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Last-minute Rocky Mountain Hi: Sarah Palin endorses third party Tom Tancredo for Colorado governor

Republican Sarah Palin greets a supporter while campaigning for GOP Senate candidate John Raese in West Virginia 10-30-10

For all its clean air and blue skies, Colorado has been a weirdly messy place politically this year.

There was former President Bill Clinton allegedly offering yet another Democratic Senate candidate a job working for the Obama administration if he left the competition. He didn't and lost anyway.

Then Republican ex-Rep. Tom Tancredo, he of the spectacularly unsuccessful bid for the GOP presidential nomination, jumps into the governor's race as a third-party American Constitution candidate.

And now on the last day ex-Gov. Sarah Palin endorses Tancredo against the hopelessly trailing....

...Republican, Dan Maes, and Democrat John Hickenlooper. If you were following the World Series, that's 7 to 4 to 5 to 1.

In a campaign robocall that started going out to Colorado voters Monday afternoon, Palin says, "Tom is the right man for the job and he'll fight for lower taxes." Then she adds, about his trademark issue, "And we know he'll continue to work to end illegal immigration."

It's actually not a bad political move for Tancredo and Palin. With no GOP damage since Maes is a non-factor, she solidifies her anti-establishment, go-with-the-common-sense-conservative-guy-no-matter-what stance. Palin's pal and Tancredo's former House colleague Michele Bachmann made the same move earlier. If Tancredo wins, it looks like he'd owe her, if Palin were to run for something else someday soon.

And since Tancredo wasn't getting any significant Democratic support anyway, the arrival of Palin's endorsement costs him nothing and might help among Colorado's conservatives, where she is a favorite and he must score very big to have a chance in this three-way tilt.

Later Monday Palin gave this explanation to Neil Cavuto on Fox Business Network (Video below):

I have never been so obsessively partisan as to let the politics of partisanship get in the way of doing what’s right. I relate to those independents who are within this Tea Party movement who are saying enough is enough. The American public, we are taxed enough already, we want common sense solutions, we want time tested solutions to be applied to get this economy back on track. They believe in smaller, smarter government, so do I.


-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Randy Snyder / Getty Images (Palin greets a supporter in West Virginia over the weekend).

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Please! Vote for anyone BUT Tancredo. He is a one-issue, know-nothing hate monger.

She's not 'obsessively partisan?' Really? I remember when she quit her big mantra was that her PAC (not her money, mind you, but that of her sheep) was that she would support those of either party who share her values. Now I ask you, has she supported ONE Democrat? Of course not. She is totally partisan, as is her employer. She is a total joke. Tancredo wants to go back to the 50's, before those uppity ones had any rights. He, like she, is racist and morally corrupt. You might even call her one of those 'corrupt bastards.' The Alaska media did, two years before she started using the term.

Tancredo is a great man!
Sally your a moron and know nothing about Tancredo. Hate monger? Thats why all the african (legal Immigrants) not just support him but love the guy. Open your mind a little and put down the sharia playbook.

I've lost all respect for Sarah Palin. Tom Tancredo says whatever he wants - no matter the consequence. He changes his position based on what he thinks people want to hear. He's run a distasteful campaign. He has to, because he has no good qualities to offer the people. His only chance is to slam his opponent with lies and twisted truths.

Sarah has been duped into doing a Robo call for Tom Tancredo in Colorado. She may not know what happened here in Colorado, but she would never support what she's been fighting against her entire political career. Tom Tancredo is the Lisa Murkowski of Colorado. The corruption is rampant in the Colorado GOP.


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