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Luke Scott, Orioles star, takes 'birther' side -- Obama was not born in the United States

Baltimore Orioles Luke Scott

Luke Scott has joined the ranks of birthers, those people who say they do not believe that Barack H. Obama was born in the United States. Which is a fine thing if you are anyone other than the president.

The belief that Obama was foreign-born has stubbornly stuck around since his campaign long before his election 25 months ago. The well-heeled Obama campaign early on released a copy of his Certificate of Live Birth, saying he was born in Honolulu on Aug. 4, 1961. The Ticket published that certificate here in June 2008, still viewable right here.

State officials say they have viewed the official birth certificate but for unexplained reasons Obama has never permitted its release.

So, the Orioles' 32-year-old star first baseman-DH Scott was talking with....

...David Brown over Big League Stew sports blog and Brown asked in passing about Obama's birth:

"He was not born here," Scott asserted. Then the player added:

That's my belief. I was born here. If someone accuses me of not being born here, I can go — within 10 minutes — to my filing cabinet and I can pick up my real birth certificate and I can go, "See? Look! Here it is. Here it is." The man has dodged everything. He dodges Birther Luke Scott of the Baltimore Oriolesquestions, he doesn't answer anything. And why? Because he's hiding something.

You know what? People who have bad intentions, people that are deceivers or are not of honor and integrity — that's how they act. I've seen it in every — it doesn't matter what level. It can be in politics, it can be in business, it can be in sports, it can be in the construction field. Doesn't matter. It's all the same attitude. It's t  he same thing. 

 The Orioles organization, of course, immediately noted that Scott was not speaking for it, adding: "The fact is that Barack Obama is our president, duly elected by the people of the United States. End of story."

It seems not.

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Until the Orioles trade him, I am never going to see another Orioles game, or any other game with this jerk in their line-up. The great thing about America is that anyone can say anything they want, no matter how stupid it is. But I don't need to support racist and moronic comments. Using his baseball position to spout tea bagger/Fox News lies is not something I am going to support. It hurts all of baseball. Yes, he can have his opinions, but I don't like it when Hollywood people spout off left wing stuff using their public position either.

This guy should go back into whatever hole he came out of and stop being an embarrassment to the sport. He is paid to play baseball, and not spout off on his fringe, lunatic right wing wacko philosophies.

Luke is entitled to his opinion, but I don't see the relevance as to
news value. I suspect he thought he was speaking off the record.

Luke Scott is my new favorite player. Obama is a fraud!!!

Wow, Steve. Sounds like you're liberal douche #1, jumping all over Luke. I think everyone can agree that the Orioles don't want you to go to their games. It sounds like you took all the "left wing" keywords and crammed them in your little rant that makes you look like the moron. Maybe you need to realize that your view isn't the only view or the right one because you and all the other liberal douches say it is. I'm glad Luke expressed his view without caring what people like you think. Now, if he could only be a more consistent hitter....

He is paid to play baseball, and not spout off on his fringe, lunatic right wing wacko philosophies.

And musician are paid to play music, actors are paid to act, and editors are paid to edit newspapers, BUT they all spout off on their lunatic left wing agendas.

People who believe Obama was born in the U.S. have two things to show as proof. The copy of a birth certificate on line that Obama's people took off, and two notices of birth in a Hawaiian newspaper. One must have been put there by his mother and the other by his grandmother. If his mother and grandmother were both in Hawaii when he was born, why would both of them put a notice in the paper? The people who don't believe Obama was born in the U.S. have reasons for their doubt. He has spent over 1-1/2 million dollars fighting off law suits. There are two hospitals in Hawaii where he may have been born. Neither hospital has any records of him being born there. One of the hospitals sent out a congratulatory letter of some sort mentioning their pride that Obama was born there. The Administration quickly squelched that information. When Obama and Michelle went to Kenya to talk about AIDS, Michelle said that when she and Barack went to his homeland, Kenya, -- hardly no one mentioned it in the newspapers. I think both of them are laughing at people who are actually ignoring blatent true statements like that.

Uhhhh. His birth certificate is readily available for anyone to read. All you have to do is be able to read. aka unlike Luke Scott.

This is why the world is afraid of angry "white" Americans. After hearing Luke Scott's comments about Obama and other countries, I'm a little afraid that there may be many more frightening people like him in the U.S.A. We Americans are the most culturally insensitive people on Earth. Any non-white players on the Orioles should be leary of him.

Hello, McFly! The "birth certificate" you have linked to is a computer generated document that was created in June, 2007. There were no computer generated birth certificates in 1961! Let's see the original. If it exists.

Obviously there is no IQ test for baseball players. What an idiot POS. Can't wait to taunt the ignorant fool next time I see him play. I'm no fan of Obama, but this birther crap is just ridiculous. Stick to real issues, or better yet Luke, stick to baseball. It's about all you're mentally prepared for.

"obama" your truly an idiot if you believe it just because you read it on the internet.

It's amazing how some people hide racism behind values and morals. This guy is a jerk.

This jerk is entitled to his own stupid opinion. But who's to say that his birth certificate is real. All these dummies spewing the same bigoted line can't prove any more than the President can that they were actually born here. A fool has to always find someone to hate. You can never when an argument with a idiot, they have far to much experience at it.

One should never confuse a .268 lifetime batting average with a powerful, well trained mind. It is clear that in all things involving intelligence Scott couldn't hit his weight.

On the other hand, it is possible that far more attention will be paid to his silly political opinions than to his hitting. It really is amazing, in a world without steroids, how little talent it takes to be a hitting "star."

luke, you are a nincompoop. remember, having athletic ability doesn't mean you're smart or have good judgement any more any more than having music ability or dimples does. it does mean you can say dumb things to thousands or millions of people at a time. so stick to baseball in future you are less likely to expose your self

It never ceases to amaze me that the supposedly educated chattering class still claim that it is Obama's birth certificate that has been posted on the web when it actually is a certification of live birth -- big difference (see

Furthermore, as WorldNetDaily's Jerome Corsi points out in the latest report on the issue (see

Many people, including some in the national news media, remain ignorant of the fact that a "Certification of Live Birth" from the state of Hawaii, such as the computer image Obama's campaign posted on the Web in 2008, can be given to children who were actually born in foreign countries.

Go, Luke!

Another insecure white athlete acting as if his ancestors were the only people who died in order to allow America the freedoms it's been afforded. And it's more troubling than anything to hear a person that plays a team sport with a multitude of diversity speak so belligerently about integrity and honor. His comments alone lack integrity, and respect for fellow man. Luke Scott is a really insecure and dangerous to our society. He should really consider retiring from sports and disappear. He's not mentally healthy and lacks the ability to function in a diverse society. And even more sadly, is that the Orioles didn't do a better job evaluating his character. Luke Scott is bad for team morale and for baseball in general. It would be a shame to learn that those in baseball share his opinion. He is terribly underinformed and based on his comments flat out dumb. But I wish him peace and longevity so that at some point in his life he can find some sort of goodness. And lastly, if Ted Nugent is someone he idolizes that his troubles are even greater. Get well Luke. One

If you have an opinion about your president, fine. We all have them. But I have news for you Birthers. If you believe he's serving under a fake certificate, guess what? ALL of your politicians are in on the scam, because every one of them would know. If they had reason to believe it, they would be all over it, and your Republican candidate would have been sure to note it as part of the election. If you want to believe it, be sure to pass the blame all the way around. If our president is not a citizen, then Senator McCain is covering for him (because we all heard him correct a lady at one of his campaign stops) and the entire election was rigged right out of the gate. In which case, it makes no sense to complain about it or even vote. If your president was not born in the U.S., then even your GOP is in on it and has failed you.

Clearly the force is with you, Luke SkyPointer!

I already loved Luke Scott ... and now I love him even more! He might just be my favorite MLB player now.

Can the Orioles trade him back to the Astros, please?

Hey Luke!

Congatulation on finding your birth cirtificate.
But can u find your brain?

Good luck with that one.

Luke Scott speaks about honor and integrity. He then exhibits neither. I have to chuckle that this man apparently thinks he is intelligent.

This guy is an idiot and represents everything that is wrong with America. Make no mistake about, these are pure racist attacks on Obama because of the color of his skin. Everything he has stated is what is wrong with out governement for the past 400 years. He talks about fighting and dying for this country what has he done? What has he contributed to my country? I am a republican and it is people like this which is why America needs another party to represent America so that all these racist people can be grouped into one party that reflects their warped beliefs. By the way, I served my country and was born here in America just like Mr. Obama.

"But I don't need to support racist and moronic comments."

Whether you agree or not with his statements, nothing in the entire article alluded to him making even a remotely racial statement. Why is it that the left always has to throw racism out there? Racism is something that will exist forever like it or not because there will always be ignorance among people. That being said, those who lean on it as a crutch are equally as ignorant. Interesting how a white man owning a gun, supporting the second amendment, and criticizing a Black man, my apologies I meant African American, is automatically a racist. The same liberals who share a political ideology with the most brilliant minds of our day including Tom Cruise and Eddie Vedder applaud their comments on red carpets, but come down on this? Bottomline is that agree or disagree, he can say what he wants and then deal with the fallout on his own, your post sounds equally moronic.

What Obama has online is his "Certification of live birth" not his "Long Form Birth Certificate" birthers attacked John Mccain and asked him to show his "Long Form Birth Certificate" (S.Res.511 A resolution States that John Sidney McCain, III, is a "natural born Citizen") and he did, so why cant Obama do the same thing to shut everyone up. Why can you question John Mccain's birth but not Obama's?

The two names the leftist use to shut people up, racist and moronic,where would they be without them. They feel they can't win an argument without them.
Given his background and where he has lived and his foreign connections, why is it so crazy to have doubts. Especially since he has locked up his past to any scrutiny. So the left is only left with two things; racist and moronic.
And also, tea bagger/Fox News lies

I love it how the media loves to flash around a certificate of live birth as his birth certificate. Reality is anyone can purchase one of those as one is needed to do any business in Hawaii and they give them out like candy as to make their system work. I and millions of Americans want to see the REAL birth certificate. And being his grandmother has already confessed to the media that she was there when he was born IN KENYA!!!! Why is it so absurd that we should question it?? He acts unamerican everyday, he never has anything good to say about his country and he wants this country to be shaped as his homeland of Kenya. The media as usual has to attack anyone who doubts this as they are the moral authoraty of anything. What A Joke!!!

Andrew Malcolm, with all due respect, you should get your facts straight before you write such an article. You erroneously reported that "The well-heeled Obama campaign early on released a copy of his Certificate of Live Birth, saying he was born in Honolulu on Aug. 4, 1961." What they actually released was a document called a "Certification of Live Birth," which he posted on his website under the title: "Barack Obama's Official Birth Certificate." His Certification of Live Birth" is not a certificate. It is merely a certification, which is a brief summary of his 1961 vital record(s) on file with the Hawaii State Department of Health. What we do not know, however, is what 1961 vital record the Certification of Live Birth is summarizing.

In 1961 there were at least six different Hawaii state procedures available to generate a vital record (birth certificate) that the posted Certification of Live Birth could be summarizing. Five of the six procedures lacked adequate indicia of reliability and trustworthiness because they created opportunities for fraud. Even the United State government's Office of Inspector General concluded in a 2000 report on Birth Certificate Fraud that these kind of birth certificate practices create opportunities for fraud. You can read the U.S. government report and the actual Hawaii Revised vital records laws in effect at the time of Obama's birth at

Moving along, these 1961 procedures ranged from the traditional hospital and doctor documentation to Hawaii Revised Law Section 57-9 that read: “If neither parent of the newborn child whose birth is unattended as above provided (referring to 57-8), is able to prepare a birth certificate, the local registrar shall secure the necessary information from any person having knowledge of the birth and prepare and file the certificate.” Did you get that? An unattended birth reported by any 3rd person? Perhaps if you were to read these and analyze procedures, Andrew, you might begin to understand the reasons “birthers” as the media has labeled them, want to see Obama’s original 1961 vital record, and why perhaps Obama is refusing to produce it.

Why does it take him 10 minutes to locate his b-certificate in his filing cabinet? I suppose he's not very organized.

John M was diagnosed with cancer. He should go to his filing cabient and pull out the test results as evidence!

Those who just blow off this controversy as some sort of mania just aren't paying attention. I have followed this thing - humorously at first - since the first posting on the DailyKos to what it has warped into now, and I can say for certain that one of two things is true:

1) He ain't got a valid birth certificate.
2) He does; and he's deliberately cultivating this paranoia.

Either behavior, in my opinion, is beneath the demeanor of an American president. I find both options repulsive.

And besides, what you should really be worried about when it comes to all the BC mess, is this:

That's the heart of this, and should keep all you progressives up at night.

As someone on here previously noted, if President Obama wasn't actually born in the United States, it seems rather likely that the folks in the Republican party would have found out about it. McCain, former president Bush, the GOP members of the House and Senate...none of them questioned the place of Obama's birth during the 2008 campaign season. They had loads of time to do so. Couldn't the GOP's best and brightest have uncovered such a mammoth coverup as a presidential candidate being born in another country? If McCain and Bush didn't question Obama's being born in the United States, I won't either.
As for you "birthers" out there, I have one suggestion. Realize that you are lashing out in frustration because you "want your country back" and you cannot accept the fact that it is governed by a black man. What will you do in two years when he gets re-elected?

Of the two presidential candidates in 2008, only one was born outside the USA. John McCain was born in Panama (his dad was stationed there). He doesn't dispute this fact, because no one would ever think to challenge him on being American. Why is that? Why does Luke Scott believe Obama isn't American but McCain is, despite Obama being the one that was actually born in the USA? I suspect it has nothing to do with a birth certificate.

(AM notes: Panama at the time was a US territory.)

I don't know where this clown was born. According to his granny, she says he was born in Kenya....and I guess she would know, since she was in the rooom...and it was widely published while he was state senator that he was "Kenyan".

But I find it very odd that Obama has spent hundreds of thousands if not millions on legal fees trying to keep his ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTICIATE a secret.

I also find it very odd that on Obama's first day in office he signs an Executive Order SEALING ALL HIS PERSONAL RECORDS.

Wassup with that, bro?

The Certificate of Live Birth that has been floating around the Internet for the past 2 years is phony as a 3-dollar-bill...any 9 yr. old with access to a computer could have produced it...and from the looks of it, that's exactly who probably did. LMAO

Just as Luke Scott said, any AMERICAN CITIZEN could produce their ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE within minutes. But Obama has chosen to spend a lot of money on legal fees fighting any attempt to see his ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE...all we wanna know, Barry, I mean Barack, I mean Hussein, I mean Soetoro, I mean Obama...whatever your name is, what are you hiding, bro?

Of course, it doesn't really matter "where" he was born since his father was NOT an American citizen and any grammar school student can tell you that since his father was NOT an American citizen, by law, Obama is not eligible to be POTUS...but since he's 1/2 WHITE, 1/4 MIDDLE-EASTERN, 1/4 BLACK & a DEMOCRAT, he got a "pasadena" on that requirement.

And ANYONE including his granny who questions it, IS A RACIST. Of course, since he's of mixed race, we can't figure out which race anyone who questions his birth is "racist" towards...

BTW, bro, why do you have a Connecticut Social Security number?

Of course, the longer this clown stays in office, the better...Obama has been the best thing to happen to the GOP since Jimmy Carter. LMAO

Keep it up, bro...the GOP needs the WH & the Senate in 2012! BIG SMILE

Mr. Malcom,

I don't know where you come down on this, but regardless, you are perpetuating a lie by saying "they posted it here for all to see" as if that is a birth certificate. The argument is that the document posted is not valid even by HI standards. WHY has BHO spent millions of dollars to prevent anyone from seeing the ALLEGED real one? You act as if we are all being ignorant but the truth is YOU are being ignorant. So please answer that for us. WHY do YOU suppose BHO is spending millions to prevent anyone from seeing his BC??? Isn’t that the obvious question for any journalist? How can you in the press serve any purpose for us in the public, if you are determined to be so intentionally OBTUSE!?!?!

Scott is saying what he believes , since it does not align with well known liberal media ideology they go on the attack following the same motivations used to get a clearly unqualified individual elected president of the United States.

". . . but for unexplained reasons Obama has never permitted its release."

for some reason Andrew Malcom is just not curious about this!

Please, last Friday, through an open records request, the Hawaii Department of Health released an image of their official raised seal.

Obama’s COLB does not bear that image and it isn’t a ‘raised seal’ as the law requires, it’s 'incised.' And Arlen Specter blabbed that congress knew the text from that seal should be raised for it to be a legal document.

Get your facts right, Mr. Malcolm. The document that you link to says quite clearly at the top, "Certification of Live Birth", not "Certificate of Live Birth". A "certification" of birth is a computer-generated document that displays the data on file with the state at the time that it is requested, in this case 2008. Clearly, the data on file in 2008 could for a variety of reasons be at variance with the actual circumstances of his birth in 1961.

That is why the document that everyone wants to see is not the Certification of Live Birth generated in 2008, but the original birth certificate that was created in 1961, at the time of his birth, signed by a doctor, listing the hospital, and, as you do correctly note (thank you), he has not permitted the release of that document "for unexplained reasons".

A growing number of people suspect that if those "reasons" ever do get explained, we will find out that we have an ineligible President in the White House.

Some will of course say that this is impossible, but they're mistaken. Hawaii at the time allowed for affidavits of birth to be filed by family members, with no other proof. If he was in fact born abroad, his mother or grandmother would've had every reason to file an affidavit alleging a home birth in Hawaii in order to qualify him for U.S. citizenship. The data on file would then match the information on the Certification that you link to, but the truth would be available upon examination of the original documents. And that, I suspect, is the reason why they have not been released, and won't be, except upon order of the Supreme Court.

The Hawaii Department of Health has now indirectly confirmed in THREE different ways that the Factcheck COLB is a forgery, because

1) They have made a statutory admission that Obama’s BC is amended, which must be shown on a genuine COLB but isn’t shown on the Factcheck COLB (Hawaii law says an amended/altered BC is not legally valid; the COLB form itself says "ANY ALTERATIONS INVALIDATE THIS CERTIFICATE" That is why Obama posted a forgery rather than allowing the HDOH to release the genuine one, which Hawaii laws require the HDOH to release to anyone who asks for a non-certified copy);

2) They have confirmed that the BC# is given by the HDOH on the “date filed”. This is problematic because the Factcheck “date filed” is 3 days earlier than that of the Nordyke twins’ BC’s but has a later (higher) number than theirs; and

3) Within the last few days the HDOH was forced to release an image of their seal as it appears when stamped onto paper, and it does not match the seal on the Factcheck COLB. See

For the first two items there is more info and documentation at

Luke Scott is a jerk. If you don't like Obama's politics or performance as U.S. President, that's one thing. But to get into the 'birther' bother that Obama detractors have created is quite another matter. Obama's published birth
certificate tells us that he was born in Hawaii. I don't think that Luke Scott even knows it's one of our 50 states.
Instead, he is ready to 'walk over to my file cabinet' and produce MY birth certificate. I WAS born in the United States. Who cares, Luke? As a professional baseball player, you have every right to talk about Obama. But get your facts straight. You have made an ass out of yourself. On Opening Day I wouldn't be surprised if there were a sign or two in the stands making fun of your ridiculous behavior and opinions. "Name the 50 states, Luke." Or aren't you as smart as fifth-grader. Stick to your batting average and RBI's. It's much more familiar territory for you. otherwise, you come across as a lamebrain!

Luke Scott is a dummy. He insists that Barack Obama was not born in the United States. But he doesn't seem to realize that the President's birthplace was Hawaii, which is one of our 50 states. Is Luke Scott smarter than a fifth-grader? I'm afraid not. He struck out looking!

I LOVE this guy! He was obviously baited by the reporter, then stated his opinion, and the last time I looked, you're still allowed to have an opinion in this country; or are we if we're not the liberal left? That copy of the birth certificate the Editor provided during the interview (guess we know who HE voted for!) looks faker than a $4 dollar bill, by the way... Luke Scott? I want to marry this man! Valerie

Birthertards used to be so cute. They stamp their little feet and push out their little lips in a classic pout. "He won't showm me his birth certificate. I demand he bring it to my house." So sorry, little birther child. go back to the playlot with the other kiddies and stop bothering the adults with this drivel. It was cute the first time, now it's just bratty.

Obama has spent nearly 2 million dollars keeping all his records locked up.
you frigging idiots just can't seem to understasnd a damn thing.

Luke Scott should just shut the hell up and play ball. If people think that celebrities have no business spouting their political opinions, baseball players really have not need to spout their political opinions. This guy is an idiot. Plain and simple.

The original birth certificate is significant in that the original(not the certification that O and crew keep touting as the original) is needed as evidence in a court of law. The certification won't hold up in this respect. The ORIGINAL will establish(even though O has admitted it) that Obama's father was a foreigner(not a U.S. citizen). This means that Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen( born of 2 U.S. parents), which disqualifies him from presidential eligibility. For all those that want to throw the 14th amendment or some previous rulings at this, don't bother. Natural Law is different from statutory. The founders did this on purpose.
What this means for all you O supporters... You all need to realize that O knew all of this going in to the election. He is versed in constitutional law, remember? Then ask yourself why someone would do this? Lastly you should realize this has nothing to do with racism. It has to do with the law and why Obama broke it.

American Values? Lets see: ONLY White land holding males were allowed to be citizens. Women and non-whites could not possibly be represented by the government that stole the land from people who were already here. The European invaders brought alcohol, chicken pox, small pox, and many other diseases. They broke every treaty signed with the Native Population and made one group, (Cherokee) walk from Georgia to Oklahoma with only what they could carry. Anyone who stopped to help the elderly, sick, or young was shot on the spot. Oh yeah, they were also given blankets used to cover small pox patients, knowing the Natives had no immunity. Biological warfare, anyone?

These are American value. This guy's comments reek of racism and white supremacy. Just another good ol' boy...

If any of you white, racist gun carrying bigots think that this attack on OUR PRESIDENT is not because of his skin color then you are as dumb as this luke scott chump. You pretend that your problem with the President is because he was not born in the U.S. or it's his job performance, and because it's not the 50's and 60's anymore and you can't openly say that you don't want a black man (who is actually bi-racial but in this country a drop of what you idiots call "black blood" means all black) as your president without some serious consequences you find everything you can to try to destroy the man. Well guess what,for now he is OUR PRESIDENT so get use to it?I hope that the fallout for this in-bred dummie luke scott reaches far and wide.
Oh and hey luke tell your daddy and your grandpa I said hello, that should be easy to do since your daddy and your grandpa are one in the same.

OBAMA, OBAMA, OBAMA, OBAMA, OBAMA is doing a great job. When you in-bred idiots hold george "duba" bush accoutable for the illegal war in Iraq, and for allowing all of those people in New Orleans to suffer in the flood waters and the many other wrongs he did as president (i.e.) those illegal votes his brother jeb got for him to win a second term, giving all of that money to those super rich companies in bailout money he called (TRAP yet you all blame Mr. Obama for that too) then you maybe able to say something negative about Mr. Obama. Really and truly can't any of you honestly say one thing that Mr. Obama has done to make life bad for any of us. We all know the true reason for the hate of Mr. Obama, don't we? Some of us are honest and willing to tell it like it is, but the haters want do the same.

Realy is amazing how uneducated and foolish this guy and others who still believe this nonsense. I think that some people need an excuse other then comeing out and just saying they are a racist. If our president was white, would he have made these same comments?? (Doubtful)
Dont think he would be allowed to run for president if he wasnt an american. We may do some foolish things in this country but our government isnt as dumb as some people think. He probably follows those believers that still think we did not land on the moon. No matter how much proof you give some people there close mindedness still controlls there life. I realy hope that more kids are being raised not listen to people like this and dont look up to this kind of sports player.. Public comments like this should get him banned from playing on any major sports team for us americans. Yah this may be harsh but where does it end. We need to teach our kids respect without judgment. In my opinion there is not respect in his comments and he has zero facts on anything. My solution: One way ticked overseas somewhere with no round trip return utill he stands up straight like a human being and not huntched over like cavemen. It is time to grow up and start acting like a descent human being and not post such comments without some real proof. With everything that has happened in baseball lately, I am finnally done with what was sopposed to be an american past time. Sorry MLB but I cant take it anymore.

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