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Obama recruits an army of community organizers to carry his 'movement forward for years to come'

Obama greets Campaign Crowd in New Hampshire

The community organizer who became president has launched a massive pre-reelection year campaign to assemble and train an army of new community organizers to carry Obama's "movement forward for years to come."

Strengthening "our democracy" presumably has something to do with reelecting the revered leader in 2012.

However, the Organizing for America recruiting message says nothing about politics or election campaigns and strangely talks in military terms of "a grassroots program that aims to put boots on the ground and help foster a new generation of leaders -- not just to help win elections but to strengthen our democracy in communities across the country."

The same Obama campaign group was reported involved in fomenting and facilitating the ongoing Wisconsin protests against Gov. Scott Walker's budget plans.

The message about what it calls the "Summer Organizing Fellowship" adds: "Effective organizing doesn't happen in a vacuum. It takes commitment, time, and hard work to build a movement around a cause." It does not specify what the "cause" is, other than promoting Obama and his agenda.Democrat Obama awaits his entrance cue 9-10-10

News of the community organizer drive went out in an e-mail to millions of supporters and past donors Tuesday night by the ongoing arm of the Obama campaign, Organizing for America.

It appealed for workers of all ages to volunteer to undergo professional organizational training this summer for stationing in communities all over the nation to drive President Obama's social and political agenda.

The cadres "will be assigned to a specific community," the message informs, "where they'll work to organize supporters street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood."

Their job will involve recruiting additional Obama workers, running Obama-related events, knocking on doors to talk of Obama "and lay new groundwork to carry this movement forward for years to come."

"In the end," the Obama campaign appeal says of the community organizer corps, "their work will take our grassroots power to an impressive new level."

The appeal cites as one role model Nikki Giancola who underwent the training, then quit her middle school teacher's job to become a regional Obama field director and the satisfaction she felt "in helping millions of people."

Another community organizer, Paras Patel, tells of one unforgettable moment actually meeting the leader for whom they all labor, President Obama. "He shook my hand," Patel recounts, "and told me that he was proud of me."

No mention of an Obama organizer flag, uniform -- or salute.


House members probe $535 million loan guarantee by Obama Energy Dept. for Solyndra solar plant

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photos: Rick Loomis / Los Angeles Times (Obama greets New Hampshire campaign crowd); Pete Souza / White House.

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Obama told us what he was all about and what he would do before he was elected. Many people paid no attention to what he was saying and voted for him anyway! The fact that these people have taken two years to decide they made a misstake voting for Obama is shocking! Heil Obama!

Did we elect Hitler or Chavez? This is horrible and says we're lost as a country if we let the "useful idiots" invented by the communists establish itself in America. The world is already melting, and this jerk only thinks of subjugating the American spirit to centralized communism!

Obama is behaving exactly like another INFAMOUS MARXIST, CHAIRMAN MAO!!!

He is going to send his THUGS into our communities to

If you work hard, pay your taxes, play by the "rules" and strive to be self-reliant, you are a danger to OBAMA and will be counted among his ENEMIES!!!


A young Obamanite must be as swift as a greyhound, as tough as leather, and as hard as Krupp steel. All for the Fuhrer! You see, Obama IS America, America is Obama.

Obama uber alles!

Sieg...HEIL! Sieg...HEIL!

How is it possible that this man has any "approval" rating at all? He is a naked, unabashed, steadfast Socialist who is systematically dismantling our cultural, political and military structures in order to promulgate his degenerate, brutal ideology...

Who said it "can't happen here?" It IS happening here. We have an avowed Marxist President who is, day by day, deconstructing everything that makes it meaningful to be an American. No pride. No sense of exceptionalism. Just mediocrity, a shared level of relative misery, and no hope for your unfortunate children and grandchildren.

Barack Obama has accomplished his Manchurian mission: he has effectively placed America on an almost certain path of imminent financial destruction. And with that, his bete noir of capitalism will have "failed," justifying his despicable and loathsome philosophy. He is the perfect embodiment of today's Liberal. The enemy within; the source of all of America's problems.

Anyone who could support the Liberal agenda today, as fanatic, irrational, suicidal and hateful as it is, can not be considered patriotic or nobly motivated. They are deluded; or they are the greedy bloodsuckers who are feeding off this abortion called the Obama Administration. In any event, such a person is ultimately self-serving, greedy, corrupt and/or pathologically dishonest.

TODAY'S DEMOCRAT PARTY! Laid bare for all to see...

They. Are. Finished.

This guy is Jim Jones and his followers are The Peoples Temple.

DEMOCRAT KOOL-AID by Dr. Jack Wheeler
Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler
Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Georgetown, Guyana. You may think you've never heard of this place but you have.

The former British Guiana (one of the three Guianas - the other two being former Dutch Guiana, now Surinam, and French Guiana, all on the northeast shoulder of South America) - is these days visited by folks into eco-tourism. This place has one of the most untouched rainforests on earth with an astonishing variety of bird and wildlife.

But Guyana doesn't ring a bell with you because of harpy eagles and howler monkeys. How about Jim Jones and Jonestown? Yes, that Guyana, where, on November 18, 1978, over 900 Americans committed mass suicide on orders of their cult leader.

It remains one of the most bizarre events of modern times - from which the phrase "drinking the Kool-Aid" originates, meaning blind unthinking acceptance of a suicidally idiotic set of beliefs.

Yet almost no one knows just what, exactly, were the beliefs of the "Peoples Temple" cult created by Jim Jones. Some sort of weird religion, right?

Nope. Jim Jones calling his Peoples Temple a "church" was a tax-avoidance scam as it was purely secular. He admitted in a taped interview, "I'm an atheist." He was not a religious leader. He was a Stalin-admiring far left San Francisco Democrat.

Register to read more:

Or send me an email.

Not to worry. Hit every clueless young Obamabot who comes to your door with the hard, cold facts (but be sure to have them handy). You might not be able to overcome their giddy euphoria at first, but you'll give them a germ of an idea that will come to full fruition when they finally have to get a job and make a living.

Obama is a mentally disturbed delusional megalomaniac. He needs to be committed instead of reelected. Both for his sake and for America to remain free and not Nazi Germany.

My God, Obama really is the worst president in American history.
Mr. Obama, you fooled me once, but you won't fool me again.

2nd picture down says it all about Obama - an egotistical & arrogant person who needs to be knocked down a few notches.

Sounds just like the boot-licking Nazis organizing their Youth Movement.

Let me get this straight:

Obama is going to ask people on welfare and people suffering without jobs to donate their time to continue HIS TOTALLY FAILED POLICIES?






"strengthen our democracy in communities across the country." Funny that he doesn't mention democracy when speaking about Egypt, or Iran or any othe mideast country with riots. He is willing to accept non-democracy in those communities. What foolishness!!!

Because we are smarter than they think we are, do we just stand by and watch this take place? Or do we educate our children how dictators have taken over the sheep who weren't paying attention.
This absolutely disgusts me, saw it coming before the election. How many of you understood the Bill Ayers, Sheikh Khalid, etc. connections, but couldn't convince your friends? They called you crazy...... or in my case..worse!
We don't give up, we don't give in. Educate, know what is going on and stand up to it. Write, fax, e-mail, talk to someone in the grocery store or post office- just as OFA is going to train it's "recruits" to do.

I got the email and saw it on RealClearPolitics website right above "Job Rating Falls In All 50 States." I wonder if there's a connection?

(AM responds: :--)) )

Now, now. He's in his third year and qualifies for the title of "Agitator in Chief" not just "community organizer." Now there's a phrase I'd like to call unconstitutional.
I can hear him now: "I wonder if Eric's in D.C. or with Michelle, the kids, and "thirty of her closest friends" skiing in Vail?"
Apparently, the south of Spain was a little to exotic. You know they speak a foreign language in Spain!!

This is all about getting fraud votes in 2012. Sign 'em up! Just wait and see. After that, it's all about being spies in the community. Let's find them, name them and run them out of town.

A truly amazing piece. If you take out Andrew Malcolm's editorial comments, you have what? A story about an incumbant president and his re-election campaign preparing a year in advance for what is expected to be a hard fought re-election campaign.

The reason that it sounds sinister is that Malcolm intended it to sound sinister. The use of the term cadre, the mention of military language, the indirect reference to vague goals are all rhetorical devices to feed into your pre-conceived prejudices.

What you really have is a candidate gathering his supporter to pursue an urban agenda. Since Obama is the first such candidate to recognize the needs of the urban centers and directly speak to these people about the issues they care about, he seems oddly different to most of you. The excitement he generates scares you, because you are used to politicians speaking to your needs. His followers do not usually get this kind of attention.

An urban agenda is exactly what is needed to create jobs and drive the economic recovery. Our cities are the engines of our economy; our policies should match this reality. It is strangely curious that we laud the virtues of democracy, yet when democracy is being fostered, some view it as some kind of plot; Communist, Socialist, Totalitarian.

If you are going to be a paraniod conspiracy theorist, at least try to keep your theories to the same side of the political spectrum. If you are trying to live in reality, mix in some critical thinking skills. Realize when a writer is trying to manipulate your thoughts and emotions, and read with a skeptical eye. Otherwise, our nation is really in danger. Exactly how do you think Hitler manipulated public opinion? By feeding on people's base fears and laying the blame for problems at the doorstep of others.

If I never hear the term 'community organizer' again, it will be too soon!
This is, at best, another jobs program and, at worst, a self-serving political ploy paid for by the tax payers to help insure his reelection. He really does believe that we are all idiots!


Do you remember, Gorbachev, who stated while banging his shoe on the table, "we will bury you without firing a shot". Good luck America!

We should all be frightened by this. Out country is in danger and may not survive his "rule". He has achieved the cult of personality and HIS sheeple are bought and paid for. I hope the rest of us can save the country from this disaster who will surely go down in history as the worse president ever!!!!

The author's personal contempt for the President is practically oozing from this story. Curious that there's no byline. My guess is, it was written by Roger Ailes.

Do you think The Obama regime News Networks (cnn abc cbs nbc mtv bbc msnbc ) will vote for obama in 2012 ?

Most of America knows he is both a liar and a Failed President, but he is beginning to appear evil in many ways in his vision of America.

One fact is emerging from this administration. Democrats cannot be trusted with anything. They wrecked the economy, alienated our traditional allies, emboldened our enemies, shut down our fuel production, canceled our space program, opened our borders, discriminated against our citizens based on their race, inflated our currency, nationalized auto production, regulated every industry they have not seized and socialized our health care.

They have not dropped nuclear weapons on our cities out of fear that it might actually be increase GDP and raise average SAT scores.

Sounds like Hitler's HJ! BTW - it isn't grassroots if government organizes it!
This group will be Obama's army of "useful idiots."

useful idiots - what Lenin called Westerners who helped spread his marxist propaganda.

I met some of his army and in some cases they are almost cult-like in adoration. One in his mid-twenties recieved full mental disability $850 per mo (and a $10K check for time out of work) a year ago. He is young, healthy and a College Graduate. The Social Security Administration approved his first application for benefits. (This in itself is rare I understand)

If you find that perplexing perhaps this will explain it. He is apparently able to "volunteer" 20 hours a week at the local Dem Headquarters. (coincidentally located at a local union office) He calls folks as part of Obama's "grassroots" efforts locally.

When the marching orders come he will be rested and ready. And he won't be encumbered by little things like working for a living. This isn't your mom's Democratic Party. If you're willing to say, "I'm a Certified Mental Case," your honor, " please give me money every month," you too - provided your politics are left wing, might receive a monthly stipend.

I guess it boils down to pride and work ethic. Obama's supporters have little
so the Dem's developed a nationwide "Acorn" funded by the taxpayers. If it wasn't so pathetic it would be frightening.

Ok.. good to know.. thank you LA Times. Who is John Galt?

These are the core cadres of Obama's Civilian Army. Historical precedent, the origins of the SS in Hitler's Germany. Who will stop the US once our country becomes organized by this ilk? We have to stop this crap NOW!

Wait ... this sounds weirdly familiar. Could it be? Yes! Mao's organizing of young people for his brutal red army! I'm all tingly.

I'm begining to think it's near the end game! the colapse of the u.s. is going too happen prior to the 2012 election, and martial law will be in effect at that time. therefore the new word order will be in power and there will not be a need for an election? the crisis will be food and fuel sortage's,and subsequent riots will cause the above action's described in above statement.

Are they kidding? Anyone who works is not going to have thetime to go be professionally trained this summer to further his Communist agenda. But he'll find plent of unemployed lib bots to do it for him.

The Barouki dance is no longer tolerable. With our Nation cascading towards bankruptcy under the obscene burden of more than four $Trillion added to our debt after only two years of Barouk Obama's misfeasance, the bloated 2012 budget that our buffoon of a president has now submitted; and, which adds still another 1.65 $Trillion to an insufferable debt burden, can only be viewed as a Criminal Assault on future American generations. Barouk's budget is an undeniable message to a Republican controlled House that Obama intends to continue in the role of Robin Hood, while lambasting the Republicans for every move that they make towards fiscal sanity. The difference between Obama and Robin Hood being that Obama is stealing money that hasn't even been printed as yet. Barouk, there's a well founded military principal that professes: "Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way." It's clearly time for your gross incompetence to get the hell out of the way. Voting 'Present' as you did in the Illinois legislature to avoid difficult issues is not an option for a President of the United States. In a combat scenario, Obama is precisely the type of individual that you would never select to fly on your wing. Barouk, it's now well established that you're drowning in your own inability to cope with sustentative matters. It's time for you to quietly pack your bags and drift silently off into obscurity so as not to further embarrass yourself and our Nation. Greg Neubeck

Obama is taking Americans tax money for his campaign, do not worry the uniforms are being made as we speak. I wonder how much money Wall Street is going to give to obama`s this election cycle. He was the top receiver last election!

Other than that, Mrs Lincoln, Did you enjoy the play ?

What a great picture. Classic nose up in the air looking down on America.

The most powerful man still peddling the idea he's fighting the man.

And the lefty tools still slurping it up.

Meanwhile... Record debt, deficits, foreclosures, bankruptcies, food stamps, unemployment, job losses, oil prices -- all on Obama's watch.

Posted by: Kevin Kristy | February 23, 2011 at 06:53 AM

All while he plays golf... Where is that left anger now? I don't know how many times they got upset with Bush for golfing so Bush stoipped golfing all together... Obummer has been golfing 2 times as many as Bosh and Bush was in Office 8 years... Obummer has been n office a few years or so.. Makes you wonder where his priorities are.

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