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Dick Cheney and Halliburton avoid bribery charges in Nigeria ... by forking over $250 million

why is this many, smiling? because he is Dick Cheney and he no longer has to worry about the threat of a Nigerian prison

Former Vice President Dick Cheney got an early Christmas gift, courtesy of the Nigerian government.

Seems he and his former company, Halliburton, found themselves in some hot water when they were accused of "improper payments to government officials in Nigeria in connection with the construction and subsequent expansion by a joint venture known as TSKJ of a natural gas liquefaction project on Bonny Island, Nigeria, in which Halliburton's former subsidiary KBR Inc. had an approximate 25 percent interest," a Halliburton news release said.

The natural gas project contract in question was worth $6 billion, Femi Babafemi, a spokesman for the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, told the Associated Press.

Last year Halliburton and KBR pleaded guilty in a U.S. court of paying off the Nigerian officials more than $180 million in bribes when Cheney was chief executive of Haliburton and were fined a record $579 million under the Foreign Corrupt Practices act, and a top KBR executive, Albert "Jack" Stanley was sentenced to seven years in prison.

One of Cheney's lawyers, Terrence O'Donnell, said Cheney had nothing to do with it. "The Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission investigated that joint venture extensively and found no suggestion of any impropriety by Dick Cheney in his role of CEO of Halliburton," O'Donnell wrote in a statement to the Associated Press. "Any suggestion of misconduct on his part, made now, years later, is entirely baseless."

Meanwhile, the Nigerians still wanted a pound of flesh, and because it appears to be easy for a multibillion-dollar energy company like Halliburton to throw money at problems, that's what they seem to have done. Halliburton and KBR will pay $32.5 million to the Nigerian government and $2.5 million to the Nigerian lawyers, and release some frozen assets in a Swiss bank account to the Africans. Total payout: about $250 million.

In return, Cheney, Halliburton, and KBR can walk away from the situation, and the Nigerians get even more than the original $180 million from the former vice president's company.

Merry Christmas to all except for the fictional Internet-famous Nigerian prince(s) who were not taken care of in the settlement, so expect their pleas to continue to fill spam folders everywhere.

-- Tony Pierce

Photo: Former Halliburton CEO (1995-2000) and U.S. Vice President (2001-2009) Dick Cheney. Credit: Brendan Hoffman / Getty Images North America


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Yeah right, Cheney had no knowledge or involvement whatsoever.

Dick Cheney, the Teflon antichrist.

How do you get 250+ million from Halliburton?

The reported frozen Swiss account (which came from the 180 million anted up by the whole group - including Technip and Enzi etc.) is 130 mill and is a) by no means all $$ from Halliburton and b) by no means new money coming out of Halliburton's pocket via a settlement.

The odd thing is that the Swiss account, Tesler's account, comes into play in your calculations at all. It's an account that was frozen by the DOJ. How is it that it suddenly becomes a Halliburtion asset that Halliburton can play with and the DOJ is sidelined?

And even adding in the 130, plus the 32.5 and 2.5, gets you to 165 - not 250. Where is your extra 85 mill? Was there even MORE money in frozen Swiss accounts? And who froze those accounts and why does Halliburton get to direct the funds?

So the Christanic terrorist and mass murdering monster manages to avoid prison yet again. Anyone still think that the laws of the United States actually apply to rich Christian terrorists? Anyone?

How many times do dumb a** people have to be told that Dick Cheney sold his shares of Halliburton when he chose to run for Vice President????
I blame the media for all of the hate Dick Cheney has faced. Now look at the LA even if down middle of the article if they tell you that he had nothing to do with this, the article begins with "Dick Chaney", I sold a company, if the sold company does something they should not, am I to blame? I sure am not.
Get off the man's case and get a life. He owes you nothing, you should be worried about the tax cheats using our tax money now.

Dick Cheney and his family should take you people to court.

I may be a good thing if people would try reading info before they post a comment and condom Cheney when the Associated Press has said "he is not guilty"

Dumb just want to hate, hate, blame, blame and never read your history or remember what you have seen or read. It was all open to the public back when that he had sold his shares of the company. You people who choose to spew hate and slander must have a happy life. and the LA have people working for them who are just too lazy to get our and report news.

First and foremost Dick Cheney is pure evil. Aside presenting us with one of the myriad of anti-American activities the war criminal Cheney was involved in, I want to thank the author of this thread for not merely re-running previously posted lame blogs as others have chosen to do

Dick Cheney, American Hitler and Teflon Antichrist. Among the mater fornicatti plutocrats bent on sending this country to hell, and are damned near succeeding.

The man operated the vice presidency like a cash machine for his corporate pals, qui pro for funds earned while CEO of Halliburton.

He served up a war for his buddies who then dined on the blood, death and destruction of young men and women in our armed services and countless innocent civilians.

Every serviceman or woman you see with a prosthetic limb, remember his name.

There is no greater traitor to this democracy in over two hundred years.

"Last year Halliburton and KBR pleaded guilty in a U.S. court of paying off the Nigerian officials more than $180 million in bribes when Cheney was chief executive of Haliburton"

When he was chief executive - not after he sold the company.

You can't commit crimes through an organization, cut off ties to the organization, then claim that you have no connection presently with it and are thus innocent of past crimes.

I side with the courageous Hotentot and Watusi progressives in their historical
strugle against the imperialist exploiters.

What gets me is this is nothing out of the normal for the big money players. He(cheney)comes from a business background where kickbacks and big money is a way of life, the oil and gas industry has functioned for decades just as the defense contractors function, with payola and bribes. This was done before cheney sold his "shares", at the time this crime was committed, he was the CEO. And like any other CEO he was totally aware of the money being paid as bribes to elected(what a joke)officials(those who control power)in Nigeria. Of course the powers that be in the DOJ turn a blind eye to all of this, because the true story of what really happened would involve other well to do politicians, and Money talks, and Bullsh#t Walks!!! The rich and powerful always walk, they have the other rich and pwerful in D.C.(DOJ)to protect them.


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