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Good news: Joe Biden gets a Democratic fundraising letter out despite the radiation, economy and new war

March 23, 2011 |  4:34 am

El Salvador student Protests U.S. attacks on libya during president Obama's visit there 3-22-11

With the Japan earthquake and the devastating tsunami and the radiation leaks going global and Obama Toasts in Chile 3-21-11 Michelle Obama toasts Chile 3-21-11 the United Nations suggesting interested members start a war in Libya and American troops in two other conflicts and the immense federal government now budgeting in 21-day chunks with a colossal deficit and President Obama with his family offering toasts all over South America urging Brazil to drill offshore while stifling domestic production back home and rising bilateral congressional unhappiness with Obama's commencing military action on Libya whatever that goal is, some Americans appear confused and anxious.

How silly is that? Obama has explained everything to the president of Turkey.

Thanks to Vice President Joe Biden, now back from Moldova with his wife and granddaughter, things have returned to normal in American politics. Biden has issued another of this administration's clarion calls for someone to do something to boost college graduation rates.

And with the pitch-perfect timing of this crowd, he's sent out a fresh appeal for political donations from Democrats.

Biden, who's off to Florida today for two events on behalf of threatened Sen. Bill Nelson, also wants true Americans to send a whole bunch of fresh money to....

...-- no, not the Japanese relief fund -- but to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. It's urgent because the VP wants the reported totals to look good when the first quarter ends next week. Because otherwise the media will write about support already fading for the 2012 Democratic ticket just because it started another little war. And the weaker Obama looks now, the more likely he could get a hopeless but annoying nomination challenge from his left next year.

The need for all this money, Biden says, is because Democrats "face the toughest electoral climate we've seen in a long time."Libyans stand atop wreckage of crashed US fighter jet 3-21-11

What?! How could that possibly be? Democrats in trouble? After all Joe's countless promises about jobs? And all that Democrats have done to the country the last two years?

How could Americans, watching all this, possibly get the idea that the Dynamic Democratic Duo are incoherent leaders focusing laser-like on travel and parties and everything but Job One?

You know, that thingy that has to do with millions of Americans losing their jobs and only thousands finding another, the topic that's been the prime public concern for every minute of the Obama administration's 792 days in office? The issue that had a little something to do with the historic shift in party control of the House on Nov. 2?

This administration has talked about jobs all the time. It's thrown a Chicago fortune at the issue. What else could American voters expect them to do?

There's sure not much yet from Republicans either; they're over on the other side of the playground arguing over who'll be Team Captain.

First, let's clear up the Libya situation. No, there is no exit strategy yet. But that, as our pal Jimmie Bise points out, is merely because there was no entrance strategy.

The military is under the impression that the point of the Libya mission (titled Odyssey Dawn apparently because Candy Barr and Blaze Starr were already taken) is to ground Kadafi's air force so the rebels, their families and herds are not wiped out by the colonel's threatened cleansing. That puts us on the de facto side of the Benghazi tribes.

But there may be something of a disconnect in the chain of command. The president has said Kadafi "needs to go." And he appeared to confirm that in a White House description of Obama's Monday phone conversation with Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyib Erdogan.

Best we can tell, confused Americans will be happy to know, the Turkish leader and the Nobel Peace Prize winner agree on pretty much everything about the fighting in Libya including "the goal of helping provide the Libyan people an opportunity to transform their country, by installing a democratic system that respects the people’s will."

Afterward, a White House aiMichelle Obama Toast in El Salvador National Palace 3-22-11de clarified that: "it's the Libyan people who are going to make their determinations about the future. We support their aspirations, their democratic aspirations, and have stated that Gaddafi should go because he's lost their confidence."

Which sure sounds like ousting the current leader, as amazing as his hat collection is. Nor does it sound much like watching the tribal shootout from 10,000 feet.

The stickiness comes over the real possibility that the Tripoli crowd's tanks can outgun the Benghazi guys' pickups, even without Kadafi air attacks. So, Kadafi then thumbs his nose at the international community's belated attempt to oust him. Or there's a bloody stalemate.

Then what? We provide air cover for an ongoing civil war? For how long? Wasn't the civil war-ness what the Real Good Talker made such a big deal out of denouncing in all his speeches on the high-handed perversity of the American regime change intervention in Iraq?

Perhaps the president will find a little time to talk more about this with his own country after last night's presidential toasts in El Salvador and before his upcoming overseas trip to Ireland, Britain and France. The White House has announced, by the way, that Obama has now added Poland to that itinerary.

It's just so confusing.


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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photos: Jose Cabezas / AFP / Getty Images (El Salvador student protests U.S. attacks on Libya); Pablo Martinez Monsivais / Associated Press (Obama toasts); Nancy A. Youssef / MCT (Libyans stand atop wreckage of crashed U.S. fighter jet, 3-21-11); Saul Loeb / AFP / Getty Images (Michelle Obama drinks toast in Santiago Monday night and then, bottom, the National Palace in El Salvador Tuesday night).