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Ticket Pic of the Week: Hey, it beats smoking in the Oval Office

barack Obama and Julia Gillard play catch in the Oval office 3-7-11

With the economy now roaring full speed ahead, the contentious budget-cutting issue neatly wrapped up and Joe Biden over in Moldava doing something, President Obama could relax a bit this week by playing some catch in the Oval Office.

The White House has rules against smoking there, but apparently no strictures against playing football inside.

Australian football, that is.

This is a White House photo of an impromptu lesson on Australian-rules football given the American president by the visiting Australian prime minister, Julia Gillard. Hint: It has to do with the need to hold the ball in front and punch it forward with a clenched fist. Don't knock it; J. Cutler needs some kind of help.

No tackling practice in the Oval Office, however.


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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo credit: Pete Souza / White House

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So, is that the Father of our Country in the background, overlooking this pitiful display?

Wait until the French elect Marine Le Pen !She will really spice up the oval
room and she can give a passionate 60 minute speech without teleprompters
and no styrofoam greek columns either.She is France's version of Sarah Palin
and has all the political insiders running for cover.Hope and change you can
count on beeing delivered.


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