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Glenn Beck accused of using work of conservative bloggers and others without attribution

Fox News host Glenn Beck speaks during the National Rifle Association's 139th annual meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina in this May 15, 2010 file photo.

Glenn Beck, the outgoing Fox News personality who was bothered with a blade of wheat grass recently in an attempt to maintain a vegan diet, is being accused by conservative bloggers of a long-running practice of taking some of their material and using it without crediting them.

"This is the most ridiculous charge I've ever heard," Beck said Monday, quickly adding that if he has inadvertently taken something without credit that he is sorry. "If I have not attributed someone, I apologize for that. I can't imagine how it has happened other than thousands of hours of broadcast," Beck said, and then went back to joking about how he "stole" from his best friend when he paid him for a catchphrase.  

Big Government's Andrew Breitbart told The Daily Caller that Beck's unethical ways and most recent slogan make it hard for him not to appear as a hypocrite. "Sometimes he also uses other peoples' work without crediting them, making it appear as though it were his own," Breitbart, who runs several conservative blogs said. "But especially since adopting 'The Truth Has No Agenda' slogan – and trying to deliberately re-position himself as the pious conscience and judge of many of those he took content from – he has exposed himself to his new motto’s unforgiving standard."

The Daily Caller fielded complaints from conservative blogs like, Jihad Watch, and who all accused Beck of using their research and know-how, sometimes even promising to credit the blog on television, but in the end failing on the promise.

Douglas Stewart, of Yahoo's Associated Content, sent some insights to Beck surmising how the State Department probably knew about the Egyptian uprising before it went down, he told TheDC. Beck read the information on air but never credited Stewart or Associated Content, Steward said.  In fact Stewart later found some of the content as part of a "study guide" about Egypt on

The Beck camp apparently finds all of this amusing. A blog post on has a headline that reads "Glenn Beck is a thief! Or something…" along with a video (seen below) from Monday's radio show where Beck and his sidekick laugh at the claims.


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-- Tony Pierce

Photo: Fox News host Glenn Beck.  Credit: REUTERS/Chris Keane/Files



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what ever this paper reports, I believe the OPPOSITE

It is with great satisfaction that I watch Glen Beck plummet from grace. I can't think of anyone more deserving. He is finally exposed as a biggot, a racist, and an anti-semite.

You finally find someone who loves and cares about AMERICA and the whole bunch of you throw him under the bus. What ever happen to good common sense?

What are you afraid of?

Pot black? A commie article from a commie paper. Ya have NO creditbility.

is this even news? seems like a smear, but I guess that is news now days?

Brietbart is accusing Beck? It is probably true. But Brietbart himself had a scandal just a few months ago, for doing the same thing including out and out lying. The pot and the kettle.

Glenn - is a good guy and the left is simply running its usual smear campaign! America needs a smart guy that stands for truth like Glenn Beck -

America Loves the Beckster!!!!!!!!!!!

glenn beck is the only hope we have for americans to GET THE REAL POINT !! the things he is saying is true and he is trying to awake americans ... keep up the good work glenn !!!! jean

Glee Beck suck!

If that's all the liberal bloggers can dig up on Glenn Beck, then I think they're in for a long and disappointing 2012.

Glenn Beck is a damn fool

Andrew Breitbart: "He stole my lies! How dishonest can you get?"

God Bless Glenn Beck. His large audience shows we surround them. Thank you for waking up America Beck. This is only the beginning!!

I can't believe it took this long to expose him. He is not even worth the trouble of reading the whole article. He is part of the problem. Only tell half of the story and half of the truth. Glad to see him exposed. Not worth the trouble. Glenn who???????

Looks like he jumped in front of the train.

Are you serious!! Let's play nice children. Please move away from the junior high lunch room table and stop pointing fingers. It's not nice! How do you steal someones "know-how" and what is it...maybe it can be sold on ebay.

he is quiter just like sarah

It doesn't matter what this paper or any paper reports about Beck. One needs only to listen to him once to know he's sick and only spews what some want to hear so he can maintain his wealth. Dumb butts who believe this crap are sorry souls as well. Too bad they let someone like Beck think for them. Try putting out the effort to listen to both sides and think for yourselves....what a novel idea.

Glenn, jump out of the boat and let all these stinky rats sink to the bottom of the ocean. Retire to a peaceful life, and let God do His work... you did yours already.

People like Andrew Breitbart are petty , insolent, insidious morons. Who have
nothing else better to do than whine about nothing. Glen Beck on the other
hand is informing the American people just what is happening to our country.
I appreciate that immensley. Too bad a lot more people can't see the forrest for
the trees. What we have for a President is an in experienced Narcisist who is
selling America down the River.

I can't see how anyone can call Beck anti - semite. I have never heard him say anything against Israel or the Jewish people. I guess I would be considered anti -semite as well since I think George Soros is a cowardly pig who just so happens to be a Jew who offers no apologies for working for the Nazi's. Soros's father was anti-semite and so is George. I think any Jew who accepts money from Soros's coffers is also a traitor to the human race as well as an anti-semite.

Here we are 21st century and there are sure alot of very prejudiced people out. Especially right-wing conservatives. You don't support abortion yet you also do not believe in social programs to give assistance to these people. What are they suppose to do? Drop dead. Is this the true face of America? It is certainly shameful.

with all that is going on in this country this rag finds this type of coverage important? glenn beck has brought to our attention many things that people in high places have plotted to destroy this country. why do liberals keep this war against glenn going, are they afraid that if they let up he will come back bigger? i wouldn't doubt if NBC would hire him in a second their primetime line up is pathetic. watching a blank screen is better than the programming they have.

Glen Beck is laughing all the way to the bank.

I'd like my country back. This land is ours the Native Indians. We were kind and trusting but not all tribes some were savages but my tribe was one of the ones that welcomed the White Man and sat down to Thanksgiving with him to teach him the way only to get, F*cked in the end. Why? It's like the Israelis wanting their land back from the Palestinians. I don't have a deed showing the White Man bought it from our people?

Mr. Lonesome Rhodes.

Watch the film ( A face in the crowd )

It literally explains how and why this person became rich and famous.

A truly prophetic work of art.

This man is not original, he is at best a snake oil salesmen. He and his brethren have been around forever, and like all those he followed he too became his own worse enemy.

"know how"...Is that the same as "mo jo?"

Glen Beck always has live guests and quotes books and authors. This is not high school people... this is the real world! Glen is a real American just like you or me. He is passionate about our country and you guys want to continuously tear it people like Glen down and flush our country and what it stands for down the toilet. You guys seem to be scared and would not know truth if it hit you with a train. Take your passion and put it into something positive like getting educated from Glen instead of trying to rip him apart. Andrew Breitbart sounds like he is a jealous juvenile and should confront Beck privately. Geeesh grow up people. I applaud Glen Beck and what he stands least he apologized.

@Tee Dee Were you watching Glenn's show the day he was forced to apologize for equating reform judaism with radical islam? Didja catch the letter 400 rabbis all four branches of american judaism denouncing him?

We have a muslim communist for president and your picking on Glen Beck?
Get a life

WOW if that all they can come up with to smear his name they better do more then that.

I'm a die hard conservative but I can't stand listening to this guy. Too much crying, too much self promotion, the stupid news web site called the blaze, and the radio show sounds like a conservative Howard Stern show. I appreciate his contribution but he is now officially over. Michael Savage is the best in the business as far as I'm concerned.

Like so many before him, Mr. Malcolm, may be a writer and an author, but he has, for a very, very long time, been hiding on the fringes of the extreme left; and he, like Chris Matthews, finally exposes his true colors, thank God!

How many people have read his books; and how many copies have been sold of the "ten books" he has written? I believe that more copies of Ayn Rand's book, "Atlas Shrugged", have sold in one or two years since its initial publication, than Mr. Malcolm has with all his books combined. Not too bad for a 50 year old book; and, in any event, what are the titles of Mr. Malcolm’s books?

More importantly, Mr. Malcolm, and the others who are complaining about Glenn Beck (G.B.) know very well that it is possible to make a mistake. However, since they walk on water (so to speak), and seem bent on destroying G.B.'s credibility, which will withstand this new assault, they fail to heed the axiom from the New Testament, "Pride goes before a fall, and a haughty spirit before destruction." To make is very simple for them to understand, "what goes around comes around" and since I do not recall who produced the remark, I am unable at this time to give them credit since I do not carry around a copy of Bartlett’s Book of Quotes.

Semper Fidelis!

Michael Botello,
El Paso, Texas

Glen can read?

twanna, you are so correct. They think they have this man down, so here comes the Republocrats and all their Lobbyist (the same ones using and killing our troops for their greedy nation building) to pile on.

It is only going to hurt the Global, Sean Hannity, Oil, Lobbyist in the long run, because as they say; "THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE'.

Rock on Glenn, you have the majority of American behind you, no matter what Global Lobbyist and Faux News owner Rupport Murdock thinks of you and your America First Belief.

I Glenn wants to be the " Mad as Hell" guy from the movie Serial, and just like the movie the network killed him. But even better is that we all can see just how much of a liar and mad man he was as he "dies". To all you Beck fans it is not the left that is accusing him but the right. I love how people claim that Beck has woken them, while in reality you're just in some Ambien haze. All we need to do now to get rid of him if just flush the toilet.

All of you protesting Glenn Beck, please, I implore you to take the time to review at least three (3) of his scheduled TV programming(s). Feel free to research HIS FACTS. All of you just don't want to know that it is what it is and we, America, are in trouble. I, for one, and including my husband, are in a better place now knowing the truth behind the "scenes." If it were not for FOX NEWS and Glenn Beck, we would be totally clueless and watch other news networks that rarely report the real deal. Glenn, you will be deeply missed when you leave your time slot. Go get 'em and continue the good fight. We care. God bless America.

This guys is a nut and a loon and we are better off seeing him go.

However, with hours every week involving conspiracy theories, I'm sure he
must have bumped into cray bloggers all the time.

I'm sure he "lifted" a few items.

I think its funny how people complain about Glenn Beck but, never have spent a minute watching his show. They just watch the clips taken out of context instead of doing their own homework about him. If people would actually take the time to watch his show instead of listening to the George Soros funded media outlets, they would see why this guys rating for television, books, and radio have gone through the roof.

The truth has no agenda~Glenn Beck

He's used this for years....they have a problem with this NOW? There's a reason this "paper" can't sell papers!

Any paper or news from the socialist west coast does't mean anything anyway.

Glenn Beck has taught me more about this GREAT Country then 98% of the liberal left will ever know or want to know. Liberalism is a mental illness. They will never stop until they have destroyed this nation with all their Nanny state ways.

I don't believe Mr. Beck is a racist, a bigot or an anti-Semite. I've watched and listened to him on and off for years now and have never seen any evidence of that coming from him directly. His most ardent fans, however, are another matter. One need only to read the comments section of The Blaze, especially if the story involves someone who happens to be black or Hispanic, to experience a quite sickening exhibition of racial slurs and stereotypes. If there are moderators of his comment boards they apparently do not care that these incredibly crude comments contaminate any reasonable discussion. If you disagree with a true Beck fan you must obviously be a commie, a progressive or an atheist. And it is for that reason I no longer watch, listen or read his media outlets. His most devoted followers are entitled to their opinions and I'll defend their right to hold them, however odious I may find them. But I possess the right to reject their fanaticism and the figure who inspires such outlooks and is either oblivious to it or simply doesn't care.

What crap they are printing about Glenn now. Do "they" think we are stupid?

Glen Beck should go back to school and learn that plagiarism is a crime and it makes no difference if he knew he had plagiarized or not! Using or stealing someone’s intellectual work is wrong and shouldn’t be joked about. Let someone use some literary work of his without giving credit and see if he feels the same. I assume since he is so buzzy and has done "thousands of shows" as he stated, that it’s okay to plagiarize. Don’t justify admit your wrong and move on. Is there a problem in him allowing the world know that he did not author the saying; only if your ego is involved.

Weak liberal website. You don't even allow others view or the truth You are infactuated with liberalism. Get off!!!

Yahoo is a BABY!!!

Gelnn, attacked by your own people and ideology. How ironic!

Freedom of speech?

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