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Tucker Carlson says Michael Vick should've received same death sentence NFL player gave so many dogs

Tucker Carlson, the media provocateur and recovering bow-tie wearer, has launched a new controversy in this week of otherwise slow news.

He has now suggested that Michael Vick, the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, should have been executed. Not for the awful way the guy played against Minnesota on Tuesday night, crippling his team's chances for a top playoff spot.Michael Vick

But for the canine homicides, maimings and tortures that Vick sanctioned, promoted and encouraged during his organized dog-fighting activities while playing for the Atlanta Falcons.

Vick spent 19 months as a member of a federal penitentiary before being picked up to try to play for the Eagles, where the ex-Virginia Tech player will be a free agent after this season. He says he would really like to have another dog "to show people that I genuinely care."

Carlson says Vick should have received the same lethal death sentence the player gave his canine victims. Here's what Carlson had to say (view video below):

"I'm a Christian. I've made mistakes myself. I believe fervently in second chances. But Michael Vick killed dogs. And he did so in a heartless and cruel way. And I think, personally, he should've been executed for that."

The issue arises because it was revealed this week that President Obama inserted himself into the simmering Vick case.

In a recent phone call to Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie, the White House confirms, the president expressed appreciation for the businessman giving Vick a second chance in the city of Brotherly Love after Lurie had become dissatisfied with the performance of his previous quarterback, Donovan McNabb.

Obama, many recall, is a dog owner himself, albeit a reluctant one. The Obamas did not have a family pet. However, during the 2008 campaign it was noted that an overwhelming majority of American voters have household pets, that every White House resident needs a dog to look presidential and that John McCain already had 14 pets including several dogs. So Obama announced he would get a dog for his daughters if he won.

He won.

And eventually Sen. Edward Kennedy bought a dog for Obama, which they named Bo, as in Barack Obama's initials.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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First of all, God is a forgiving God, who sent his only begotten son, we didn't deserve Jesus, but we received him. Now Tucker Carlson says he is A christian, well a christian, should not judge. God is the judge. I know what Mike done was wrong, but we have all sinned and come short of God's glory. Tucker Carlson, should be fired.

I cannot believe that the Media was even entertain such a ignorant statement from an obvious racist!


There is an old saying "be careful what you wish for"

Yeah, that's pretty ridiculous. It's backup host week in news.

What a toweringly ignorant thing to say.

Wow. Did he really say executed? So, essentially what he's saying is that any person that kills another fellow human-being should receive the same sentence(death penalty) as a dog killer. Further concluding that dogs rights and humans rights are on the same scale; and penalties should be measured on the same scale in the court of law. Listen to this baffoon. . . .. . . .foolishness.

Oh this goes MUCH deeper than Tucker Carlson.

The FACT that Carlson is well aware that this is what the Powers-That-Be in this country allowed & desired of him to do, which was get on Nat'l television and state such, about a Black President & Black athlete, is the more serious problem here!

So to the person calling for TC's termination, wake up and smell the coffee!!

Death sentence, no. Banned from the NFL, yes!!!

I love dogs but let's be clear: they're animals. And we eat animals, first by killing them. In China, they eat dogs. I don't condone Vick's actions but unless Tucker Carlson is some kind of Buddhist who never harms a living thing, he's a hypocrite. Worse, he invokes Christianity to buttress his own cruelty. We live in a nation that thinks, as Carlson must, that if you don't have health insurance you deserve to die. Piety and meanness must get some people high because there seems to be a lot of this toxic religiosity going around.

First of all, this guy is an idiot. I love my animals and all animals with all my heart, and could and would never harm them. I get sick over killing bugs, and go out of my way to catch the bigger ones and set them free somewhere else.
For a responsible anchor to say something as sick as this on the air is as sick, if not more so, than dog-fighting and its environs.
There would not be dog-fighting anywhere if morons did not show up waving fists full of money and betting on them. It is a CULTURE, one that has been around forever. Thomas Jefferson attended dog-fights, as did James Madison and many others. The culture has been allowed to exist for centuries on this continent, and all of a sudden, the bleeding hearts are up and at 'em because we have a millionaire sports figure who was involved in it. If Mike Vick was just some Joe Schmo out of the hills of the South, his dogs would have been (maybe) confiscated, and he would have been fined and given a slap on the wrist.....not for dog-fight promotion, but for getting caught. So Vick, getting caught up in the madness goes to prison, loses millions of dollars, gets out, gets a job, volunteers for animal rights, and is genuinely remorseful of his past ventures, and we should KILL him. We are not talking about an animal here, we are talking about a human being, who is loved by his family, friends and fans. I wonder if Tucker has the balls to be the one who would throw the switch or inject the poison. I think not! Just another moron with an education, making up news.

Not ONE SINGLE white politican or person in general, in this nation is pubicly denouncing the OVERT racism, that has taken over the national (airwaves) since the election of this Prez, and to all minorities, that should be VERY VERY disturbing as well!!

I mean that it should be Hitler-like DISTURBING!!

This is incredibly sad. As horrific as animal abuse is, where is the outrage for child abuse? Where is the call for execution when a parent kills their own human child?
Get real Mr. Carlson. When you stand up for the rights of children who live in fear for their lives every day, at the hands of their parents and or parents who look the other way with abuse, then you can get steamed about a person harming dogs. Until then, you need to examine your priorities and values.

There is just nothing lower than cruelty to an animal. Vick got off lightly given the atrocities he participated in, though I don't think he should have been executed. Surely, there would be some more appropriate punishment. I find it disgusting that the Eagles picked him up, but then it's all about fame and fortune. If you have both, you can do no wrong. These people with one very limited talent are paid way too much money for their own good and idolized by gullible and foolish fans.

Michael Vick payed his debt to society. I worked with inmates for several years, and I can honestly say that he is truly remorseful for what he had done. For the first six months, I needed to see how sympathetic he was. But then he continued, and still continues to this day to promote the welfare of animals. He has become a better person for this. When do we as Americans quite being so judgemental on others, and start looking at whether a person is ready for that second chance. It has been a custom of true America to forgive others. As a christian, the Bible allows us to forgive all sins as long as that person is willing to ask for forgiveness. I believe Michael Vick has gone above and beyond this. If he screws up again in the same way, then we as a society should feel compelled to hang him by his shoulder pads. What about the convicted murders, rapists, and child molesters. These people are still living amongst us. How is killing a dog in any fashion in the same ballpark as raping and killing a five year old? Let us show some forgiveness and see what happens next.

It takes a real racist piece of work to equate the life of Black man to the life of a dog.

How dare he state that he is a Christian. No Christian that I know would even form their lips to say such a harsh thing. If he feels that strongly about it let's take a look at his life and see how many stones we can throw upon him.

Does he eat meat? If so then he is condonming the right to kill animals for his pleasure. RIGHT?

When was the last time he confused his sins for that?

Straighten out the toupe and fly right before you start speaking of others wrong doing. You want to talk call me.....let's debate the real issues at how FOX news seems to lie constantly about the TRUTH! Let's talk.

Leave Michael Vick alone and get over it. We have forgiven, why can't you Mr. Christian. We have worst problems than what Michael Vick has done and this is all you can focus on REALLY!

Tucker Carlson Forgot To Tell YOU About The Time Obama Was Up In Front Of ALL Those SHEEP , Telling You , " People Are Saying Things About DEATH PANELS , and WE ARE GOING TO PULL THE PLUG OUT FROM GRANDMA , and THAT IS JUST NOT TRUE " . Looks Like The JOKE Is on YOU and GRANDMA

I agree that Michael Vick should have lost his life. Why does he get to keep his life when he has painfully taken away the lives of others? They call that justice?

Tucker Carlson is criminally insane.
. He's morally wrong to apply capital punishment.
. He's morally wrong to create controversey of this sort for profit (newsstory).
. He's morally wrong for asking someone else (lawmen) to kill Vick.

If I can kill Tucker Carlson in under aminute, imagine what Michael Vick would do to him?

I loathe violence against animals, and I am no fan of Vick's, but Tucker Carlson is AGITPROP. He works for a foreigner, and should be banished to Australia.

.. Tucker Carlson represents everything that is wrong with the right wing ... A
product of Hang 'em High America ... got a problem with something? Just pick
up a gun and execute ... make 'em suffer ... then make'm suffer more ... and oh
yeah ... fire 'em from their job so they'll suffer even more ... Carlson has always been a loud, boorish opinionated joke ... It was a disgrace what Vick did with the dogs but he paid debt ... let's move on ... Carlson's comments have more to do
with politics and Obama-Hate than cruelty to animals otherwise he would have
been grandstanding 5 years ago...

franky, if ichael Vick were white, would there be any r@cist charges? These people who wave the r@cist flag around are lookig for something where nothing exists. Vick is a sociopath. He committed heinous crimes against animals and ultimately against humanity when he murdered and caused the murder of helpless animals. He may not deserve to be executed, but then nither did the dogs he tortured (or endorsed the torture of) . I am exhausted by the calls of racism because this NFL superstar - who happens to be African American - is being condemned by his actions. (the one off the field because they are ultimately the one that count)

This clown's bow ties must be cutting off the blood supply to his brain. Unless, of course, he actually meant what he said. Then there's a much more disturbing thing at work.

Dark and disturbing.

Interesting how many people bring up racism as the cause of this. I didn't hear race referenced once in his comments. Not that I agree with his comments but I find it amazing that when a conservative white commentator, comments on a Vick or the President it is automatically a racist comment. That is just as absurd as his comments on Vick being executed. I guess that is the goal, to silence the right. Prior to 2008 people were allowed to express opinions about issues and people without immediately being declared a racist by the over-sensitive and over-reacting left. Those days of freedom of speech and freedom of expression are now gone and have been replaced by these sad knee-jerk reactions from the left. Maybe one day this country can again debate issues without one side having to play the race/racist card when they have no better, logical, or intellegent argument to support their views. Again, not that I support Carlson's opinion of what Vick's punishment should have been, but I would support his arguement long before I would back anyone naive enough to call those comments racist.

Obama's a hypocrite. He had a chance to set an example for the country by rescuing a shelter dog instead of acqiuesing to Ted Kennedy's offer to give him a dog he already owned. Obama did so to please Kennedy who backed him in the primaries. And yes a shelter dog could have been obtained who wouldn't have been a concern regarding his daughters allergies.

I think that Michael Vick should be allowed to have a dog as part of his rehabilitation as long as it is a "special needs" dog.
Preferabley, one of the dogs that was maimed in his dog fighting operation. He would be even more compassionate if he had to go thru the time and effort to rehabilitate one of the abused dogs.

all animal killers should be drawn and quartered. You people are too apologetic. Vick and all other animal killers should hang.

I would enthusiastically support the execution if Carlson and Vick switched places. Be real it's an issue that presents a sub-rosa opportunity for a Racist to hide his RACISM.

10$ says Tucker wouldn't have the guts to say that to Michael Vick's face.

This enitre article is ignorant colorful language with facts intermitently sprinkled in. I'm from Philly, I love Philly, and I love Philly for giving Vick a chance. NO QUARTERBACK IS PERFECT ALL THE TIME, so comments about the Vikings game are just low blows. Vick paid his time, he did it with pride, and he came back to the NFL humble. If Philly should apologize for anything it should be taking Terrell Owens, not for giving Vick a chance. And anybody who believes what Carlson does should take a step back in their own life to reprioritize. Focus on yourself people! Vick is doing a much better job of that than you if you're willing to make such outrageous statements regarding his fate. Where's your heart?

I am a new fan of Tucker Carlson. Vick is a sick twisted man who brutally beat and tortured dogs. The fact that he is now an American football hero is a disgrace. I only watch college football now as the NFL makes me sick hiring Vick!
Good job Tucker for speaking the truth!

Where's the uproar over Ben Roethlisberger, who has yet to pay his debts for crimes that are just as heinous? I'll take my chances with a reformed Vick any day. There have been a couple articles showing that he's not really making any money yet either, he is still paying off creditors. Right now, he's just a money making machine for others; his body is getting destroyed; let the man work at his job while he still can and leave him alone. He's not going to do anybody any good sucking on taxpayer dollars in a jail cell.

Another dose of Fox hysteria, having less to do with Vick than with Fox's ongoing attempt to slag Obama. Barack's got '12 in the bag, Fox: Back someone resembling a leader, and maybe you'll help make a "race" of it.

Tucker is right, and brave to say it.

Tucker's a Christian in Name Only.

Christian? LOL! Tucker fights for tax breaks for the rich, but against lifeline services for the "least among us."

Christian? LOL! Tucker praises Bush for waging war, but preaches execution for Vick.

Christian? LOL! Tucker pontificaties extends rhetorical kindnesses to dogs, but crusades against affordable health care.

Give me a break! Tucker wouldn't recognize Jesus because Jesus would be serving the very people Tucker despises the most.

Forgiveness, atonement and redemption are Christianity's core tenents.

Would Obama promote child molesters and murderers? 100% of serial killers started with small animals. What Vick did to these dogs, man's best friends, speaks a volume about who he is. In fact, he NEVER once admitted what he did — he was only sorry because he was caught. He has no remorse.

Moreover, if Obama had the time to call Eagles to commend hiring this torturer/murderer, he should have called the families of fallen soldiers!

First of all, Amanda Nicholson, who are you to speak for God? Please take your bible thumping and your poor grasp of the English Language elsewhere, no one wants to hear your brain-washed, fantasy-induced rantings on who God is and what he wants. Secondly, I think most people will agree that Tucker Carlson went too far by saying Vick should be executed. Unfortunately in this scenario, most people seem to be focused on his choice of words, rather than the big picture. And the big picture is this: Michael Vick tortured, mutilated, and murdered innocent animals. Period. Yes, he served his time in prison, but no one, especially the president, should support this man in any way, shape or form. What he did was unforgivable. Animal abuse is not something you do, it's something you are. And you geniuses who are once again using the race card and calling Tucker a racist, let me ask you a question: If Vick was a white man, do you think Obama would've made the personal call to the coach thanking him for "giving Vick a second chance?" Let's call it like it is and focus on the real issue here - Vick is a bully and a monster - anyone who could do those things to an innocent animal is sub-human. Like Gandhi said "The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way it's animals are treated."

I had not thought of any racism in Carlson's remarks. Wonder if he would have made the same remarks if Vick had been white? Does he feel the same way about Sarah Palin as she shoots wolves for sport from a helicopter? The outrage that Carlson feels is as phony as he is. He is just employing the typical Republican tactic of making up an issue for people to get outraged about. If Mike Vick came back and still tried to fight dogs or did something to wrong, then I might understand the outrage. All he has done is straighten out his life and turn himself around. This runs counter to those who want us to lock people up and throw away the key. And those same people (Carlson included) then complain about the cost to run an overcrowded prison system. It is just"let's criticize the President for everything". That way people might forget that Republican policies of non-regulation and oversight caused the economic meltdown in the first place.

thats it i am so mixed up with it all that i can hardly put my words down here are we all so blind or are we as dumb as the politicians want to believe cant we all see what this is realy about. the white man does not want to see any one of any color or thoughts other then theres move foward we elected a black president the white big business boys wont let no colored tell them what to do so the white boys need a outlet for all there ideas well well well bring on shawn,glenn and rush they wont even address our president as a mr president they call him obama not mr or anything else that might show him any respect. now this kill michael vick again another stuped remark made by a white man and who does he work for fox i just wish they would all wear white pillow cases over there heads and show what and who they realy are... news flash fox news we of color are not all as dumb as you think. we are slowly taking over and i think thats what realy scares the hell out of you that you might be working for us some day.

Carlson is a fool and should suffer a fools fate, being ignored. (yeah I know I commented too, it's hard to ignore.) Also I don't see how Carlson's comments are racist.

Does dog=human?
Does cruelly killing dogs = cruelly killing humans?

Do we put humans to "sleep" meaning kill them to end their suffering? Do we lead humans around on leashes? Do we own humans? So using the most ultimate and permanent punishment, something reserved for only the most horrific of acts on Vick, however terrible his acts, isn't right. And unless Vick plans on translating his behavior to humans by holding gladiatorial or street fighting matches I doubt his behavior would expand to human beings the way a household animal abuser might translate their behavior to children or spouses, but who knows. If society fails to reintegrate past offenders they will inevitable return to criminal activity, and I for one would like less people in prison eating up public funds that could be used for better purposes.

It's sad to have so much time on your hands with nothing important to say that you must descend to this depth. Jon Stewart had your number, Carlson. You give bow-tie wearers a bad name.

@ Ron: Gee, you make Tucker Carlson look like someone who's made a relevant and rational comment. Obama's a hypocrite because he didn't rescue a shelter dog? REALLY? That's your big beef right now?

There is nothing worse than a person who claims to be a Christain and only shows it in form and not in subtance.

As usual Tucker Carlson is misguided in his judgement.

He should know that the essential ingredient of Christainty is LOVE.

And the highest quality Love is Forgiveness. It would be wise for Tucker to learn how to love the unlovely.

And than we can recognize him as a man of subtance and not just mere mortal of tasteless form.

Tucker Carlson has ruined any chance he has to be taken seriously. It is a shame that this once promising voice will now forever be ignored as just another kook.

The NFL have a rule for almost everything. Example: players cannot post on Twitter 90 minutes before kick-off. That's a $25,000 fine.
But yet the NFL has no problem allowing convicted Felons to pay in the league.
'Dog torturer/killer' Vick should have been banned from ever playing again.

Can you feel" it" ? "It's" almost here .All that is needed is that certain ...."something".

Lame Tucker wants so badly to be a "pundit" but he lacks sooooooo much. He's a bona fide loser. But he has a plan to engender his anorexic pundit-worth: he'll garner attention by bashing blacks. He wont dis serial killers, rapists, murderers, and the Phillip Garridos of the country---those really worthy of execution--or the lucrative greyhound industry which slaughters tens of thousands of dogs annually simply because they do not run fast enough. NO, there's no black face to the greyhound industry so Tucker's going after the what Fox and Hannity love: bashing blacks, esp that ol' bad-man, muslim thug Obama and his "baby-mama" (a Fox quote) Michelle and maybe, just maybe, Fox will give him more air time. Tucker should, again, be fired for his desperation and ignorance. And let's, while we're at it, put him in a ring with Vick!

Carlson is exactly what a decent human should not be. He is like a cancerous tumor angrily eating at the human spirit of forgiveness. I am a Vietnamese American who has always appreciated the scarifies those who lost their lives to fight for my, and my people's freedom of South Vietnam. I have seen enough killing, more than Carlson ever dares to imagine. I have read and seen the My Lai massacre during which some American soldiers killed more than 300 innocent people, yes, Carlson, People, died. I condemn the one who gave the order, but I do not call for the killing of all those soldiers. They will have to answer to their conscience.

You are, Carlson, a humiliation for our human species, and if you believe in Christianity, you are the satanic and the Devil of all devils. Hope you do not have children or do not teach them the same way you think. You will turn the next generation this country to monsters.

Please, do not give TC the attention he does not deserve. He is only looking for ratings

I myself am calling for the execution, of anyone over the age of ten who regularly appears in public wearing a bowtie, for crimes against fashion. Also those blowhards who call for the execution of persons neither accused nor convicted of non capital crimes, I say execute them too.

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