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Sarah Palin book tour 2.0: Focus on middle America including, hmm, Iowa and South Carolina

Republican Sarah Palin gives a fan an autograph

Sarah Palin, her next book tour, according to publisher HarperCollins. is a 16-stop campaign starting later this month and spilling into December and designed to take advantage of early holiday gift-buying and -- who knows? -- maybe some exposure in politically significant places like Iowa.Republican Sarah Palin's second Book Cover America By Heart

In fact, Palin's book-signing trip for "America By Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag," has two stops in the early-caucus state of Iowa -- Spirit Lake on Dec. 2 and Des Moines on Nov. 27, the busy shopping Saturday after Thanksgiving.

And, oh look, the last stop on Dec. 3 is in the crucial GOP primary state of South Carolina, where Palin just helped elect the state's first female governor, Republican Nikki Haley.

After an autumn spent successfully on various campaigns to "Fire Pelosi," this trip is shorter than last year's 35-city tour for the best-seller "Going Rogue." But given the title, this selling campaign is more focused on the American heartland.

In addition to book chains like Barnes & Noble and Borders, the signing stops include an array of regular American shopping places like Walmarts, Costcos and Sam's Clubs.

The tour also comes close to the time when the field of possible Republican presidential candidates will be making up its individual minds about Go or No-Go for 2012.

Here are the dates and cities involved on the new tour:

Nov. 23--Phoenix; Nov. 26--Tulsa, Okla.; Nov. 27--Norfolk, Neb.; Nov. 27--Des Moines; Nov. 28--Andover, Kan.; Nov. 28--Dallas; Nov. 29--Houston; Nov. 29--New Orleans; Nov. 30--Baton Rouge, La.; Nov. 30--Little Rock, Ark.; Dec. 1-- Brentwood, Tenn.; Dec. 1--Lexington, Ky.; Dec. 2--Spirit Lake, Iowa; Dec. 2--Carmel, Ind.; Dec. 3--Cincinnati; and Dec. 3--Columbia, S.C.

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Stephan Savoia / Associated Press

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Academics,elititists ,neo-marxists and snobs will again trash God's gift to
American womanhood.But Sahra has so much fight and heart in her that she
may overcome the forces of inertia and launch an irresistable new thrust
towards the realisation of America's leadership in true progress and betterment
of the human condition.

Liberals are so mad.

This is so cool.

No dates in the NE? Aw schucks...

There are a lot of crazies in the Tea Party, but there are probably enough sane people in the GOP stop. I just wonder which real contender (i.e. Huckabee) does Sarah Palin's candidacy hurt the most?

- Steve

I thought that I heard there would be a book signing in Atoka, Ok. Please le me know as Gov. Palin and I have exchanged conversations via mail. I live in Durant, OK. thank you.

Well, if you want to see her on this book tour, here is the complete schedule:


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