats -– they're willing to yank it like they're starting a lawn mower.

What the Hill? Hillary in 2012?

While it's true the Clintons are ambitious people, they've never been known to go on suicide missions -– those are for terrorists and hotel chains willing to rent rooms to Charlie Sheen. 

Despite her contemporary denials, Hillary would only throw her hat in the ring if she thought she had a better than even chance at moving back into the White House. Obama is looking weak, but not weak enough to justify a primary challenge...yet.

If Libya turns into a full blown disaster...resulting in billions of dollars wasted, boots on the ground and abysmal public opinion numbers, my money is on Hillary resigning her post as secretary of State and jumping in the 2012 primary.

She can even rerun the "3 AM Phone Call" ad...with the tagline 'See, I told you so.'

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-- John Phillips


Strangely enough, a man named John Phillips hosts “The John Phillips Show” on Talk Radio 790 KABC in Los Angeles, which can be heard weeknights from 6 to 10 p.m. Pacific.  Outside Southern California, his show is available live online at  Also follow Phillips on Twitter  @JohnnyDontLike

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Obama will receive a 2012 challenge from Ms. Clinton ... and there will be blood! She has a long memory (from the last campaign)and now some strong ammunition against him. Operating in a cabinet position gave her damaging insight into his governance... or lack thereof. She will point out every contradiction, every instance of indecision, and every flawed decision on his part. He is vulnerable on every front and she knows it. Look for her precisely timed resignation soon!

Recycled fat slob loser in a blue stained pant suit. The Clintons are a curse on America. Obama is a curse on Kenya.

A PATHETIC 42%!?! What?!?

BUSH was at 24% and CHENEY was at 13%

Are so biased that you are BLIND and DUMB?

Obama has failed on ALL fronts (un-employment, energy, economics, race-ralations etc), but his BIGGEST over-all disaster has been his international relations. And Hilary IS the S O S (this is her total job), so she will shoot herself in the foot in running for Prez.

I never thought anyone could prove so disastrous that their actions made the coat tail clinging opportunist we know as hillary clinton, look like a preferable alternative. Mr. obama has done the impossible. what a transformer our president.

Doesn't matter. Dems are done. Out of sync with the mood of the country.

To hard line Hillary supporters (like a few of the women I am related to) Obama wasn't the first black president, he was just another man president. At least that is how they felt when he got the nom.

AHA! the "Bride of Clintonstein" has emerged from the laboratory!! She's just more of the same different gender, different color!

Hillary is just as socialist and marxist as Barry. She's just more sneaky about it!

I'll bet Hillary even has a birth certificate!
Even my dog has papers; but, he was born in the US, and we know who his
real father is.

Hillary's pathetic performance guiding the affair of State shows just how unqualified she is on the world stage. We do not need yet another incompetent ideologue as President. Both Hillary and Obama just need to go away.

Please do it Hillary, primary the worthless wanker from Chicago. We'll need a Republican president to repair the damage he's done.

I am so tried of hearing that Hillary is Presidential material. Get over her. She and Bill are like relatives that come to visit and never leave. She has never met a pay roll aqnd has no first hand experience at making a business succeed. She and Bill have been on the government pay roll all their life.


The blacks will stay home if Obama is not the Democrat hack candidate. They will be "diisin" Hillary if she runs against Obamie. Think about that!

Hillary??? Are all the local hosts who pretend to be conservatives at KABC really leftist Democrats???

When you consider the number of people in this country that are on the dole, 42% is probably the abosolute bottom that the marxist in the WH can go. So it's really at rock bottom.

You forget all those Hill supporters who totally jumped ship and refused to vote for Obama. Many voted Republican. I'm sure they would be more than happy to vote Democratic if Clinton were to run.

Please don't mention Hillary as a potential Presidental candidate. The Clinton'shave had their run at the perks and freevies that they simply adore.
Why they like the WH so much that when they left, they took items from it
that belonged to the tax payer. It would be nice if perhaps they moved to
New South Wales or some other distant place and we never hear from them
ever again. I would guess if she were to read this note, she would alledge it is
a conspiracy and that Chelsey and her deplaned under sniper small arms fire.
Neither her nor Billy boy know what it is to hear actual bullets whistle past them,
nor do I want is not fun. Just any soldier who has served in a combat
zone. I would only conclude by saying that Hillary has shown more sense than
the guy she works for.....yes you guessed it. The name is Obama. He is the master
policy about Guantanamo as the latest policy shift.

LOL! I remember the dem fight between barry and hillary. The only difference between them policy wise or any other way was who they thought should be the dem nominee. barry's experience was as a community organizer and hillary's was that she was bill's wife and that had gotten her into a senate job that she promised she wouldn't resign from in order to run for president! If she had won the dem nomination we would be in the exact disasterous situation we are in now. There would be no difference. hillary is nothing more than barry in white face and a pants suit!

She has never told the truth about anything and she is the ugliest dumbest women in America. It would be a great pick for the Liberal Democrat party.

It's a mistake to think Hillary could be a more popular President than Obama. She might as well be Mrs. Obama. She's Obama's political twin. Why else would he pick her for her queenly political position? Hillary is given more sympathy than is given to Obama because she's seen unconsciously perhaps as the loyal hard working little woman of Obama's household. The woman behind the President who does as she's told and who in her own mind feels she must in order to keep the family together.
If Hillary trades her skirt for Obama's pants the public will see her as Obama in drag. That transition will spoil the plot. But Progressives don't get it and they never will. Obama lacks vision and passion because he believes in leading while looking over his shoulder. He's a pollster. Hillary is seen as Obama's girl, giveing her even less psychological substance. Her glamor is in her being the queen of Progressivism. Bad history in the making.

I do not like Hillary for character reasons. Then again, I hated Bill for his less than presidential escapades but upon reflection, he was a good president as loathing as this is to admit. Perhaps character isn't an issue as President. Bush was less than ideal as well. Obama, on the other hand, has good character but looks like a pee-wee player on a varsity team. He would've made a good advisor but unfortunately, he is technically the commander-in-chief, not!

Obama's failure as the US President has doomed future Blacks from winning the Presidency for at least 50 years, hopefully longer !

The constant use of the Race card by the Obama administration has made all non Blacks sickened and utterly disgusted with the Negro "struggle." Please.. enough already.

My family never owned slaves nor suppressed the Negro race. If it's so bad here in the US for Blacks, why not pack up and go to Africa for good ! ps.. take Obama with you, please.


First of all, Hillary won't run. Second - what kind of logic supports the idea that if our Libya intervention goes badly, it provides an opening for Hillary, when Hil was the architect and champion of the intervention?

She was hamstrung in the primaries by running against a black man. She couldn't bring herself to deliver the attacks our country needed, until it was too late. She danced around the truth about Obama to avoid being called a racist. He has been a disaster. He's only hurt the economy, and shown us to be weak in the world.

So let me get this straight: the women who convinced Obama to go into Libya is the one we will turn to when that policy decision is revealed to be a pointless disaster?

As a non-American i continue to be puzzled by phrases about Hillary Clinton like her being an 'old hand' who has been 'around the block', etc. Try as i might I cannot uncover any record of substantive achievement in her career. As far as I am aware she has never held an executive position--not the best preparation for the Presidency. Lets be honest! If she had not been married to Bill would we ever have heard of her? She is largely a 'media/marketing' construct.

Let Him Run, the bump who wrecked his country's future would sink under his own light weight presidency. The O-Logo (3 bacon strips over a poached egg) won't have the same appeal this time as many of us are still out of work and out of hope.

Hopefully the Republicans will be able to provide real hope and change, and not just a picture of the 3 bacon strips & poached egg breakfast that I am still waiting for.


The "blacks" will stay home anyway...been there done that" now the thrill is gone...hard to get that voting block motivated unless there is a "lifetime" event! I worked the polls in a fairly heavy minority populated area and there were people there that had never voted EVER in their life (and they were in their 80s!!!!) I find it unlikely that the idiot in chief will garner that type of hysteria again...AND if he doesn't have that voting block - he loses!

If Hillary continues growing her hair- dropping the Lesbian look - she's running.

Problem is; it's too little to late. Obozo has ruined the Democratic Party. Looks like a huge landslide for the GOP in 2012. Of the 19 Dem Senators who are still running for re-election in 2012; 15 of them are gone. Expect more to drop out.

I'm afraid that Hilary has to run for President. She'd start chewing on the furnature and the walls if she was forced to greet Sarah Palin as "Madame President" .......... And , trust me, that "Bite" out of the Ckinton Family Car would not not look one buit attractive.
Please, this is a Lambkins dressed in Leather jacket fashion. while Palin is a Barracuda in hardwork common American store boughts.......

With Mr Obama? Hilary and Bill are deep in the organization of which Barry is but the figurehead. It was always Hilary's dream to rule over the early "ground Zero" version of the Great "Puch" forward. in a Marxist Society (You have toi read "Das Kapital" to get the full wave of what her dream is.,,,, A good look at the results of Pol Pot's magnificent Results in Cambodia)

Ahh hope and change, its good to see that reality finally caught up with the big tent party, too little too late. There are enough gubment dependent folk now that they will never vote away that free obama money. You fools built this ivory tower, unfortunatly, when it all does truly collapse, us responsible hard working real people will have to clean it up. IE beat back the entitled for you liverspotted wusses.

Due to the fact that you Dems elected an empty shirt who has accomplished nothing of substance, except for ramming a Healthcare program down the throats of a populace that doesn't want it (whilst giving more than 800 groups exemptions from participating), we Conservatives hope Hilary doesnt run....obama is one and done

Run her. The powers that be have been scrubbing her up. Bill left Harlem
and moved to Wall Street. As SOS she was absent for two years to marry off Chelsey. Run her. Hill/Bill duo looking for new demographaics to support them. Run her. Can't wait.

"Waco, TX, on April 19, 1993"
This country has short memory. Clinton Admin killings buried. Reno buried. All buried just like every dirty thing they have done in their political careers. Not an admirer of Clintoons. Nor of Obama and Czars. This is the government you get when run by a bunch of lawyers.

I have never been a fan of Hillary Clinton. In fact, I despised her. However, I fully and thoroughly regret that she did not win her party's nomination and become the president because we would definitely be better off than we are. I truly hope she does run and kick obama out of the nomination as he is an abomination!

I'd vote for a toilet seat over either of these clowns.

She's not going to run against, no matter how many polls you cherry pick.

I love the smell of Republican desperation in the morning. John please write a blog post admitting you were just wishing for this when President Obama wins his second term in November 2012.

LOL! Your arguing over the merits of a Hillary presidency versus another Hussein term! Think back on their fight over the nomination. The only real difference they had was who should be president. Hillary is nothing more than Barry in white face and a pants suit!

I would vote for her.

Sir, from your, er, lips, to God's ears.


Robert Sandy
Chicago, IL

what a brilliant piece, as a diehard Hillary supporter I kept nodding at every word and sentence of the analysis

and I love the I-told-you-so thing. I myself often think of a scene from "Will & Grace" where Grace's got this obnoxious dance from her mother: the "I-told-you-so" dance. Some millions and more millions of Hillary supporters out there are dancing that dance with full swing and jitterbug these days

Hillary cannot win. To some degree, she's a bit like Sarah Palin, just on the opposite end of the see-saw: She really energizes a very rabid group of supporters, but they both absolutely repel the middle-of-the-road independent voters who are such a critical voting bloc.
I support Hillary, and would love to see her as President. But the only chance she has to be elected would be if she were actually running against Sarah Palin...and though I wish it were otherwise, the damn Republicans are not stupid enough to nominate Palin as their candidate in 2012.

To B H O's comment that all blacks would stay home - let them - that is such a racists statement and racists vote. I find it amazing that blacks moan and groan about racism when in fact I am finding they are the biggest racists of all.

I will vote for anyone but OBAMA - he's a fraud and a liar.

"Hillary voters ate it up with a spoon –- deciding that an awakened and enraged Clinton with cold cream on her face and curlers in her hair is far scarier to third-world despots than an ex-Illinois state senator."


America has only one chance of surviving as the country we might recognize -- electing Hillary Clinton as president.

Hillary Clinton is the ONLY politician -- that I am aware of -- in the whole of the United States with the skills, experience, temperament, guts and vision to save this country from the terrible people and the terrible corporate interests that are now buying our government and turning it into a fascist oligarchy on behalf of themselves.

Good, I hope she does it.This smells of Teddy Roosevelt and Fat Will Taft bickering, leaving the doors wide open for Wilson to steal the election. If the shoot themselves, then maybe we can take back the Whitehouse with a Republican vote

She is as useless as Obama. They should run them both out of the country with the rest of their hords of theives.

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