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Ticket Photo Replay: Gun safety in Afghanistan

Afghan Police cadets practice something

During the holiday season, as in years past, The Ticket is republishing some of our favorite items from the previous political year. This story was originally published on Oct. 9, 2010:

Who are you calling a police cadet?

No, this is not a linear firing squad. It's a class of Afghanistan police cadets not quite aiming at each other.

A major part of President Obama's second U.S. troop surge into the latest 9-year-old war in that troubled land was the public assurance that a primary function of allied troops was to train Afghans to take over national security enforcement on their own.

In December the Democratic administration will launch another policy review of U.S. efforts to see if the start of an American military draw-down can begin there as originally scheduled for next July 1.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Majid Saeedi / Getty Images


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