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Obama-Hu White House summit today, but Americans not so sure about this friendly China stuff

China Flags in Washington DC 1-18-11

Big state doings at the White House today.

China's President Hu Jintao is still in town, and President Obama is laying on all the ceremonial trappings for the head of America's largest creditor nation. They're even bringing out Joe Biden's wife, Jill, to greet him.

And another one of those expensive-gowned Obama state dinners tonight for the Chinese leader. Will the Salahis try again? And will dignitaries be hungry again a half-hour after they eat?

There's a phony official welcoming ceremony set for the White House this morning; the presidents had dinner and spent most of the evening together there Tuesday. All kinds of meetings all day among diplomats and business people, including a prestigious private meeting between the two presidents in the Oval Office with a media visit. Whoo, big stuff, symbolically speaking. (And yes, Joe will be allowed into that one too.)

Obama watchers will recall that Britain's then-Prime Minister Gordon Brown wasn't important ....

... enough to merit a side-by-side news conference as Hu will get this afternoon. Nor last February was the Dalai Lama worthy of an Oval Office chat since his very existence offends China. Only one White House-chosen photo of the spiritual leader of occupied Tibet was allowed, showing Obama lecturing him. And the Dalai Lama was even escorted out the White House back door to minimize publicity and Beijing's annoyance.

Anyway, now comes a new poll revealing that Americans are pretty divided in their feelings about the rising superpower in Asia. ABC News' polling guru Gary Langer reports that 44% of Americans regard China as an unfriendly nation. While 47% of surveyed Americans have been tricked into seeing China as a friend.Democrat president Barack Obama lectures the Dalai Lama during a White House visit 2-18-10

Worse for Obama's efforts to portray China positively, the same poll finds nearly two out of three Americans (61%) see China as "a threat to American jobs and economic security."

Only 29% see China as "an opportunity for new markets and investment," a major thrust of Obama's meetings this afternoon.

Among those who see the U.S. economy as somehow troubled, fully 71% see China as a threat.

Langer also reports that Americans give their own president "a tepid rating for his handling of relations with China -- 43% approve and 35% disapprove with a substantial 23% expressing no opinion."

Conservatives, Republicans and older Americans tend to see China as more of a threat than liberals, Democrats and young adults. Go figure.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Hyungwon Kang / Reuters; Pete Souza / White House.

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China faces a whole series of issues that will indirectly impact the United States and the rest of the world, not the least of which is a gender gap as shown here:

In some parts of China, their one child policy has led to up nearly 30 percent more males than females. This growing gender gap could ultimately lead to unrest in the country which will interfere with its economy, including its manufacturing capacity. As the world's factory, this will impact the economy of the entire world including that of the United States which needs the low-priced goods produced in China to keep its inflation rate under control and its interest rates low.

" 44% of Americans regard China as an unfriendly nation. While 47% of surveyed Americans have been tricked into seeing China as a friend".

Even the mainstream media brainwahs bombament day in day out plus porpagandaist like you cannot trick more people into thinking China as an enemy? What a pity!

The US is a threat to itself.It's the US' fault the many of our manufactures moved to China. It's time to bring back our manufactures by increadsing the taxes on all imports from China.

Nobel Peace Laureates are abused - Liu is in jail, Dalai Lama forced in a 51 yr exile -refused re-entry into Tibet, combating Obama. Google and Godaddy refused China's draconian rules, walked out of China - on the issues of stealing of proprietary info, censorship etc......

China's currency exchange rate is a FRAUD. Thanx to tibet, communist red china is today the world's largest gold producer, beating south africa. In the 1950s when china annexed tibet, price was $38 per ounce (today is $1370). China is RICH see China doesn't need the protection of a weak economy on the verge of collapse. Even tiny Taiwan has a free floating currency. It should be made to free its currency or no free trade. Obama act NOW!!

Hey Hu, welcome to Baraks world!!

Radical and Socialist Influences:

Alinsky, Saul
Al-Mansour, Khalid Abdullah Tariq
Ayers, Bill
Davidson, Carl
Davis, Frank Marshall
Dohrn, Bernardine
Klonsky, Mike
McKnight, John L.
Young, Quentin

Political Allies, Advisors, and Appointees:

Abunimah, Ali
Alikhan, Arif
Asbahi, Mazen
Axelrod, David
Bauer, Robert
Becker, Craig
Berwick, Donald
Bhargava, Deepak
Biden, Joseph
Bloom, Ron
Brennan, John
Brooks, Rosa
Browner, Carol
Burger, Anna
Clinton, Hillary
Cole, James
Craig, Gregg
Creamer, Robert
Dreier, Peter
Dunn, Anita
Emanuel, Rahm
Evans, Jodie
Freeman, Charles
Gamble, Kenny
Gaspard, Patrick
Geithner, Timothy
Hamilton, David
Holbrooke, Richard
Holder, Eric
Holdren, John
Husaini, Minha
Jennings, Kevin
Jarrett, Valerie
Johnsen, Dawn
Johnson, Jim
Jones, Van
Jorge, Margarida
Kagan, Elena
Katz, Marilyn
Koh, Harold
Lake, Anthony
Lewis, Bertha
Lloyd, Mark
Malley, Robert
Medina, Eliseo
Mitchell, George
Mogahed, Dalia
Napolitano, Janet
Odinga, Raila
Orris, Peter
Palmer, Alice
Pariser, Eli
Perez, Thomas
Posner, Michael
Power, Samantha
Rice, Susan
Richardson, Bill
Rogers, Joel
Rosenthal, Hannah
Shora, Kareem
Shora, Nawar
Solis, Hilda
Soros, George
Sotomayor, Sonia
Stern, Andrew
Sunstein, Cass
Sutley, Nancy
Tauscher, Ellen
Tillman, Dorothy
Trowbridge, Carolyn
Trumka, Richard
Warren, Elizabeth
West, Tony
Wheeler, Joyce
Wheeler, Tim
Zoi, Cathy

Farrakan, Louis
Lowery, Joseph
Meeks, James
Moss, Otis
Pfleger, Michael
Sharpton, Al
Wallis, Jim
Wright, Jeremiah

Actions show a persons intent; Dalai Lama, Queen Elizabeth, Gordon Brown, Governor Brewer..etc. This commander of nothing will spend more money that is taken from taxpayers to praise the communist President. How wonderful Mr. O'useless. Think of all that money wasted today, and for their ridiculous trips, the stimulus for nothing...which could have been used to support the Camden NJ Police Dept, other cities Fire & Police departments which are taking on severe budget cuts, think of all that wasted money that could have built up our infrastructure, enforced immigration laws, built more border walls, supported Nat'l Parks, contributed to Military Memorials and the VA. This guy is beyond capable of managing anything including his shoe lace. He's worse than a drunken sailor or a fat woman at the buffet. You watch, he will cut a deal where China the commies will aquire more of our debt and start to impose their idea of the Yen into our monetary system. O'useless and China share the same human rights conditions...there isn't any.

The Democrats are a bunch of Commies just like the Chinese so of course they see China as a friend. They share the same ideology, I'm sure Obama and the Democrats wish they could run America the same way the Communist Dictators run China. They are all cut from the same clothe of Marxism. We already know Obama hates America and wants to "transform" it into a socialist sh**hole. As for young people, they were never warned about the dangers of Communism like the generation before them because these same communists have infiltrated teacher unions and make sure kids aren't informed on these topics. Communist is the same as Nazi if not worse. Nazi's caused the deaths of 25 million people, Communists have caused the deaths of over 100 million people in the last 80 years.

These polls show the wisdom of most Americans. They know that China remains a totalitarian state, dedicated to the ascension of a position of world dominance through any means necessary and that the entire history of China has been one of enslavement of the majority so that a select few could lead lives of unimaginable wealth. Why would anyone see that as something friendly or desirable?

Hu probably told Obama that he will forgive part of our debt if we stand by and do nothing as Communist China invades Taiwan.


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