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CNN's Candy Crowley somewhat surprised by Donald Rumsfeld's ignorance of Obama's good global image


Obama Effigy burning in India 2-11


Obama Effigy burning in Afghanistan AP


Obama Effigy in Iran 2-11


Anti Obama sign Indonesia 11-6-10 it says Dont Add More Grief to Indonesia with Obama

CNN's Candy Crowley was perpetuating one of the American media's favorite myths about Barack Obama, that his mere election in 2008 had radically improved the United States' image around the world after thoseU.S. Flag is  Burned in Pakistan 2-17-11 disastrous eight years of Republican George W. Bush, whose policies and flunkies caused so many foreigners to really dislike the globe's sole remaining superpower.

Obama's "supporters," said Crowley, "say that in two years he has been able to return this country to a status of being liked across the world in a way that America was not liked during the Bush administration.

"That he has once again made America a beacon."

The trouble for Crowley Sunday was that she was interviewing Donald Rumsfeld.

Rumsfeld knows a little something about the world after being a military pilot, corporate executive, congressman, White House aide, Washington power-player and media adversary, as well as secretary of Defense during many of those Bush years.

"Do you agree with that?" she asked Rumsfeld with a straight face.

"Do you think that -- that the U.S. is now looked at much differently than it was and much more positively than it was during your tenure?"

Rumsfeld is promoting his memoirs, "Known and Unknown," and has been doing nonstop media appearances trying to sell as many copies as possible because he's donated all proceeds to benefit military families.

Referring to Obama, he told Crowley, "No. And I don't think there's data that supportAn anti Obama Sign in Indonesia 11-7-10s that.

"I think he has made a practice of trying to apologize for America. I personally am proud of America." 

Crowley seemed surprised at Rumsfeld's ignorance about Obama's powerful positive public image abroad.

She stated: "Well, he seems to be quite popular overseas in a way that President Bush was not. The streets aren't full of people burning him in effigy."

She continued: "There does seem to be a new -- a chance to look at America in a different way than it did during the Bush administration. You don't think that's true?"

Rumsfeld replied: "I don't think that's true and I don't think that there's data that would support that."
Crowley didn't need any data. She persisted: "Even though the streets look differently?"

As you might expect from some stubborn Republican, Rumsfeld stuck to his guns: "I just don't think it's correct."

Now, what could this retiree, this Donald Rumsfeld fellow, possibly know that his au courant media interviewer has missed in recent months?


Obama Effigy covered with disrespecting footwear Pakistan 2-16-11

-- Andrew Malcolm

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All photos since Obama inauguration: Bikas Das / Associated Press (Obama effigy burning in India); Associated Press (Obama effigy burning in Afghanistan); Morteza Nikoubazl / Reuters (Obama effigy in Iran); Mohammad Malik / AFP / Getty Images (Protesters burn the U.S. flag in Pakistan, Feb. 17, 2011); Supri / Reuters (Anti-Obama sign in Indonesia says "Don't add more grief to Indonesia with Obama"); Shakil Adil / Associated Press (Pakistan protesters disrespect Obama by draping footwear around the neck of his effigy); Joseph Kaczmarek / Associated Press (Rumsfeld book).


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Candy Crowley needs to go back too Journalism 101.The American people are worn out with the media's continued hero worship of this President, and that is the reason their ratings are all in the toilet.

Unfortunately, there are people like Ms. Crowley who equate being liked with being safe. In this world of terrorists who have no conscience and will lie to achieve whatever warped ends they are seeking, appeasing the enemy with smiles, courtesy and bows will only embolden them. All that they can possibly understand or respect - if they can respect anything - is the image of a tiger waking up out of it's slumber and chasing them back into their 7th century caves.

I believe Candy Crowley should have a golden browned, half-eaten, turkey leg in one hand every time she appears on camera. She could wag it like a finger to make her point, especially the one at the top of her head.

I'm shocked (in a good way) to see this 0pinion piece by a member of the media, critical of a fellow member of the media, in a media publication. Crowley clearly didn't know what she was talking about. Andrew Malcolm has the cajones to call her on it and The New York Times printed it! Good on ya!

Crowley is the ugliest women on the plant. What in hell does she know about anything.

Does Candy really not know or is she doing what CNN pays her to do?

At least Clueless Candy didn't have to apologize for using the term bullseye on air like her buffoonish colleague John King did a month ago...or show images as Wolf Blitzer did 4 years ago on CNN of US and coalition soldiers being shot by snipers in Iraq, essentially snuff films.

CNN, if I could delete your channel permanently from my cable channel feed I would. I loathe your reporters, your On-Air newsREADERS, your editors and your ex-owner. May you become the next Current TV with its 20,000 viewers.

Mr. Rumsfeld I bought your book and will buy more to give as gifts.

LA Times (??!!) and Andrew Malcolm keep up the good work.

"Crowley seemed surprised at Rumsfeld's ignorance about Obama's powerful positive public image abroad."

Uhhhh... Wha'? Whose ignorance? Seems to me that, er, "abroad" is ignorant of "Obama's powerful positive public image abroad."

Keep it coming, cheerleaders. What's left of The Left still believes ya. LOL

LA Times,

I am so proud of you! I canceled my subscription years ago because I did not want to support a left-wing agit-prop organ.

And here you are shining the light on the cockroaches!

Fantastic. Continue and I shall subscribe again. Never thought I'd hear myself say that!

What a sad state we are in. Ronald Reagan understood that world politics is not a popularity contest. It's not important that America be popular. It is important to the cause of freedom that America is feared/respected among world leaders. It is important that those who stand against freedom know that we have no patience for despots and dictators who ignore human rights for their own gain. I think Mr. Rumsfeld understands that. I'm not sure Ms. Crowley does.

These nimrods talk all day to other OweBama worshipers so they haven't a clue that their beloved dance is the subject of ridicule and scorn among normal American's . These fools also can't see that overseas they see him as a gutless fool.

Candy Crowley isn't very smart. Doesn't she understand that he made a fool of himself on his infamous apology tour. He didn't gain friends for the USA. Anyone who has ever spent some time in the muslim world will tell you they regard what he did aqs weakness. Worse than that he made our nation look foolish by debasing the US presidency bowing and scraping to kings and emporers. This Presidential Imposter and the media which grovels at his feet is damaging our chance to win the peace and protect our homeland from those who would impose thier religion on us.

Poor Crowley...doesn't it feel as if the world we knew just a few months ago is now gone? Or, Candy, did it every really exist during Obama early months.

OMG, like Obama is totally popular! 'Candy' Crowley at CNN; that about says it all!

Candy is bad for you.


Egyptians mock him , Ahmedinijan laughs at him , Islamofascists threaten him

now that's a great image Candy, now take that toilet paper out of your mouth

There are things she knows and things she doesn't know. There are things she knows she doesn't know, however there is nothing she knows she doesn't know. Does that clear things up?

Typical of today's media, reporting their projection and beliefs and totally ignoring facts.

They are purposefully blind and deaf to anything other than their own opinions and beliefs.

Hopefully the electorate and populous will send them a message that equals GABRIELE'S blowing of the proverbial horn.

Blow down those walls and blast the ignorance from their minds!

Crowley is a typical uninformed "journalist." What passes for competence in that profession these days is not knowledge or ability as much as following the party line.

" Crowley didn't need any data. She persisted: "Even though the streets look differently?" "
"LOOK" is a LINKING VERB. you use an ADJECTIVE not an ADVERB with it. and SHE WRITES FOR A LIVING?? hahahaha LIB ED at its finest

The actual truth is that Obama IS better liked by the people who HATE America but he is the object of distain by the people who LIKE America and the object of significant dismissal and disrespect by the practitioners of power politics because he is demonstrably a wimp.

I have continually, over the years asked on many sites: where, oh where, do these uberprogressive liberals live? They certainly are not mainstream anything, anywhere and it must burn 'em to know that their policies for the last seventy have failed: the world is a much more dangerous place; no longer is America respected or feared; no longer is America viewed as an idea to emulate; and, finally, we are beginning to actually talk about that horrorism: abortion!! Is not 55 million of those enough? No wonder we are not looked on with pride!!

The rest of the world sees Obama as a weak and spineless leader. Remember, he is nothing more that a Law professor who has never had any experience at anything except community organizing. Carter's second term!

The fact that some in the Islamic world still hate the US should not disguise the fact that Obama is vastly more acceptable then his predecessor across almost the entire planet.

Crowley is a far left liberal union member. She is incapable of even seeing data that contradicts her Marxist world view. Otherwise, she would recognize President George W. Bush AND Donald Rumsfeld for LEADING the march for and laying the groundwork - remember those purple fingers - for liberty and democracy in the Middle East. Crowley is a disgrace and therefore, she is a tenured hack at CNN.

Exactly the problem with the mainstream media - they do not have a neutral point of view and they do not work new channels of contacts. George W. Bush had a fine image in the world ---- depending on which country you went to. It is the same with Obama. Both for sure are hated in the middle east. Bush had a great reputation and image, and portrayed America the same, in Israel, Eastern European states, and Japan. Obama comes across better to other parts of Europe, Africa, Mexico, Canada, etc. Liberals are obviously in error when they assume Obama has magically restored America's good standing. They assume the world is monolithic in their view of America and American leaders. It is far from that, and it is simplistically naive to think that way.

Some European countries, Africa, Mexico, etc., like Obama because he peddles European style socialist tinted policies. Bush did not. That is where much of the mainsteram media gets is opinion and input from. Fox News has reporters in many places where CNN does not. Bloggers and talk radio have contacts in many places CNN and the big 3 (NBC, CBS, ABC) do not. The mainsteram media does not do a good job of reaching out and obtaining counter points of view. They seek validation of their point of view, not opposition to it. It has been documented time and again how Fox News has just as many opposing points of view. CNN and the New York Times employes token conservatives, by comparison, and conserviatves are absent from the big 3.

Whenever the urban media outlets (other than Fox News) start understanding this, then we can talk about having a fair neutral media. So obviously, it is no wonder why Fox News has done such a great job smashing the competition.

What do you expect from a Obamarobot like Crowley. Common sence?


To paraphrase Paul Simon, Candy Crowley and her fellow leftwing political media operatives only see what they she want to see and disregard the rest.

Rumsfeld didn't miss anything. The USA is NOT thought of better because Obama is President. There have been massive anti-West, anti-USA, anti-American protests all over the world. The differences are very simple: media does not cover Iraq or Afghanistan conflicts w/24-7 negative coverage, the media does not seek out anti-American interviews 24-7, Hollywood is not producing 24-7 anti-Bush, anti-military films & tv shows & scripts, as it did during those 8 years, Obama apologizes for America, Obama bows to leaders of the world, etc. The protests in the Middle East are not necessarily pro-American or pro-Democracy rallies. Fact is, we may see many new Iran style governments arise, with Hamas & Muslim Brotherhood groups leading the way. Iraq and Afghanistan are fragile governments...but, still far more free, and far more open than anything in other nations...and that has fueled much of the current firestorms in the region. Sadly, the more powerful & more organized & well financed extremist groups like Hamas will find leadership roles.....not true Democratic nations seeking peace and prosperity for the people who are living in squalor. Obama apologizes regularly ,and our enemies like that a good thing or a bad thing? Rumsfeld is correct, the data isn't in yet...... won't be for years to come.

Don't let facts or the truth get in the way of good stereotyping by liberals.

You interview with any reporter, and you need to adjust to someone about 15 IQ points below the average person on the street.

You interview with CNN, and you need to drop another 10 IQ points. Speak slowly, explain what you mean, point out when they're offering opinions...

I blame Rumsfeld. He should have known what to expect in the interview.

"Isn't Obama great!" "We don't see eye-to-eye, no. Anyway, I'm here to sell my book, and..." "But isn't Obama great?!?!" (rinse, repeat)

Crowley.......CNN............truth.....reality......all mutually exclusive.

The idiocy and self-imposed veil that liberals/socialists wear while trying to cram reality into their own narrow self view is indeed awesome and pathetic at the same time. Crowley's girth is surpassed only by her stupidity. God Bless Rumsfeld for setting this cow straight!!

Obozo? I love it. CNN'S Crowley is simply a idiot and a biased reporter. Enough said.

It's amazing how many uninformed fools keep saying that President George W. Bush was an idiot, yet, he had better grades in college than Al Gore, John Kerry or Obama. You say he didn't have better grades than Obama? OK, where are Obama's records proving his grades and, just exactly where is his birth certificate?

Candy Crowley, KNOWN Ignorance.

It must be nice living in Ms. Crowley’s world... “Where life is beautiful all the time and I'll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats and they're coming to take me away, ha-haaa!”

"That he has once again made America a beacon."

Yeah, that's why he was so successful in getting the Olympics to Chicago and all the other failed attempts at foreign diplomacy.

"Do you think that -- that the U.S. is now looked at much differently than it was and much more positively than it was during your tenure?"

Oh sure chubs, like now countries are emboldened now than ever to challenge the U.S. knowing full well that we have an incompetent man-child in charge. I'm sure all that bowing to world leaders and thug rulers helped tons, pork chop.

Candy babe, are you even aware that Mr. Rumsfeld, in one statement, is exposing you as a total hack? His response is simple and deadly, where is the data that supports your cooked up reality?

Rumsfeld should have asked "Candy" if she looked at any newspapers or news reports other than the ones in her leftist mind? It's like the reporter who went through the streets of Egypt trying to get an answer he wanted about Obama and never did. It's almost hysterically funny if it weren't so sadly obvious how far up Obama's butt the leftist media mainstream are. SAD!

Dear Candy,
Your pathetic ignorance is exceeded only by your pathetic ignorance.
Perhaps its from eating too much "candy," which as is well known can exacerbate diabetes and cause loss of eyesight. From all indications contained in your line of questioning, yours must be in an advanced stage.
You should seek immediate medical and oh, by the way, perceptual help.
With great concern for your welfare.

Should not this head line read "People surprised by Crowleys ignorance of worlds perception of Obama"?

What rock has this woman been under?

Ms. Crowley has a mixed record. She would,however,be well advised to pick up a newspaper or watch some the International media to see that the hopemonger is not as popular with foreigners as he is with the U.S. media.

Like Limbaugh says, this is just another example of CNN trying to get Obama re-elected. I thought CNN was a news organization. How pathetic.

It's Sarah Palin's fault!

Does this CNN reporter actually understand the world. Does she even have knowledge of anything in the owrld. Obama has done more damage to Americas image abroad than any president in the history of our Country. He is destroying nations at a pace unheard of. He has and is the single greatest threat to world peace. Obama has no, and I mean no knowledge of foreign affairs. He entire team, especially at the state department is in chaos. They have no record of anything ever being done. Obama has an image around the world of hating America. That is his image.

Crowley is an IDIOT!

I have traveled all over the planet over the lst 2 years and America and Obama are hated as much as President G.W. Bush.

Objectivity be damned, Crowley has spent years spreading liberalist theology. She is not an A-Team jounalist or she would have departed CNN years ago. I mean really, what do you expect out of the morons? Send her to CA or MA I say...

Obama promised the Arab world we would be out of Iraq in 2009 during his run for office. He won the Nobel Peace prize based on the statements he made to this effect.

Its too bad a harsh dose of reality has come over the Islamic world. They just see Obama as another lying American politician, something we are all too used to. Current troop levels are still around 50,000 and that does not include support units in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

The cold hard fact is most of the Arab world hates us and nothing short of helping them destroy Israel and India will change that view.

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