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Donald Trump in Vegas: 'Our leaders are stupid, they are stupid people'

Donald Trump in Las Vegas Donald Trump dealt a series of F-bombs during a speech Thursday night in Las Vegas where he condemned the president specifically and policymakers as a whole.

"Our leaders are stupid, they are stupid people," the billionaire told an audience of approximately 1,000 people at the Treasure Island hotel and casino on the Las Vegas strip hosted by several Republican women's groups.

The real estate mogul and television producer continued his battle cry of taking oil from countries after we have defeated them in battle.

"In the old days, when you won the war, it was yours," Trump said, earning applause from the crowd. "When we win a war … we leave with nothing."

Regarding Asia, Trump said they should be honoring the United States with tributes as well.

"I'd say to South Korea, 'All those televisions you sell us, all the billions you make — we're going to protect you and make sure you're in good shape, but you're going to pay for it,'" he proclaimed. "You know something, they would do it in two minutes."

And China? Trump says there's no benefit trying to be a good neighbor environmentally if halfway around the world the most-favored nation is mucking up the air.

"In China and other countries, they just burn whatever the hell is available," Trump complained. "Over here, we want clean technology. What the hell good is green here if this guy over here is spewing all sorts of crap into the air?"

Meanwhile he stood firm on his stance about levying a 25% tax on imports from the sleeping dragon while spewing an expletive.

The salty language didn't end there.

Concerning oil prices, the New York businessman complained that there isn't anyone in power willing to say no to OPEC when they raise the price of gasoline. "We have nobody in Washington that sits back and said, you're not going to raise that ****ing price," Trump said.

When a woman in the crowd shouted that he should run for president, Trump, who has said that he will make an announcement regarding that topic on the season finale of his television show on NBC, told the woman that he will soon make her very happy.

Trump then made an uncharacteristic observation, namely that he might lose at something. "There is a really good chance that I won't win because of one of these blood-sucking politicians," Trump conceded.

Regarding the birth certificate, which had been a major talking point of Trump's in recent months, the boisterous billionaire was still taking credit a day after President Obama released his long-form Hawaiian document.

"Hillary Clinton tried to get him to do it, Bill Clinton tried to get him to do it, John McCain, who's a wonderful guy, tried to get him to do it, nobody could get him to do it and he did it because we went after him hard, were tough negotiators like this country needs," Trump said.


-- Tony Pierce

Photo: Donald Trump speaks to a crowd of 1,000 people during a gathering of Republican women's groups Thursday in Las Vegas. Credit: Julie Jacobson / Associated Press

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Trump's "candidacy" is the product of an angry and ignorant GOP electorate, a weak GOP field and denial of basic truths by the GOP base. Will they ever admit that Bush was a disaster? His response to 9/11, tax cuts, medicare RX, NON-oversight of Wall St., etc...

Then on 4/15/09, less than 3 months after taking office we get the first Tea Party. All those problems, the economic collapse, debt etc were apparently Obama's fault. What a joke the GOP has become.

Revert Beck and all the other geniuses on here that think that someone who actually speaks the truth instead of the same old garbage is bad should really consider moving to Cuba. They would love Castro's brother. He is a genius too!

It's not all about oil, it's about controlling all wealth through centralized banking. What's happending in the middle east is about controlling the region and implementing a world power. Those who don't participate (i.e. Libya) will be forced to submit. Libya only supplies 2% of the world's oil. It's about world banking and world power.

Twin turbo,
You're one of those guys who weaves through traffic
in your bad Japanese lo rider aren't you ???

Expletives in public speaking are okay with you?
From a person who wants to be the President??????

Dude your ghetto is showing..not good.

Will Dallas

The mainstream media gives this insane hate filled racist Christian Republican air time. Amazing.

I wonder if everyone sees how dum this guy is calling everyone else stupid. He is trying to stir up the race card again. A very self centered, shrude business man who does not care about anyone but his money, wants to be the president who is to look after the country and the people? On what smartness? Educational background and experience, econmic background and experience, social background and experience? He has noe of these. All he knows is to say "yu are fired". What societal experience can he birng to the table? He was talking china and middle east until now. Now he is talking Obama's birth certificate, education. This guy is not a leader. He is simply an opportunistic business guy who wants attention, "me, me, me". You don't sop chinese and idians and latinos by shouting at the world like he does.
Pathetic if you ask me.

Actually, I now think Donald Trump is dangerous. He loves to bully people if they wound his ridiculous ego, apparently thinks it makes him superior (it doesn't) Now he thinks these bullying tactics will work with other world powers if he were President! Yikes! And he has the nerve to call our present leaders "stupid".

I couldn't agree with Mr. Trump more. Although he talks the talk and walks the walk, he can't win, and that leaves people like Mitt Romney and the rest of the crowd on the Republican ticket.

I can't believe the namby pamby comments about this article. More power to Mr. Trump. He's saying what needs to be said, political correctness be damned.

Only a stupid, stupid man would claim all of are leaders are stupid, stupid people regardless of whether or not they are.

Unfortunately Mr. Trump does not understand diplomacy or history. Throughout our history we have needed our enemies to be our allies and our allies have become our enemies. US consumption would far exceed what we could produce; we rely on the products of other nations. As for the profanities, fine in personal conversation, but in a political forum, they are just fillers for individuals who do not have anything of value to say. Remember, Republicans jumped all over Biden for his slip up(s).

The real estate mogul ... continued his battle cry of taking oil from countries after we have defeated them in battle: "In the old days, when you won the war, it was yours," Trump said, earning applause from the crowd. "When we win a war … we leave with nothing."
This is dangerous, irresponsible, imbecilic, pathetic, uninformed, amateurish, childish, and sociopathic.

dangerous. Dangerous. DANGEROUS. Shut this stupid moron up now GOP.

Defined by Webster, Stupid: "given to unintelligent decisions or acts : acting in an unintelligent or careless manner".

If a growing number of Americans believe that the current administration is acting in this manner, then maybe the press and politicians should pay more attention to why is this happening.

Indisputably, there is widespread disgust by the American people with a lot of things this administration can't get a grip on; the feeble and unstable economy, the untackled unpayable debt, the lack of jobs, inaccessible healthcare and social services by a growing aging population, a constantly degrading underachieving public school system and a risky undefined international interventionist policy that is alienating everyone in the US and abroad.

Mr. Trump may not have a chance to become president but, his style to speak up bluntly seems to be welcomed by a growing number of people. He is not a politician and is not sheepish about tough issues. His "in your face" approach was long overdue in America. He is shedding light on inept administrators and politicians who are responsible for bringing America to its knees.

Mr. Trump (I say that with tongue in cheek) Before you start spouting off at the mouth like you have been doing, you had better take a real look in the mirror & take to heart what you see. When I say heart, I mean what is below your head. This is all going to come back and haunt you as it should. Go get a real hair-do-----one that is becoming to a man!!! Any idiot as you call people would know that your hair do is above your heart!!!!

Um … yeah, neither Bill nor Hillary Clinton ever questioned President Obama's place of birth nor asked that a birth certificate be produced.

So … this Trump person seems to be pulling stuff out of his patoot.

It'd be nice if the LA Times called him on it.

[Some] of our leaders are stupid (or smart and corrupt). But Mr. Trump, you top the list of "Nut Jobs"

I think a known professional business person knows a little more on how to handle money and cut costs...more than a pampered, over paid career politician knows, for sure.

We are all stupid. How many of us get pensions that we don't have to pay for; have jobs for that matter? These pensions come from our tax money.

I don't feel I am getting my money's worth.

But hey, I guess I can say I am the King of England and no one would care enough to ask to see my credentials... Why the fuss over asking the person in the highest seat in the USA to prove one of the basic requirements to get that seat to prove it? Are we really that lazy to just take a person's word on something so serious?

Wars? Gas Prices? and these guys are on vacations we could never afford??? We are a culture that thinks ACTORS in Hollywood know more about running a country. What should we expect?

It is time to rethink why the constitution was made and how it has been bastardized... and understand were all this greed comes from.

More Power to You DT!!!

I guess Donald was not at school the day they covered the Marshall Plan. His view of history is lacking like many Americans

From the looks of the comments here Donald the Big Mouth doesnt stand a chance at the presidency.
The majority can see a real tyrant when they see one and he's it!
On another note, if we raise the taxes on the Untaxed Profits the oil companies make/take from the people of the USA what would prevent them from passing the tax to the American people by raising the price for gas?

I will tell you the solution: Nationalize ALL of America's Natural Resources,
They should belong to the American people and NOT to the Wealthy FEW-PEW!
Nationalizing oil resources would put it in the hands of the American People and take it out of the hands of CAPITALISTIC PIGS!
Doing this would prevent a rise in price set by greed and price it more fairly and affordable for all Americans!
Yet again see the movie "Hemp for Victory" produced by the USDA during WWII, they practically forced farmers to grow it for the war effort for its many "Green" Industrial uses, paper, fiber, fuel!
Further see the Popular Mechanics article, "Billion Dollar Crop" published sometime during the 30's just before they made it illegal.
Finally, see Jack Herer's book, "The Empoerer Wears No Clothes", It tells the whole truth about the matter, So Help me God!

Why doesn't Donald Trump do the nation a service and volunteer to help the administartion. He doesn't need the money, Lord knows the job doesn't pay enough to be abused daily.

As an American he could volunteer to help the President. We need to be united. All I hear from him is more things to divide the nation. Sarah Palin hais doing the same thing.

If all these people could just volunteer to help maybe we could move forward.

This is like a living version of the film Idiocracy -

we need Trump to stir up both the democrats & republicans SINCE they are NOT doing their jobs. Their jobs in DC should be about "we the people" but the sad truth is that they are all about themselves!!! and they're bankrunpting this nation in the process. the US is thrashing around in muke & mire right now and nobody is doing anyting about it!!! at least he is making the effort by stepping up to the plate (whether qualified or not) to say "WE'VE HAD ENOUGH".....

We have known enough about you, Mr Trump. Like Sarah, you have produced more than enough evidence to secure a permanent seat as one of the most shameless and laughable idiots in American politics.

I voted for some of our leaders. They are "stupid", therefore I am "stupid". Don't call me stupid.


We need someone like Donald Trump to restore whats left of our dignity as a nation. For God's sake Obama bowed to a Saudi king which in any culture signifies superiority. Trump would never have done that and he is right, Obama will go down as the worst president even worse than Jimmy Carter and Nixon. As we see our dollar decline and our country perceived as weak in the rest of the world, remember that while Obama was forcing an unwanted healthplan on America and bailing out Walstreet bankers he did nothing but insult our allies around the world. We are a laughing stock just like Trump said.

Trump and those who support his idiotic comments are fools ! He is a business man but says that we should / can "tell OPEC no if they raise oil prices"
;-) like we control the price they set their oil at ..... He's a joke !

TRUMP 2012!!!! What's the worse that could happen right?
2 the ppl on here that are saying mr.obama showed the "birth certificate" check again look at it closely and you will see the ill even point it out for u..."Questions regarding Obama's birth certificate have persisted for more than two years, as the president noted Wednesday at a press conference announcing the release of his long-form birth certificate. A vast array of evidence attests to Obama's citizenship--including a certificate of live birth, signed affidavits from people who viewed Obama's long-form birth certificate, confirmation by Hawaiian officials, and independent investigations by news outlets. Nevertheless, "this thing just keeps going" as Obama said this morning. Even after the White House released the long-form certificate of Obama's birth, birther leader Orly Taitz—who has filed unsuccessful lawsuits seeking to obtain access to Obama's birth certificate—sought to cast doubt on the document's authenticity, suggesting that in 1961, Hawaiian officials would have classified Obama as "Negro" rather than using designation "African," which suggests, in her view, a more contemporary concern for "political correctness."

He is rather refreshing.

Donald Trump is speaking and acting like a fool and an ignorant one to boot.

Talk about a shallow and poorly developed world view.

I have rarely heard anyone in the public eye sound more stupid than he does in this presentation!

The mere thought of someone like this with access to nuclear armaments is too scary to contemplate.

Celebrity, money and a big mouth are NOT the major or the only criteria for running for President.

What is wrong with the populace that anyone could reasonably support this self-aggrandizing buffon?

God forbid Trump becoming president! He may be right about people in DC being stupid but that does not automatically mean he is smart. Based on what he is proposing, he is not. Trade war with China is a very bad idea. Trying to give orders to foreign governments is bad as well. I would rather do the following:
1) Straighten out the federal taxation system. Simplify it as much as possible and close loopholes that "wise people" use to avoid paying their fair share of taxes.
2) Put proper controls/restrictions on who gets financial help form the federal budget and how that money is spent. Do not hire an army of clerks to do that, use computers instead. Punish those who wastes money - fine them or even put in jail. For example, a doctor who bills Medicare for phony services should lose his license for 10 years and pay back whatever he has stolen.
3) Reduce Pentagon budget by half. Pull out from Iraq and Afghanistan by the end of 2011. No more military operations unless we or our friends are attacked. Libyan rebellions are not our friends and they were not attacked; actually, they started the brawl.
4) Start and/or support technological projects/programs that would let us stop importing oil by the end of the decade and switch 100% to domestic energy sources.

Trump might be correct on a few of his assessments, but he is exhibiting an extremely poor sense of being a statesman. The best presidents are either gifted leaders or just simply good people. Trump is a vain, shallow, inexperienced showman. America, don't be so stupid to choose this man to lead this country. Without diplomacy, a maverick like this will achieve very little is elected.

TRUMP 2012! Besides anything is better than that moron campaigner in chief we have now. I hope Trump goes to D.C. and gets rid of the Pelosi Reid axis of evil and destruction once and for all!!!

He is exactly what this country needs, we would vote for him in a N.Y. minute.
I read these comments, and it just reinforces everything he's been saying. He's a billionaire--what are you?? I don't care HOW he got there, but he is there. He is not some panty waist, politically correct, hide in the bushes and cry about the situation baby--like the jerks in office now. I pray to God he runs, because he will win by a landslide!!

Trump is playing you

From across the world - TRUMP is 100% on target. We laugh at your leaders from over here, and if the American people actually think they voted for him (not the CORPORATIONS who actually run things) they are fools as well. 90% of America are blind sheeple - Obama is a complete FRAUD, pure and simple - it has nothing to do with race. He is just a fraud. No matter what color he is/was/should be, the guy has a criminal past that all but disappeared, and not one person can make heads or tails of his history because NOTHING ADDS UP. The Americans believe everything they read & hear by the banker-controlled media. How special. This guy would be a breath of fresh air. He would put America on track for once instead of flushing it down the cesspool to foreign interests.

Trump is playing you


If Trump becomes President I am moving to Mexico.. better to be shot by the drug cartels then live in a country with Trump as president. If Palin wins.. screw it I'm offing myself. These people are turning out country into a joke, I'm going to start claiming I'm Canadian eh!

Trump is playing you fools

Great grammar there, RG. Flunk out of CA public schools?

Even Glen Beck is ragging on Trump... nuff said.

Trump got my vote, not a lawyer or politician..I've been a democrat for 30 years, but going GOP this next time..Many folks don't like him because he says things that are not politically correct, even though they are true..He talks the talk and walks the walk..

@BigDaddy! I have a great book for you... it's called "Economics for Dummies". Do you actually believe that levying a 25% tax on all Chinese and Indian imports would bring back jobs to the US? Do you really think that the US is the only trading partner of China? Who do you think would foot the bill for that 25% tariff? That's right, US consumers. What Trump is proposing would never work and he knows it. Too bad you don't.

Ti BigDaddy, pleased find one cleaning lady, one laborer, or one kitchen worker making $5.00 an hour who took a job from any citizen.

Where would we be if the Native Americans had had an immigration policy denying us a new life in this country. You are an ass sir.

The major corporations and manufacturers have given all our jobs away.

There are many people from other countries who are woring at non-skilled low paying jobs paying more taxes than most of the corporations in this country pay.

Get a life!! Donald Trump employs many of these people in his hotels. I know I married one myself

Quack quack quack quack....Aflack..

Speaking as a fairly conservative person (I’ve been labeled as “two steps to the right of Attila the Hun”) I fail utterly to understand why anyone finds Trump credible as a candidate for the Republican nomination.

He runs around with what has to be the worst comb-over ever devised. This speaks volumes about his vanity and his transparency both.

He boasts. This speaks volumes about his ego.

He contributed heavily to Democrats, including Charlie Rangel, a thoroughly discredited and really stupid pol. This speaks volumes about his fealty to a conservative political philosophy.

His voting record is very spotty. This speaks volumes about his real interest in politics.

He evidently used language appropriate for a stevedore’s bachelor party at a political gathering. This speaks volumes about his sense of reaching out to different groups, like those who find the F bomb to be juvenile, banal and the hallmark of an inadequate vocabulary.

I could go on and on, but the point is made. Give us all a break. Refuse to point cameras at this embarrassing spectacle any longer.

If he promises to fire 70 % and lower the rate of every left over government workers salary (federal, state and local) to 18,000 per year salary; disban the Federal Reserve; militarily go after every greedy scumbags riches from our sickening fiat money system, ..... I'll give him a vote

I don't like Trump as a person, but I think he would be wonderful for the country. We desperately need someone with some business sense and someone that will take the country's interest first.

I don't like Trump as a person, but I think he would be wonderful for the country. We desperately need someone with some business sense and someone that will take the country's interest first.

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