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Obama denounces Chabahar terror bombings, stands with Iran, which blames the U.S. anyway

Chabahar Bomb site 12-15-10Iran today did not exactly welcome President Obama's emphatic expression of sympathy for and denunciation of a deadly terrorist bombing in the southern city of Chabahar.

Initial news reports were confused, but apparently two suicide bombers ignited themselves in a downtown religious procession, killing a reported 39 and wounding scores more.

Obama (full text below) called the bombings "disgraceful and cowardly," and added: "The United States condemns all acts of terrorism wherever they occur."

The Jundallah insurgent group, which says the country's majority Shiite Muslims persecute the minority Sunni Muslims, claimed responsibility for the attacks online and released photos of the purported killers wearing explosives.

The group said the civilian deaths were in retaliation for the government's execution last summer of Jundallah's leader, Abdulmalak Rigi.

Iran's Interior Ministry, however, immediately blamed foreign governments, mainly the United States. Its statement said: "The equipment and logistical support of the terrorists indicate that these elements were backed by advanced intelligence services of the region and the United States."purported Chabahar bomber dressed to kill

Fulfilling a controversial campaign promise, Obama has made numerous unrequited gestures toward the Islamic Republic, promising respect for the Persian culture and traditions and an open dialogue.

The Democrat's gestures have been rejected or mocked as Iran has continued its independent program to develop nuclear weapons and missiles, as well as aiding insurgent forces fighting American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Scroll down for Obama's brief full statement.

-- Andrew Malcolm

Statement by the President on the attack in Chabahar, Iran,

as provided by the White House

I strongly condemn the outrageous terrorist attack on a mosque in Chabahar, Iran.

The murder of innocent civilians in their place of worship during Ashura is a despicable offense, and those who carried it out must be held accountable. This is a disgraceful and cowardly act.

This and other similar acts of terrorism recognize no religious, political, or national boundaries. The United States condemns all acts of terrorism wherever they occur.

The United States stands with the families and loved ones of those killed and injured, and with the Iranian people, in the face of this injustice.

Together, the people of the world must condemn and oppose all forms of terrorism and support the universal right of human beings to live free from fear and senseless violence.    ####

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Photos: Iran News Agency; Jundullah (purported suicide bomber).

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this is why mainstream media in the us has failed!!
you state Iran rejected gestures made by the US and continued it's pursuit of nukes when there's no prof of this just speculation and theories by those in the
US that want war.
News should be independent of government views and truthful and you clearly failed that test!
This sounds like a bulletin on the AIPAC website!

The root of the problem in Iran is the Iranian government. If it is replaced with democratic government, we will have safe and secure country without terror.

Thank you president Obama for denouncing Chabahar terror bombings.

"Together, the people of the world must condemn and oppose all forms of terrorism and support the universal right of human beings to live free from fear and senseless violence."
Unless of course it involves us bombing the hell out of Iran in another senseless pre-emptive war.

Our Nobel prize winning Pres is wonderfully suited to lead the UN...not the USA.

Add some gray hair to this martyr and he could be mistaken for an American
celebrity.Either a clone or the result of an Edwards/Rhiel type of saga.

The problem with Barry's appeasement and outreach doctrine to Iran, is that the Iranian regime does not see a difference between US Administrations. They do not see a difference between a Carter or a Bush, a Democrat or Republican. This is why Iranian policies are not static and they continue their advancement against US interests in the Middle East. As this is a strategic imperative of Iranian thinking it is logical that any appeasement, outreach would be used by Iran to further their progression against US interest in the region. Also the regime has a high level of paranoia that counters any outreach, you outlaw Jundullah, you condemn attacks, the Iranian mindset is that you have done this to mask your involvement to reach out to the Iranian people, truth or non-truth it is what they believe. This is why that while the US has increased sanctions against Iran at the UNSC, that for 30 years the US has had no relations with the Islamic Republic which are a form of sanctions, yet Iran has progressed to the point of acquiring nuclear weapons. During the 1979 uprising assessments were that the moderates would gain control, the same assessment we heard a few weeks ago by the Administration, we have been hearing that for 30 years, that moderate will take control. The problem is the people who are moderate are not involved in politics that is the bulk of the Green Movement, if anyone believes that the regime, IRG Ayatollahs are going to give up any real power to these people they are delusional, Mousavi is not a moderate he ordered the Beirut bombings, kidnappings, he opposed the removal of the LEU in 2009. The only difference is he would relax some standards in relation to civil rights, women rights by the religious police. How that relates to the Persian expansion to counter US interests in the region, I do not factor in, it is simply to appease some of the population to remove tension so they can continue on with their strategic intent. Unless the security apparatus is deconstructed, IRG, Basiji, Police, Military the people do not sustain a chance at an uprising against the regime, all we could do in 2009 was buy the green movement time before the final crackdown. While in 2009 the Republicans want the President to speak out in support of the green movement and offer more support this was a mistake because a month later Mousavi opposed the LEU deal that the US was trying to broker to remove the LEU for Iran. While we were trying to remove Mousavi's leadership from the green movement, so in the end the movement was leading him not the other way around, to make Mousavi irrelevant. He calls but they no longer come out onto the streets. There will be no change in Iran until people in the green movement that are not involved in politics are able to take control of the political system, with a separation of powers between religion and government. Jundullah are holding a scientist, kill IRG and undermine the security apparatus, Iran further there objective because the Iranian State is a safe haven not targeted by their expeditionary operations in the regime, that is what makes them strong, they fight the US in Iraq and Afghanistan via proxies, they undermine US interest across the region, use Hamas and Hizbullah to further their nuclear interests as part of the Iranian asymmetrical defense doctrine as the first ring of defense, weaken US ally in Israel. Yet their home front is relatively calm, if the population is not affected by Iranian foreign policy the public are apathetic to the issue. When the green movement was yelling in the streets not for Jerusalem, Lebanon this was because of the risk of it affecting them on the home front, mainly from an Israel strike. Iran got the US bogged down in Iraq to use US forces as human shields to prevent a strike on their nuclear black sites and prevent Iraq from being used as a staging ground for an attack to prevent them from acquiring nuclear weapons. Now they use the US presence in Afghanistan to establish themselves as a counter balance to Pakistan, their involvement in Afghanistan supporting the insurgency is to force the US to seek their assistance in stabilizing the region in their favor (which means a compromise on the nuclear issue) and keep US forces in country as long as possible as human shields to protect the nuclear program from an Israeli strike. So while Barry worries about some dead Persians, Iran is still kill US forces in Afghanistan.


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