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Joe Biden update: So much for a VP to read

Democrat vice president Joe Biden gets some Reading done in the Oval Office while President Obama keeps Colin Powell busy

One of the dangerous luxuries in the president's Oval Office digs are the couches in front of the fireplace, a pair artfully arrayed for an audience of attentive aides.

The couches are very comfortable, however, befitting office furnishings for the world's most powerful host. But long workdays combined with such comfort -- and an elevated thermostat -- can encourage dozing, especially if someone's droning on during their priceless face time with the Big Guy in the leather chair.

On Wednesday President Obama had former general/diplomat Colin Powell in for what he said was another regular chat. Coincidentally, it also enabled the president to have his guest talk out loud about the importance of Senate ratification of the new START treaty with Russia, a topic that has riveted the country's imagination since Bristol Palin lost on "Dancing With the Stars."

With no more House fundraisers on his impossible schedule and no need to catch an Amtrak home every night, Vice President Joe Biden grabbed one of the couch cushions for that treaty talk and tried to get caught up on some reading while Barack occupied Colin.

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Powell is said to be anoyed by Biden's presence and who can blame the famous general ?Obama would be well advised to dispatch the verbal
diarhea aflicted VP to some far away mickey mouse function whenever he
wants to pick Powell's brain.

What did Obama see in this poor excuse for a running mate ?Biden is wrong
more often than the most incompetent weatherman,wich is the most
charitable way of puting it.


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