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Donald Trump in Vegas: 'Our leaders are stupid, they are stupid people'

Donald Trump in Las Vegas Donald Trump dealt a series of F-bombs during a speech Thursday night in Las Vegas where he condemned the president specifically and policymakers as a whole.

"Our leaders are stupid, they are stupid people," the billionaire told an audience of approximately 1,000 people at the Treasure Island hotel and casino on the Las Vegas strip hosted by several Republican women's groups.

The real estate mogul and television producer continued his battle cry of taking oil from countries after we have defeated them in battle.

"In the old days, when you won the war, it was yours," Trump said, earning applause from the crowd. "When we win a war … we leave with nothing."

Regarding Asia, Trump said they should be honoring the United States with tributes as well.

"I'd say to South Korea, 'All those televisions you sell us, all the billions you make — we're going to protect you and make sure you're in good shape, but you're going to pay for it,'" he proclaimed. "You know something, they would do it in two minutes."

And China? Trump says there's no benefit trying to be a good neighbor environmentally if halfway around the world the most-favored nation is mucking up the air.

"In China and other countries, they just burn whatever the hell is available," Trump complained. "Over here, we want clean technology. What the hell good is green here if this guy over here is spewing all sorts of crap into the air?"

Meanwhile he stood firm on his stance about levying a 25% tax on imports from the sleeping dragon while spewing an expletive.

The salty language didn't end there.

Concerning oil prices, the New York businessman complained that there isn't anyone in power willing to say no to OPEC when they raise the price of gasoline. "We have nobody in Washington that sits back and said, you're not going to raise that ****ing price," Trump said.

When a woman in the crowd shouted that he should run for president, Trump, who has said that he will make an announcement regarding that topic on the season finale of his television show on NBC, told the woman that he will soon make her very happy.

Trump then made an uncharacteristic observation, namely that he might lose at something. "There is a really good chance that I won't win because of one of these blood-sucking politicians," Trump conceded.

Regarding the birth certificate, which had been a major talking point of Trump's in recent months, the boisterous billionaire was still taking credit a day after President Obama released his long-form Hawaiian document.

"Hillary Clinton tried to get him to do it, Bill Clinton tried to get him to do it, John McCain, who's a wonderful guy, tried to get him to do it, nobody could get him to do it and he did it because we went after him hard, were tough negotiators like this country needs," Trump said.


-- Tony Pierce

Photo: Donald Trump speaks to a crowd of 1,000 people during a gathering of Republican women's groups Thursday in Las Vegas. Credit: Julie Jacobson / Associated Press

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Truth is... what he's saying is 100 percent correct!!

He's got my vote if he proposes evening the playing field with China and India by severly taxing imports from those nations! Even the ones from American companies! That would make it competitive and allow those companies to bring jobs back to the US.

Also, he needs to stop allowing the country to be over-run with Indian's Latinos, Chinese and other immigrants that the past several administrations have allowed in order to take jobs from American's right here on American soil!!!

TRUMP 2012!!!!!!

I don't value the ability for a person to judge another person's intelligence if the person making that judgment wears an accessory that proves they have no intelligence or good judgment whatsoever.

He is biggest fool ever. He needs to be kicked out of any contract NBC has and thrown out from any civic arene. Him and Sarah will become a good presidential team for 2012! Both are racists, and both open their mouths before thinking. Both are real losers!

I think DT has the dt's, what a absolute loser.

Somebody put this dog on a leash or else he'll bite someone pretty soon.

This guy is almost as scary as Palin. Since I am a businesswoman I found the Celebrity Apprentice interesting - I no longer will waste my time and hope others who feel similarly will express themselves by NOT watching it.

Our "stupid" leaders were elected and chosen from among the "stupid" population. Besides, appearing on a reality TV series doesn't say much about Mr. Trump's intelligence. Only a true retard would go out in public with their hair looking like that.

That picture of Trump says it all.

"Our leaders are stupid " and how about including those listed in REVELATION ch 21.8. HI Donald, welcome to 2011 and the time soon to be as it is written in REVELATION ch 20.12.....

Our leaders are stupid but you make no difference Trump. Don't even think about running for president. You would put the final nail in the coffin for this country. I don't support Obama but I'd vote for him over you for sure.

and if we want to increase the "stupid factor" by 100 times, we will elect the likes of Donald Trump to the presidency. He would destroy our country and make us the laughing stock of the world. Maybe he should ask Lindsey Lohan to be his running mate???

A convention full of imbeciles?

Why is the Republican National Convention kicking off so early?

It's awfully stupid to throw words like "stupid" around, especially a day after your theory of Kenyan citizenship has been demolished by a long-form certificate of live birth. Forrest Gump had it right: Stupid is as stupid does.

Not that Trump is "stupid." Some of the things he espouses might work. Maybe our side should be playing hardball a little harder. Maybe we should be pushing every partner we have for better deals than the ones were getting.

But if that was the message, it didn't get heard. Trump "F'd" it all up with "F-bombs" everywhere. Nobody can examine what he had to say because the way he said it was news. Whatever message Trump was trying to deliver, it simply got buried by his vocabulary. That, by the way, is very "stupid."

Donald is an ass... an egotistical ass.

America is a wonderful Country and we American's are also a very forgiving society for the most part. Mr. Trump on the other hand is NOT, nor has he ever been a remorseful individual. We can go back to the 1970's when the racist Trump decided to charge more rental fees for non-whites...than whites. When the Department of Justice brought Trump to Court he continued his language of bigotry with a smile and a wink. On the View several weeks ago he let his bigotry out. Mr. Trump is a coward hiding behind his money. He engages in schoolyard behavior at will. He truly is an embarrassment to the human community. Mr. Trump has proven by his action(s) what he is; and it smells!

Our leaders are stupid people? This coming from a pompus, arogant, egocentric,daddys money, out of touch, war mongaring, megalomaniac?

Wow your insane ranting and raving got PRESIDENT Obama to show his birth certificate proving he was an honest honorable AMERICAN citizen. What an accomplishment.

So now you want to brand him a Muslim? What if he is? Where in the constitution, laws of the land or anywhere in the world, does it say a Muslim, the largest religion in the world, can not be president, YOU ASS!

I would vote for him!!!!

Even if this is right, and I think it is, it was a well... stupid thing to say it.

As a screenwriter, I have to thank Donald Trump for his generosity. Everywhere he goes, he just delivers up new material. He's a stimulus program for writers.

Awesome speech. You 'people' commenting didn't even watch it, so don't even try to reply because you're that pathetic.

Pot, Kettle who does he think he is kidding? I am trying to remember the last time I saw a picture of Trump where his mouth was not open...

Abraham Lincoln once famously said that it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak up and prove it. Words the Donald should take to heart I think.

Donald should release his grades from primary school, and his high school grades ... if he went.

Wow! We now have celebrity big mouth from Alaska, a wanna-be from Minnesota, an anarchist from Texas and now a business person who went bankrupt in New York previously. Seems that all these failures have nothing but hot air to spew forth to really pollute the air and airwaves. God up us all!

I used to have some respect for the donald but he has gone off the deep end with this comment. nobody should call anybody stupid, that shows a lack of intel. and a lack of respect, and it sounds like he has lost a little of his control.
tThe last thing that I want in a president is someone who will lose control, especially over something as open to interpretation as this subject is. I had my doubts when he first mentioned running for pres. but now I am positive. Anybody but Donald Trump For President.

Way to go Trump. Our politicians are stupid people and anybody who would argue otherwise should review the history of our government in the past 100 years. Perhaps the electorate will go for someone who has actually worked in the capitalist system this time. But then again, the electorate is stupid too. Anybody who argues otherwise should go back and review the history of our government for the past 100 years.

Donald Trump is delusional about what he thinks we can do internationally. Other countries have militaries as well, and don't really take kindly to conquest with trading partners and allies (as well as taking resources in their countries). Everyone knows we're out of money, everyone knows that we're over extended in Iraq and Afganistan. Furthermore, the American public doesn't really have an appetite for more war. Threatening other countries with military action is an empty threat. Going to the Iraqi government and saying you WILL give us oil and the Afghani government and saying you WILL give us your rare earth metals will hurt our national security goals... Iran's influence in Iraq is already rising, doing what "The Donald" suggests will only make the Iraqis want to work with us less.

Sure, when Iraq's oil fields are rebuilt, we'll find a trade partner. But proposing that we make them an American vassal in that way would just cause more problems for us.

He has some valid arguments. People are fed up with high gas prices, high unemployment and a feeling of futility.

Trump, I want to know where you stand on Illegal Aliens entering our country...

He probably thinks that they all have bad hair styles too.

We need a TRUMP-SHEEN ticket, managed by Lindsay Lohan.

Why should not the third party be "The Retard Party" ?

It takes one to know one !!!!!

I'm afraid! ....Not that he'll run, but that he will chose a former Miss America contestant as his running mate... Donald (Duck) is quackers!!

He is correct for sure on one thing. The people runnign washington(all of them) are stupid. The definition of stupid is doing the same thing obver and over and expecting different results. That defines Washington and most everyone there.

He's dead on. The last 30 or so years we've seen this country become so PC because most of the men politicians won't say no to a female and most females threaten to sue if the don't get their way. We've got not one male in the politics, I can't think of one except McCain and he really doesn't count anymore, that served in the military and understands how this country has let it's people down by doing away with the draft. They, both men and women politicians, have let corporate America rape the taxpayer just like the speculator are doing now with oil.

I'm very sad, this country is rushing headlong into 3rd world status with all of the illegals, off shore jobs, welfare to those who think they're entitle due to the color of their skin or education, liberal special interest groups and the absolute power corporate America wheels in our Capital.

God help us if we the people don't stand up and start protesting on the steps of congress and vote out each and everyone who have been sitting on their you know whats.

Abraham Lincoln and George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and... were our leaders too, Mr. Trump.

The US receives $330m per year from Korea, the Don should get the facts before he opens his mouth.

Hillary and Bill NEVER asked about Obama's birth certificate!! Just 1 more lie from the cartoon character known as The Donald Duck!

Although his idea seems good on the people realize that taxing Chinese imports will really only have the affect of increasing prices here in the US? Yes that means that TV that you just bought for $1000 might now cost you $1500. People have to realize while talking tough about China and India might be fun, there are real world consequences to doing these things that Trump suggests...and many of these consequences will be felt by the US citizens and not the companies in China or India.


This man will save AMERICA!!! All you losers fall in line!


What a knucklehead Trump is. If only he could see himself as others see him.

Who is this guys anyway? Does he wear a wig? No serious. Who is this clown?

Trump got it wrong our leaders aren't Stupid, It the people who listen to Donald Trump. We sure are giving the World a good time showing how stupid our media and Donald Trump is. No wander we are in such a mess instead of seeking out intelligent people who might have some idea or another to fix our mess we are in the Media keeps playing into Trump Circus. What ever happen to real news, Isn't this type of reporting more for the National Esquire.
What next Is it going to be A Trump/Palin run for the President.

President Trump: end of America global unity to go against U. S


Charlie Sheen is to Trump as Palin is McCain. No disrespect meant to the Senator. Sheen for VP!

"Our leaders are stupid " - as opposed to 'The' Donald who is obviously extremely bright, perceptive, and highly intelligent... Yep. Doh!

Trump's hair alone could instigate WWIII. Would you trust this man with his finger on the button?

Ha ... yeah how come we don't steal everybody's stuff when we move into Iraq etc... let's bring back the Viking marauder days! They knew how to benefit from these situations. Kill the men, rape the women and take the oil. Trump has it figured out.

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