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Stunning new Gallup Poll finds 13% of Americans still approve of Congress

Capitol Dome

 A fresh Gallup Poll released this morning reveals that somehow 13% of Americans still approve of the job being done by Congress.

The new Gallup survey did not identify those people, understandably.

However, even though it is a surprisingly high number given the work not done there in recent years, the 13% is a record low job approval for Congress since Gallup began compiling such data in 1974.

The same Dec. 10-12 survey finds a record high 83% of Americans disapprove of the job being done by the folks on Capitol Hill, also the worst recorded by Gallup in more than three decades.

The previous low approval of Congress was 14% in July of 2008.

Coincidentally, both record lows have occurred while Democrats controlled both houses of Congress.

According to Gallup's analysis, "Americans currently hold Congress in lower esteem for the job it is doing than at any point in the last 36 years. In the past month, many of the supporters it had, largely Democrats, appear to have become frustrated with its work. That frustration seems to be taken out more on the Democratic congressional majority..."

The sad new numbers occur just a month after voters vented their frustrations and wrath on incumbents, most of them Democrats, in midterm elections. Republicans gained six Senate seats and 63 House seats for the new Congress opening Jan. 4.

Gallup predicts an uptick in congressional approval come January, based on historical trends. When one or both houses change majority hands, as the House will, voters tend to give higher approval ratings to their own most recent electoral handiwork. 

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Manuel Balce Cene / Associated Press (lone worker vents hot air from Capitol).

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The poll forgot to mention that 10 percent of the people polled could not read. The other 3 percent were family members of members of congress

Did they say if that 13% were coma patients?

Today they're looking at a huge omnibus bill to fund the government. I can't think of anything I'd rather fund LESS. Lame duck sessions should be outlawed.

Those must be the ones getting Welfare checks.

It truly is amazing that congress could pull themselves up to any positive number

Funny just watched a very old episode of Have Gun Will Travel a old western from the 1950's. Paladin played by Richard Boone is advising a young Sheriff who is trying to enforce a laws the people did not want. Paladin says

"They have a word for a person who tries to enforce a law the majority of the people don't want" That word is "Tyrant". Sound familiar?

Seems we have now a House, Senate and Presidency filled with Tyrants....

It's shocking that the LA Times would even mention that the current congress is mostly Democrat, or that the prior lowest rated Congress was also Democrat. of course, the Times throws in the claim that it was a merely "coincidence" that the low ratings were both of Democrat led Congresses. And so are biases revealed....

This proves it. 13% of the people in this country are nuts.

Amazing that the president hasn't yet suffered Congress's miserable estimation, his approval is still in the 40s. He's fully complicit in the mess that is our current government.

"13% of Americans still approve of Congress?" Yes, liberals still make up about 13% of America.

I think if you polled average Americans you'd even get 13% who believe that the moon is made of cheese or that with Obamacare their health care costs will eventually go down.

110% of the adult American population is in prison - or is it 13%

Well, that nails it. Only 10% of the country are far left liberals. The remaining 3% are idiots.

13%, a record low, or high, approval rating, for Congress, however you wish to see it, as they continue on their massively Incompetent, and Treasonous work, against the Will of the Majority of the American People, of their continued Looting and Plundering, of America, the American People, America's children, and America's children's, children's, futures..
It's absolutely amazing, the Election on 2 Nov., the American people spoke loud and clear, and said enough is enough, STOP the Spending, Cut the Budget, Do Not Raise any Taxes, and stop ALL of Obama's Liberal Socialist Marxist Policies and Agenda, like Obamacare.!!! But what is Congress doing now, passing a 1.1 Trillion Dollar Omnibus Spending Bill, loaded with greedy corrupt Politicians plundering and looting of the American Taxpayers money, called Pork, then they want to pass this so called Tax Bill Compromise, a 900 Billion Dollar Tax Bill, loaded with more greedy corrupt Pork BS, and all of it is Unfunded, adding over 2 Trillion Dollars more, to the already 13.8 Trillion Dollar National Debt, and Deficit, which Obama created a third of, just by himself, that which the American People said to STOP, via the Vote..!!
What the H*LL is wrong with these Moronic Imbeciles, from BOTH Parties.!!!
I am sick of ALL of them, period.!!!!!

Obviously, 13% of the population has never watched or read the news. Equally obvious, those would be Democrats.

13% indeed. Reminds me of a 2002 poll where 7% of Americans thought Elvis was still alive; although it doesn't explain the remaining 6%.

"Coincidentally, both record lows have occurred while Democrats controlled both houses of Congress."

Coincidentally, really? How about the fact that the Democratic members of Congress are incredibly out of touch with the public and have careened from stimulus to health care with no regard for the massive costs these programs bring.

"Suppose you were an idiot and suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself." -Mark Twain

"There is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress." -Mark Twain

"All Congresses and Parliaments have a kindly feeling for idiots, and a compassion for them, on account of personal experience and heredity."
-Mark Twain

"Fleas can be taught nearly anything that a Congressman can."
-Mark Twain


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