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A video window into the ongoing federal budget stalemate, starring Eric Cantor and Steny Hoyer

Thousands of words will be written and spoken in coming hours by all manner of participants and observers in this week's latest unnecessary federal budget battle.

The one that should have been handled seven months ago when Democrats thoroughly ran the nation's capital but had priorities other than a nuisance annual budget. Now, they're paying the price and having to negotiate with Republicans emboldened by taking over the House in the midterm shellacking.

The president, trying to appear above all the messiness, has called both parties' leaders to the White House at this hour to mediate, as if he doesn't have a Democratic dog in the fight.

We must all come together and put politics aside, says President Quixote, who was out of town Wednesday pitching windmills to a Philadelphia audience that already loves windmills because they make them.

So here's a brief illuminating video (thanks again, C-SPAN), a window into D.C. politics that shows the new Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor explaining the body's upcoming schedule and the old House Majority Leader, Democrat Steny Hoyer, ever so politely suggesting the Republicans do it the way the Democrats did it and got voted out for doing.

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Video courtesy of C-SPAN.

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