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CNN's Candy Crowley somewhat surprised by Donald Rumsfeld's ignorance of Obama's good global image


Obama Effigy burning in India 2-11


Obama Effigy burning in Afghanistan AP


Obama Effigy in Iran 2-11


Anti Obama sign Indonesia 11-6-10 it says Dont Add More Grief to Indonesia with Obama

CNN's Candy Crowley was perpetuating one of the American media's favorite myths about Barack Obama, that his mere election in 2008 had radically improved the United States' image around the world after thoseU.S. Flag is  Burned in Pakistan 2-17-11 disastrous eight years of Republican George W. Bush, whose policies and flunkies caused so many foreigners to really dislike the globe's sole remaining superpower.

Obama's "supporters," said Crowley, "say that in two years he has been able to return this country to a status of being liked across the world in a way that America was not liked during the Bush administration.

"That he has once again made America a beacon."

The trouble for Crowley Sunday was that she was interviewing Donald Rumsfeld.

Rumsfeld knows a little something about the world after being a military pilot, corporate executive, congressman, White House aide, Washington power-player and media adversary, as well as secretary of Defense during many of those Bush years.

"Do you agree with that?" she asked Rumsfeld with a straight face.

"Do you think that -- that the U.S. is now looked at much differently than it was and much more positively than it was during your tenure?"

Rumsfeld is promoting his memoirs, "Known and Unknown," and has been doing nonstop media appearances trying to sell as many copies as possible because he's donated all proceeds to benefit military families.

Referring to Obama, he told Crowley, "No. And I don't think there's data that supportAn anti Obama Sign in Indonesia 11-7-10s that.

"I think he has made a practice of trying to apologize for America. I personally am proud of America." 

Crowley seemed surprised at Rumsfeld's ignorance about Obama's powerful positive public image abroad.

She stated: "Well, he seems to be quite popular overseas in a way that President Bush was not. The streets aren't full of people burning him in effigy."

She continued: "There does seem to be a new -- a chance to look at America in a different way than it did during the Bush administration. You don't think that's true?"

Rumsfeld replied: "I don't think that's true and I don't think that there's data that would support that."
Crowley didn't need any data. She persisted: "Even though the streets look differently?"

As you might expect from some stubborn Republican, Rumsfeld stuck to his guns: "I just don't think it's correct."

Now, what could this retiree, this Donald Rumsfeld fellow, possibly know that his au courant media interviewer has missed in recent months?


Obama Effigy covered with disrespecting footwear Pakistan 2-16-11

-- Andrew Malcolm

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All photos since Obama inauguration: Bikas Das / Associated Press (Obama effigy burning in India); Associated Press (Obama effigy burning in Afghanistan); Morteza Nikoubazl / Reuters (Obama effigy in Iran); Mohammad Malik / AFP / Getty Images (Protesters burn the U.S. flag in Pakistan, Feb. 17, 2011); Supri / Reuters (Anti-Obama sign in Indonesia says "Don't add more grief to Indonesia with Obama"); Shakil Adil / Associated Press (Pakistan protesters disrespect Obama by draping footwear around the neck of his effigy); Joseph Kaczmarek / Associated Press (Rumsfeld book).


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If Candy Crowley is surprised that Mr. Rumsfeld doesn't share her starry eyed vision of the Great Obama, then it's only because she hasn't the professionalism, intelligence or integrity to do a little homework. It's so much easier to start her day reading the Daily Kos, the Huffington Post and for her daily talking points over her morning coffee than it is to actually do some research into the subject. Actually researching something might uncover facts that don't fit into her Pollyanna worldview, and we wouldn't want to shatter any illusions poor little Candy might have about the real world, now would we?

And you wonder why most of the media is so out of touch with the People...Why would she even ask such a thing.....I certainly hope that she sees the pictures that have been posted here to verifiy what we all know...and we are just the old average joes and know what the world thinks about America and our leaders. Strength in Numbers....quit trying to tear us apart....we must work together ....Please, CNN make sure that your reporters are aware of the situation before they start trying to slam and embarrass a man who has given practically his whole life to serving this Country.

Obama's voters, otherwise known as parasites on society, don't care about anything other than their government check showing up at the end of the month.

Candy Cowley is obviously still living in denial, just as the Democratic Party was before the Nov. elections. The vast majority of voting CITIZENS in the U.S. just don't believe Obama and his representatives anymore after being lied to repeatedly. The Obama Administration has lost MORE jobs, driven up the price of gas and food, and devastated home prices. Americans were conned in 2008 and as the old saying goes: "fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on ME"........

There were three ways for her to ask that question.
1. The liberal slant in which she asked it.
2. The right slant "Do you agree that Barak Obama is less popular overseas than GW Bush?
or the way a reporter should ask it
3. Since BO has been elected president, do you believe America's popularity overseas has increased, decreased or stayed about the same?

The world isn't "liking" us more, they are LAUGHING at us more! CNN is completely out of touch. How did Crowley get her own show anyways? Are they running out of reporters at CNN?

Candy is a dimwit, like most reporters.

Have you noticed CNN's ratings in the last few years?? They are sinking faster each year. And with reporters like Candy, it is clear why.

not only is she a fool. she was outraged by his lack of acknowledging her point. she just continued without thinking she was wasting her time. she is obviously a vacuum brained princess who looks good on tv. a journalist she aint! lol it was funny dialogue. a great video for leno!

Ms. Crowley only talks to people who share her view and would never explore the world on her own. She talks AT those with whom she disagree with the contempt of someone who's mind is so closed that she would not believe her eyes if shown evidence that cotradicted her beliefs.

In her ignorance is bliss world Ms. Crowley sees things as she wants to not as they are.

Who is Candy Crowley now?

i wonder if she is reading these blogs? she may be crying. lol

I've traveled all over the world (40+ countries), most of them during GW's presidency and most countries liked him and the american people. Except for probably ultra liberal northern europe. Africa and Asia all liked Bush, especially countries ruled by thugs. Obama is now seen as weak, which is probably why all this unrest is happening now, everyone knows obama will do nothing.

That's because CNN and the rest of the liberal media "censure" the worldwide news and only acknowledge what they want Americans to believe. Lying by omission in other words. Too bad that smart people go around them and go straight to the source via the internet.

"As you might expect from some stubborn Republican, Rumsfeld stuck to his guns" - Oh yeah, this is unbiased media reporting. Dear Candy, I hope you read some of these comments on the CNN site and understand that you are a complete ignorant fool on Obama's payroll (CNN - same thing) and hope you really don't think anyone takes you serious with your foolish (so-called) reporting. You are about as relevant to the news world as Helen Thomas is - you are NOT! Poor liberals just don't like facts - in your reporting world, Candy - facts are not important anymore - just need to keep the clown in office!!!

CNN's Candy Crowley is right in saying the U. S. is liked more under Obama then under Bush.....kinda of the way a 35 year old, muscle bound, tattoed, convicted felon doing 30 years in jail likes getting a skinny, long haired blond 18 year old as a cell mate in prison.

Monica Crowley is example # 387,651 demonstrating why "Liberalism is a mental disorder"!

I had to look twice before I realized Mr. Malcolm was being a bit sarcastic. Sadly, many others like Miss. Crowley will not see the irony, nor their role it this.

Crowley is just another brainwashed misinformed moronic minion of the MSM, spewing the typical freedom and truth hating Ameriphobic nonsense as the rest of the US hating progressives....

Candy Crowley is obviously out of touch with the rest of mankind. I can't believe anyone with any common sense would think President O. is thought of highly any where outside of Chicago. I think its time for Ms. Crowley to take a long permanent vacation.

The silly ole Lib's write their own history - no matter what the facts are. Keep up the KoolAid Candy....

Well, at least she is being objective.

Ms. Crowley could not be more correct. Dear Leader is loved by the world, hence the USA is now loved by the world. Dear Leader only has our best interests at heart when he asks us to pay more taxes, eat what Michelle says we should, and leave our health in the hands of the government. Dear Leader saved us from a depression. Dear Leader will soon save the world from global warming once those mean, evil republicans will step aside and allow cap and trade...

Me thinks Candy is auditioning for a spot with the Al Gore Current TV.............

It's time CNN's Candy Crowley get out of her bubble. It's this kind of ignorance in the media which allowed Barack Hussein Obama to get elected. Wouldn't it be nice if there still were investigative reporters! Someone who would research our president's past. We are told he's the brightest person in the room, yet we know nothing about his college grades, applications for admission to college, passport records, or why he's not licensed to practice law. Yet, 24 hours after Sarah Palin was named as a running mate we knew her husband had a DUI arrest 22 years earlier. Ms. Crowley and her ilk have given us the most unqualified person to ever hold the office. Someone who's dependent on teleprompters and other people's idea's. Time for her to leave the bubble and see what the majority of Americans see.

"Crowley is simply doing job..."

Yeah; just trying to make people think BO is loved somewhere in the world outside news media headquarters.

Crowley's a card-carrying member of the propaganda wing of the Dem Party, aka "mainsteam news media". They are disinterested in facts, they have an agenda to promote. So all those photos aren't real in their world...they must be photoshopped or done with mirrors or something like that you know, like "AstroTurf".

The MSM continues to lose followers. They struggle against each other, striving to keep a share of the public that hasn't yet gone to FOX for more "fair and balanced" info.

Poor BO, et al, whine they can't get their story out, They only have a few mindless supporters running ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, PBS, NPR and Air Amerika...opps, strike that last one!

Thus, they REALLY want to impose a "FCC Fairness Doctrine" on the airways, where it would be "unfair" if anything less than fawning idolatry for them is presented. But, those lock-step "news" media days are OVER, we do have alternatives now! Even their "god", the NYT is waining day by day! ;)

Obama is a fool and way over his head as president. He has brought shame on the USA. He is cowtowing to everyone. He is pathetic and displays a deep sense of dislike for the very country he leads. We are still the leader of the free world. We need to lead and be the target for everyone to shoot for to achieve and for excellence. We are not perfect by any means but we do allot of good things in this world. If you don't believe it cut the budget immediately to all the food programs internationally we support and allot more.

Ms. Crowley is the fools definition of a fool. She is inept

Cindy, You can really shovel the crap. And here I thought that you were educated in the field of journalism. Well, you certainly fooled me and many others.

My comments have are being moderated. Does that mean censored?

You are talking about a guy who used a rubber signature stamp on letters of condolence when he was in the White House. There is a history of ingorance of other people's feelings and impressions here.

Who is actually amazed at Crowley's ignorance of Obama's drop in approval in the US as well as abroad?

The headline is laughable. Should read CNN Ignorant of Obama's Real Global Image.

Candy look around. The middle east is in an uproar. I know you would like to believe it's all because the muslims want democracy and freedom. The main reason this is happening is because Iran has figured out how weak Obama is and the time is right to begin the rebellions. This is orchestrated by the jihadist centered in Iran. Make no mistake it's because they view Obama as weak.

This would never have happened under Bush. Mark my words and I am sorry this is true, but the middle east is becoming a jihadist heaven. Remember the free elections in Lebanon. Who won the election? Hezbullah

The real question is how much job security will Mr. Malcolm have by not following the state-controlled media template? Congratulations to one of the very few journalists in a liberal newspaper with the courage to present facts.

Maybe Candy Crowley shoudl get a clue?

Oh my god, how stupid is this Crowley? Remind to laugh when I hear or see him for a second before I turn him off. Crowley must be a communist, Marxist, traitor to the Constitution, or the like, or he is just a plain idiot.

well whop de doo, A CNN stooge thinks Obama has given US a good world image. Well Obama has given the US an image of weakness that is why all this turmoil is going on. I don't give a hoot if the third world holes of this globe like US or not as long as they either respect or fear US enough not to try and screw with US or murder our citizens for sport like they are apedt to do in many of this third world and middle easter countries.

Did an insane asslyum close and give a bunch of you loons internet access?
@Phocus | February 21, 2011 at 06:37 AM
Well, there is a reason why Fox News is the thinking man's source for news, fair and balanced. ...
for perspective
Embarrassed Republicans Admit They've Been Thinking Of Eisenhower Whole Time They've Been Praising Reagan (the onion)
"Priebus told reporters. "I couldn't believe we'd been associating terms like 'visionary,' 'principled,' and 'bold' with President Reagan. That wasn't him at all—that was Ike."

It is well known that Liberalism is a Mental Disorder and Crowley is just revealing her mental deficiencies and can not adjust to reality... unfortuantely, most of the Media has the same disorder and can not relate to or understand reality... so sad!

Crowley and the rest of the "Obama Bootlickers" still want their LapDog Media
to perpetuate Obama as the next coming of Christ. He is a joke with many in the world, yet the LameStream Media won't show the negative side of Obama.
They got conned by the Con Man, and hate to admit it, soooo, they continue their faux fantasy about him. Even as he deliberately does everything he can to take America down to third world country levels in his ideology of appeasing the world and insults America as being arrogant. Oh yeah, Candy was dealing with a very outspoken Rumsfelt, so she tried to continue talking and talking as if he didn't Know what the world thinks of Obama. LOL....

CNN's Crowley is noted for her biased reporting. This should come as no surprise.

It really looks like CNN does not know what is going on in the rest of the world. I would trust Rumsfeld more than CNN in this case. Obama is probably the most hated ruler in the Western World today. Bush was not hated by most people in the world, except by the US News Media. Bush will go down in History as one of the best and caring Presidents for the US. History will report the True Facts and NOT the Slanted Version from the US News sources. History always outlives the bad press.

Are we assumed to so ignorant as readers, that if Andrew Malcolm puts up a few pictures, from various places in the world, showing Obama in a bad light, without any statistical evidence, that Candy Crowley must in fact be wrong and that Donald Rumsfeld is right? This is Op-ed, but wouldn't the column have been more valuable if you provided real data to support your thesis that Rumsfeld knows more about it than Crowley?

Poor Candy, just another cog in the propaganda machine so many refer to as "sate-run media". Here you go girl, take your medicine and have nice bowl of oatmeal. We'll come get you in a couple of hours to repeat some more gibberish on the air.

Mr Rumsfeld should have looked at Ms Crowley and asked her "You believe that be true, exactly why?" and then asked her, "Where have you traveled to outside of the United States and in what capacity?" The following is from her wiki;
Crowley was born in Michigan. She attended Principia College in Illinois and received her undergraduate degree from Randolph-Macon Woman's College in Lynchburg, Virginia, majoring in English. Crowley started her career with radio station WASH-FM in Washington, D.C. as a newsroom assistant. She moved from NBC to CNN in 1987. Crowley is known to be off-camera friends with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper.[citation needed] Crowley was featured twice on the 10th anniversary edition of the popular game show Who Wants to be a Millionaire? in 2009 as the expert for the "Ask the Expert" lifeline.

Given what we know about Mr Anderson the statement she is his friend can be taken to mean what you wish. Her qualifications are unimpressive at best and indicate no knowledge of international affairs or of any other functional, as opposed to political, policy issue. She appears to be someone who has advanced solely based on her aggressiveness and grievance mongering and a skill in bureaucratic political intrigue. Given his experience in the Pentagon Mr Rumsfeld can probably appreciate that but he can also puncture it as an empty balloon.

Do you really expect the propaganda media, would say anything but the talking points of the DNC? You may be as delutional as they are.

The joke of this story, if it can be called that, is that as dense and as dumb as Ms. Crowley sounds in this interview, she is not even close to being one of the looniest fruitcakes in the American media. As bad as the dimwits on CNN appear to be (and you have a real truckload), they pale in comparison to the absolute nutjobs du jour over at MSDNC, also known as The Comedy Network.

Watch MSDNC for a day, and you can see why some people belong in psychiatric asylums. Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow are the bottom of the barrel of dreck.

Crowley was definitely out of her element. Rumfeld's experience and intellect far exceeds her and she still wouldn't understand any answer he could give. She only spouts information that has been fed to her by her far liberal network and I believe she believes what she says.

how did this get into the LA Times?

(AM responds: I put it there. Bookmark this page. Thanks for reading.)

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