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Two views of troubled Egypt: Up close and not so

February 3, 2011 |  4:44 am

NASA nighttime over North Africa

Hello and welcome back to all eight of our readers in Egypt.

With Internet connections reportedly restored, Egyptians can now browse the Web and get caught up on what the world has been saying they've been saying.

You may have heard a little something on the news, anti-government demonstrations by millions have rocked the country of about 80 million, up significantly from the 3 million inhabitants living there when Napoleon invaded in 1798. However, just like the 18th century, the overwhelming majority of Egyptians still live clustered along the Nile River.

In the photo above taken from the International Space Station, you can see from the lights the fabled waterway snaking its way across northern Africa and the immense surrounding dark desert areas where Egyptians aren't.

Things look a lot more peaceful from space than in the photo below from Wednesday night which....

Egypt 2-2-11 Fighting in Cairo between protestors and protestors of protestors

....shows Cairo protesters and protesters of protesters fighting over continuing the protests against President Hosni Mubarak, who's promised to leave office but not soon enough apparently. Reports early today of four dead.

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photos: NASA; Yannis Behrakis / Reuters