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Sarah Palin says she could win in 2012; George Soros' support of Obama wavers

Sarah Palin fishing with her family in Sarah Palin's alaska on TLC

Two political grenades exploding today, one in each party.

In an advance excerpt of a Barbara Walters ABC News exclusive interview on the year's most fascinating people, Sarah Palin says, yes, in fact, she does believe she could beat Barack Obama in a 2012 presidential race.

It's the farthest Palin has gone yet in indicating her possible plans for 2012. Until now, she's just talked about being willing to run if no one else emerged or if the country needed her.

Separately, Huffington Post is reporting that billionaire and Democrat mega-money man George Soros privately told big-time.... donors Tuesday in Washington that they could probably invest their political contributions in a better place than that same Barack Obama.

Now, this is all a week less than two years out from the presidential vote. After an approval rating up around 70% at inauguration time, Obama's has fallen into the low-to-mnid-forties range with a majority saying they doubt he deserves a second term.

Imagine if Obama's Democratic base erosion continues and a year from now he's still in trouble. With Soros and who knows who else gone, how long until the Democratic party's northeastern bosses and money folks start seeking a well-known viable alternative Democrat to run in 2012, oh, who knows maybe even a woman, an ex-senator? Another ex-senator is Indiana's Evan Bayh.

See Sarah here for yourself:

According to the Huffington report by the respected Sam Stein, at an untranscribed meeting of the Democracy Alliance, Soros told a small side group: "We have just lost this election. We need to draw a line. And if this president can't do what we need, it is time to start looking somewhere else."

Stein writes that Obama's deputy chief of staff, Jim  Messina, was also verbally roughed up during his appearance before the unhappy group of recently defeated progressives. George Soros

A Soros spokesman later attempted to soften the remarks, saying the billionaire supports Obama as leader of the Democratic party and was not suggesting a primary challenge for the ex-senator.

Others, also unhappy over Obama's failure to deliver on such issues as don't ask, don't tell, closing Guantanamo and apparently about to cave on extending the Bush tax cuts, left the gathering a different impression.

According to a transcript of the Palin ABC interview to be broadcast Dec. 9, the Republican former governor said:

"I know that a hurdle I would have to cross, that some other potential candidates wouldn't have to cross right out of the chute, is proving my record. That's the most frustrating thing for me -- the warped and perverted description of my record and what I've accomplished over the last two decades. It's been much more perplexing to me than where the lamestream media has wanted to go about my personal life. And other candidates haven't faced these criticisms the way I have."

Polls have consistently shown American voters dubious that the 46-year-old ex-governor and VP candidate is qualified to sit in the Oval Office. At the same time, as The Ticket reported here, other polls also show is by far the favorite of Republicans with a 79% favorable standing most recently. And it's Republicans who would have the first ballot box say on Palin's qualifications.

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: "Sarah Palin's Alaska"; Associated Press (Soros, file).

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Well, Sarah, if you'd have done more interviews with other journalists instead of just those pundits at Fox, you might have had a chance to stand up for your record. I for one would be very curious to hear from you about why you saw fit to spend $100,000 of Wasilla's city funds redecorating your office when you got elected mayor, and then approved a budget requiring rape victims to pay for their own rape kits. Were you trying to balance the budget, or was it a matter of principle: too socialist, maybe? --We're all ears.

With Soros,moove on and Acorn rats leaving the sinking ship it would seem that Obama's main support would come from the lunatic fringe at MSNBC who's ratings are just barely above CNN's crashing ones.Soros was great at
making BILLIONS in speculating against small currencies and wiping out
small investors.Maddof was a saint compared to Soros,as he mainly screwed
the rich compared to Soros going after small investors and vulnerable and
strugling small states.

I am not sure that Sarah Palin could win an election held in all 57 states like our current POTUS did, right? And she is considered dumb?

You democrats could take a hint from the dumbest Republicans before the 2008 election.
They all pointed out how absolutely stupid presidential candidate Barack Obama was and the Joe Biden would make a perfectly stupid vice president.
The problem was they spent all their amunition on the other party and didn't promote their own.
Guess what SarahPalin ChristineOdonnell in 2012 and Donna H all your noise and suffering won't make a bit of differene to the Republicans. They just don't spend much time listening to your rants.

Yuck, yuck, please run Sarah. Your candidates did so well in Delaware, Nevada and you REALLY believe you have a grasp on the issues facing America today? Go back to Wasilla and help make decisions about sports complexes, etc.

Only the Republican Party is More Important

Well, I am not sure if Ms Palin can qualify as dumbest republican ever. Anyone ever hear of Michele Bachmann?

Progressive posts are wonderful. They are still afraid of someone not in federal office. They should be afraid of those who have been in charge....those who debted us into the fiscal abyss over the past four years....Pelosi and Reid.

Wow. The hubris of this person boggles the mind. She thinks she is qualified to be Leader of the Free World? She is not even the leader of her children. As the mother of three young adults, I can tell you that managing to make sure they did not become teenage parents or spread vile bigoted filth was a job that required attention, patience and, yes, effort. Being a parent is a job neither Mrs. Palin--or Mr. Palin, for that matter--seemed to care to do well and I would not trust my nation with anyone so negligent.

Unfortunately I have to say that a country that elected George W Bush is capable to elect Palin also. The results are predictable and miserable.

If Obama's negatives keep trending, a ham sandwich could beat him in 2012. Oh well, Michelle has said she wants out of his current boring gig.

As to Obama's puppet master Soros, it is a head fake, leaked to distract from his true devious manipulations under the radar.

Lot of comments about Palin could not get a win for Miller, Angle and O'Donnell, but they say naught about the 32 out of 50 for her other national picks.

Also, consider, Obama, made 14 trips to Ohio, he sent out Joe the Gaff there mucho times, then deployed Michelle. the big (broad beamed) gun, result, he lost the whole ball of wax in OH. He also took a whoopen in PA, and could not even get his hand picked dem elected to his "OWN" old IL seat.

He campaigned like mad for his dem picks in VA, NG, how did that go? And then for good measure, he lost the SWIMMER's seat in MA.

So compared to Obama, Sarah Palin came out like a champ in this election cycle, and the williwaw from Wasilla is just getting started for 2012. Now the NYT's seven page story on Palin is sending a cold shivering chill down the beltway elitist's spines. While fools play checkers, Palin is playing championship chess games, her plays are calculated, unpredictable, and sweeping the multiple boards on so many tables.

We need a president who couldn't even complete one term as governor of a state whose entire population is smaller than Detroit. One who quits when the going gets rough after less than two years in office, much of which was spent campaigning, not governing. One who touts how well Alaska's economy is, but doesn't point out that it is based entirely on taxing the oil companies. Oil companies that than pass these costs on to the rest of us, I might add. A candidate whose experience is miniscule, and who needs at least two years of campaigning, without doing anything of meaning, to try to convince the public that she can govern this country. It might have been nice if her party had won the presidency in 2008and inherited the worst economic crisis this country has seen since the depression. Than they wouldn't be able to scapegoat Obama. I'm sure they would have somehow blamed Clinton, despite his leaving office with the best economy in decades.

I think Sarah Palin will run even if her party doesn't want her to. She loves to hear herself talk but maybe she should really "listen" to herself. God help the Republican Party and us all if she is the best they have to offer! I also think I remember during the campaign a certain President saying things would not change overnight and he would have to make some unpopular decisions to get this country back on track. We didn't get in this mess overnight but now we want it fixed overnight? Come on people there is no "quick fix" we need to work together and be patient. Do we really have to start campaigning for the next election as soon as one is done?

People are so overwhelmed by their hatred of Sarah Palin that they miss the irony of their position. Here is a woman who embodies the feminist ideal; one who has a family and a career, successful in each, living freely, comfortable in her own skin as well as the wilderness. She also had more executive experience than the other three candidates combined in the last Presidential election; Obaman, Biden, and McCain.

Then there's the question of intelligence, too often confused with knowledge. Truthfully, intelligence is often overrated. The two most intelligent Presidents in modern times were Nixon and Carter; both failed in office. Meanwhile, Truman and Reagan were universally regarded as intellectually inferior, yet both accomplished great things during their terms.

More importantly, a President needs sound principles and love of country. These guide them in making decisions. Obaman, generally considered the smartest man in the room, votes "Present" as a senator, and waits for opinion polls during his Presidency. Sarah Palin, meanwhile, leads her state to expell the "ole boys club" that dominated the state's politics, and took control of the oil companies who were raping its natural resources. Then, she led the Tea Party in one of the most successful voter revolts in modern times. Who then is the better leader?

Liberals sure are angry in addition to dillusional when they lose and don't get their way..

If Palin runs, maybe the Democrats should nominate Lilly Thomlin.

We have a wonderful President and all we hear about is
the unlearned Sarah Palin. The Republican Party has destroyed our free press. Run, hide, be invisible.


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