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Ticket pic of the week: His mother thought he was cute

A Squidworm

Much talk in the news now and then about species possibly disappearing from the Earth. Fewer words about those appearing.

Like this one.

Called a squidworm, it recently was discovered in the depths of the Celebes Sea between Indonesia and the Philippines.

It is nearly 4 inches long (nearly 10 cm.) and moves through the water vertically by paddling rhythmically with the wispy wands that protrude in body-length rows.

Good thing it lives way down deep. Otherwise, Japanese factory ships would be harvesting it by the ton to sell as a dining delicacy in Tokyo's sushi bars.

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo credit: Laurence Madin / AFP-Getty Images

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Ho Ho Ho, because Japanese people eat strange things right? I get it! You are so clever!


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