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Breaking Valentine's Day news: Republicans much more romantic than those Democrats

February 14, 2011 |  6:24 pm

One Hundred Thousand Dollar Bill means love

Just a quick statistical confirmation that Republicans are more romantically involved than either those love dud Democrats or those indecisive independents.

The Clarus Poll finds that Republicans are far more excited about their love lives (44%) than members of the other party (32%) and members of no party (31%). With Republicans even being 8% more excited than the national excitement average.

And the new survey found that Southerners are expecially happy with their love lives, more so than, predictably, those fuddy-duddy northeastern Democrats.

Two shockers in the poll: Men are more excited about their love lives (42%) than are women (30%), no doubt especially Democratic women.

And, if you can believe it, money seems to play a role in sexual excitement. That ah-hah data explains why a Democrat as president is so interested in redistributing wealth.

Those with incomes above $100,000 are more "excited" about their romantic lives (47%), while only about one-in-four (27%) feel that way if they're bringing in less than $50,000 a year.

Finally, fully 20% of Americans say they do not know how they feel about their romantic lives. And we all know what that means.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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