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The voluble Glenn Beck appears ahead in the developing media threat race

January 18, 2011 |  7:28 am

Glenn Beck warning youJust taking time to set our sights on targeting a quick update on the flaming fusillades of violent political rhetoric recently launched over the use of flaming fusillades of violent political rhetoric assaulting American politics with verbal bayonets fixed:

After all of his compelling conspiracies and adamant blackboard chalkings, Glenn Beck, the charming, likable master media talker with the 1950s haircut, has revealed that he has only 15 threats operating against him at any one time.

In a regular on-air chat with fellow Fox News talker Bill O'Reilly (see video below), Beck claimed that he doesn't really track criticism about himself, especially not from left-wing clowns who are paid to drum up opposition to conservative media folks, if you can believe there's such a group of people milking a really rich guy for some of his millions.

Beck said he didn't know how his threats ranked against....

....O'Reilly's threats. (Pregnant pause) But O'Reilly mysteriously let pass the opportunity to fill viewers in on his personal threat matrix.

However, Beck claimed to have 15 operating threats going on against him at any one time. That would put his threat level somewhere in the green zone.

O'Reilly's reluctance to claim a certain number of self-proclaimed threats must mean he's ashamed because he has fewer than Beck. Who knows how many Rush Limbaugh must have down there in his armored studio? And, by the way, what constitutes a threat?

A total of 15 operating threats hardly seems sufficient though for someone with an argumentative American audience of so many million minutemen and minutewomen. That's the starting bar for now, however.

So, besides escalating barrages of political rhetoric, are we perhaps as a society now facing a media threat race, in which political talkers will regularly announce the latest totals of their unverifable threats? Check out Beck's chilling tale below.

(WARNING: This video contains graphic images of two best-selling authors talking about people not liking them.)

-- Andrew Malcolm

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