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Gabrielle Giffords first photos from her hospital room

Due to the overwhelming sympathetic response from the public following the near-fatal shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson on Saturday, her office tonight released two photos from her hospital room in the University Medical Center.

Given the severity of her head injuries, neither picture shows the face of the congresswoman, who is breathing on her own now. Doctors issued a promising prognosis for her recovery on Tuesday. 

The first new photo shows her left hand being held by her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly.

The hands of Representative Gabrielle Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly 1-9-11 in her Tucson hospital room

Click on the photo to enlarge. To see other photos, click Continue Reading here ...

The other newly released photo shows Kelly sitting by his wife's bedside, holding her hand.

Gabrielle Giffords and her astronaut husband Mark Kelly in her hospital room 1-9-11

A photo from last week shows Giffords taking the ceremonial oath of office for the 112th Congress with new House Speaker John Boehner.

Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords takes the oath of office for the 112th Congress with new House Speaker John Boehner 1-5-11

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photos: Office of Rep. Giffords; Susan Walsh / Associated Press (Boehner and Giffords on Jan. 5).

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She's a vision of courage !!! a beauty inside out.

Can't believe this happened, I wish her full recovery.

This is a real tragedy, and not a time for politics. My prayers for Gabby and her family, and for all affected.

I hope she recovers fully.

With God all things are possible. Praying every day for Gabrielle's complete recovery.

I am so happy to hear the reports, & updates, on the recovery of Gagrielle. If our prayers are to be answered she will manage a full recovery, & prove to us all that God is real. We here in Canada, feel she is one of us, & wish her a speedy recovery. In God we trust!

Sending lots of prayers for her and her family.

Sending my heartfelt thoughts and prayers to Gabrielle and her family.

Sending good thoughts.

It's hard to look at this pictures and imagine what her husband must be feeling at the moment. No one should go through this. I am praying for both of them.

This poor man and his wife. They had such independent lives but after this tragedy I am sure they will look at life allot differently now. May God help them both.

Actually, she wasn't taking the oath in that picture. It was simulated. Accuracy, please. Best wishes to the congresswoman.

My prayers to her and her family for strength and a full recovery! Her progress so far has been so encouraging.

jiwa mines Arizona shooting may affect NASA shuttle programme: Giffords astronaut husband Mark Kelly is schedule...

It's hard to look at this pictures and imagine what her husband must be feeling at the moment. No one should go through this. I am praying for both of them.

I am so happy to hear the reports, & updates, on the recovery of Gagrielle. If our prayers are to be answered she will manage a full recovery, & prove to us all that God is real. We here in Canada, feel she is one of us, & wish her a speedy recovery. In God we trust!

This poor man and his wife. They had such independent lives but after this tragedy I am sure they will look at life allot differently now. May God help them both.

I really don't know what to say, God bless.

Unfortonaly, being a musician i am up all night, This is not the way to go, From a jurist to a 9 year old, please, go to the soap boxex, and go to the electorat. Sorry I am very upset right now... Love to all , Shayne.

I hope she recovers fully.

@ Bob---- God has nothing to prove to you.

May God Almighty make her and her family whole in every way.

we are praying for fast recovery of all victims and our prayers to the innocent souls who lost their lives ....

Look, I know you RINOs in the lamestream media love to tow the Democrat Party line, but you're being taken for a ride with this Giffords story, all in an effort to smear Sarah Palin because their afraid shell take out (metaforically!) Obozo in 2012. The true facts are that it was the Democrats who are responsible.

Rush said it best yesterday: "What Mr. Loughner knows is that he has the full support of a major political party in this country. He's sitting there in jail. He knows what's going on, he knows that...the Democrat party is attempting to find anybody but him to blame. He knows if he plays his cards right, he's just a victim."

Sarah Palin is the real victim of this blood libel.

I hope she makes a full recovery of body heart and mind. I hope she realizes the horrible mistakes she has made with regard to her pro-"choice" stance. I hope she has a new appreciation for life!

I am a retired pastor's wife and I am praying for Gabby's recovery. Gabby, lean upon the Lord, Jesus is the Great Physician and He hears our every prayer and thoughts. To her family our hearts and prayers are with you also. You are loved even tho we don't know you personally. Our God is a Great God and thru Him all things are possible!!!!!!


I feel bad for her and her family. I hope she fully recovers and leads a very happy and blessed life.

she's not a Quitter

I along with the rest of the nation are greiving of the tragic lost of six innocent bystanders killed by a person who thought more of himself and his world than those of the innocent victims. Gabby should be a beacon of hope for all of America.She is a fighter and a survivor of the woes and problems that has our nation in its grip. Our nation is suffering from to much self indulgence, to much hate and not enough kindess and live and let live.I am a retired firefighter and combat Viet Nam Veteran who knows the meaning of death and destruction and the effects on you long after the event is over. I firmly believe that our nation is suffering PTSD and it all began with the Assinations of Jack and Robert Kennedy. Gabby is another victim of this sickness which will never get any better until this nation begins to heal itself inwardly. More tolerance. more forgiveness, and getting back to the ways that once made this nation a beacon of hope and freedom for all the world to see. Ijust pray that as Gabbyheals so does our nation.

may all the good energies give her strength for this life.

It is an evil world we live in when human beings are free game , noone is to blame except the man who would commit such an evil act of violence. We are all praying for you and your family and all the victims of that day . God's grace and healing for all of you . These days we cannot sit in our homes without feeling a little unsettled about the world around us , any own who feels entitled to do what they want to you ,your family and your property they do whatever they want without consequence. People must be held accountable for there actions !

I can't believe that only 6 months ago my husband was going through the same injury he fell off a ladder and suffered the same way as the governor, I was just like her husband by her side everyday while he was in a coma, he had a cranioplasty, and was breathing on his own. I know that she will be fine, its just a matter of time. Good things happen to good strong people, my husband was 27 and he fought hard for his life. Sending positive thoughts her way.

I send thoughts of healing and support to you and your family.
Blessings, Pam

DITTOHEAD... You deserve to be pounded for that comment.... This is and will never be about sarah palin. Look up what the blood libel really is. It is used in the wrong context. Gabrielle deserves all of the praise the world can give. God will see her and her family through. This is tragic that we have things like this happen. Nobody deserves to go through this.

hope she gets well our prayers are with you and family

this act in itself is just unthinkable for any reason,my thoughts and prayers are with the familys of the victoms,and the survivers.

congresswoman gifford making progress, makes one feel good to be part of the medical field. i can vividly visualize the environment she is in. with synchronized care, accurate monitoring, plus an up to date state of the arts in the specialty she is presently put into, there is no way but recovery. also, we cannot underestimate the power of prayers at this point. may her recovery continue.

@ Dittohead....
It would be much easier to take you and your comments seriously if you learned how to spell and write with proper diction. The lack of both spelling and diction make you seem like an under-educated and angry fool, willing to listen and line up behind those who claim Democrats are "elitist" and "ruining the country", simply because they use the English language as poorly as you do. Try proper English in your next rant, it might get people to take you a little more seriously.

My best wishes for Gabrielle's quick and full recovery.

@Dittohead- I am a conservative, and do not agree with what is going on either, but on a page full of comments of support for the congresswoman and her husband, you have to attempt to stir up stuff that should not even be mentioned. This was not the left's fault, nor was it the right's fault, this was the fault of one lone nutjob. While I do not support some of what Mrs. Giffords stands for, I do hope and pray for a full and speedy recovery, as we all should. All I am asking for is for you, and other people like you to be more respectful of what has happened.

Sorry that the truth about lamestream media is shocking to y'all. Didn't realize this was a libral blog. I shoulda known better because it was linked through by the RINO pansies at hotair.

All right, I'll try my best to use my inside voice. Good luck to the Congreswoman and the other victims.. blah, blah, blah.

All the best to her, she is a courageous leader who is an inspiration to us all.

It's a miracle,that congresswomen Gifford opened her eye and reponded to huband's command
Pray for her full recovery.Hope such tragedy never happens again. Let us learn to argue with words,not with gun.
Sincere condolences to the families,who's loved one's lost their lives in this horrific tragedy

God is good. :)

While praying is anathema to me,I do wish for a speedy and full recovery of the congresswoman.More compassion should be shown for the Laughner
parents who despite raising their child in a progressive liberal family spirit,
find themselves facing an outcome that could very well be the execution of
their only child.Some politicians should face charges of complicity and spend
the rest of their lives behind bars.I am against the death penalty. The young
Laughner is probably rehabilitable and should be given a second chance.

Welcome Back,Gabbi. Your mission is not nearly done in this life-only 'puncuated' for success. My hispanic sister gave birth to a child on the same day. Nothing unusual-just a fact.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Gabrielle Giffords and her family. She is a true inspiration and praise and respect should be granted for those who service as leaders in public service.

dear mrs Gabrielle Giffords . i hope you be ok and your family be ok 2. keep up good work, i had skull surgery i was couple days old after birth. mrs gadrielle she good fighter she well be back on her feet in no time at all. god bliss her and her family. your friend candy

God bless you! Such a strong person like you could only survive this. Press on and my thoughts and prayers will be with you.

Gabby=I hope that you are having better days since you have been moved for rehab. You are doing so well and making improvements daily and I am grateful for ever new move that you are able to do, therapy can take a lot of energy but you can do it, you are young and determined, I feel strongly that you will recover from all the wounds made by that terrible shot. God will help you with it all and your emotions hand them over to Him, he will lift you up today-tomorrow and always. You are His child, you may never know why he saved you that morning, but He did and for that I am very grateful. He has a very special plan for you. God Bless
Susan==Raleigh NC

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