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Joe Biden update: His very own train station

Happy Democrat Joe Biden, file

Well, Joe lost out in the recent Delaware school-naming contest to some dead guy.

But he has won the Delaware no contest railroad-station naming contest.

Saturday is the big day.

Tomorrow, Wilmington will officially rename the Wilmington station the Joseph R. Biden Jr. Railroad Station.

Biden has a long history with American railroads. After helping Leland Stanford drive the last spike in the transcontental railroad 142 years ago this May, Biden entered the U.S. Senate while waiting for little sixth-grader Barack Obama to grow up.

According to political legend, virtually every day of those 36 Senate years that he wasn't running for president somewhere else Biden rode the Amtrak train as a Wilmington-Washington-Wilmington commuter.

Then, as loyal Ticket readers no doubt recall from this, at the height of the 2009 swine flu outbreak, the vice president braved rampant germs to kick off the station's shovel-ready rehab.

The $37-million reconstruction project is now complete thanks to some $20 million in Democratic economic stimulus money that somehow found its way to the hometown of the Democratic vice president.


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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Associated Press, file.

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Why in gods name is this guy getting a train stationed named after him? He has done nothing for the country except cause a huge mess. In fact you rarely even here about him anymore. What happened to the support for Libya?

Demcrats USED to have the good sense and grace to WAIT until somebody passed before they began naming buildings and train stations and other boondoggles for each them and each other.

Does this mean that Federal Land Management crews will begin adding Obama to Mt.Rushmore this summer or wait until fall?


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