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Getting to know you: Post-election, Sarah Palin's favorable rating rises again

Republican Sarah Palin at a Republican National Committee Fire Pelosi rally in Orlando Florida 10-23-10

Oh, look!

Sarah Palin's favorable ratings are up again.

We should probably write something about that to keep Americans informed as the 2012 presidential race starts taking shape.

Predictably, a new Associated Press-GfK Poll finds Palin to be "the most polarizing of the potential 2012 Republican presidential candidates." According to AP's numbers, 49% of Americans view the politician mother unfavorably, while 46% view her favorably. Five percent, far less than for other potential candidates, claim not to know enough to have an opinion.

Eleven months ago a Gallup Poll found Palin's favorability was at 44%, up from 40% two months before.

The AP poll could also have cited the majority of Americans who currently say they ...

... believe the former governor of the nation's largest state is unqualified to be the nation's chief executive.

Of course, if job qualifications were the determining factor in U.S. presidential elections, voters would never have gone for an unaccomplished ex-state senator from a corrupt big-city political machine over a veteran U.S. senator, former naval squadron commander and war veteran.

Or a former first lady, accomplished lawyer and twice-elected U.S. senator with an ex-president as a husband who's a fund-raising machine and way more popular than either of his successors.

Not to mention the recent Battleground Poll showing only 38% thought President Obama deserves reelection, while a clear majority (57%) would vote to replace him (44%) or consider someone else (13%).

What really matters 726 days out from the 2012 presidential election is not how Americans view Sarah Palin or Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee or some other GOP no-names. First things first in presidential politics.

What really matters politically now is how Republican Americans view those possible nominees.

Republicans are the ones who'll be attending the Iowa caucuses, slogging through the snow to New Hampshire's voting booths and going in short sleeves to vote in South Carolina, where Palin was a key factor in electing the state's new Republican governor, Nikki Haley.

Unless Howard Dean changes his mind, the GOP competition will draw the concentrated media publicity for months on end while the White House golfer complains about the Republican House and tries to convince people that 9% unemployment is way better than Republican Sarah Palin campaigns at a Nevada Tea Party rally 10-18-109.6% unemployment.

In the determining area of Republican support, even without announcing a candidacy, Palin currently destroys her potential competitors, according to AP's findings.

This fuels verbal insanity among the woman's critics, who profess so much disdain for Palin that they can't resist attacking her at every opportunity. All of which, of course, makes her even more popular among fans. And intrigued bloggers.

Forget that without holding an elective office but talking common-sense "tea party" conservatism, Palin helped to lead the successful national "Fire Pelosi" GOP bus tour while helping elect a majority of those she endorsed, many of them women, raising millions of dollars and knocking off 18 of her 20 targeted Democrats in the largest midterm political slaughter since 1938 -- which was even before Joe Biden was born.

Fact: Palin is now viewed favorably by nearly 8 of 10 (79%) Republicans or Republican-leaning independents, while only 17% see her unfavorably.

Trailing her is Huckabee at 74-10, Romney at 64-18 and Newt Gingrich at 68-21. Then comes the pack of who-are-theys: Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty at 28-13 and 59% Don't Know Enough, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour at 27-14-58, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels at 24-13-63 and South Dakota Sen. John Thune at 20-10-70.

Other than that, it looks darned near impossible for Palin to capture the GOP nomination in Tampa 21 months from now.

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Joe Burbank / Orlando Sentinel; Spencer Platt / Getty Images.

H/T allahpundit

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Mccain will be remembered in the us history books as the guy who let palin out of the bottle. We just don't know yet who will hate him for that? Possible answers: a. gop b. the country or/and c. the world

Look at this sentence and see if you can tell me which number represents those who would vote to replace him. I can't.

"Not to mention the recent Battleground Poll showing only 38% thought President Obama deserves reelection, while a clear majority (57%) would vote to replace him (44%) or consider someone else (13%)."

So you think that Republicans, who have House control for the next two years, and who plan no positive changes in those years, will run this woman who refuses to stand up for her beliefs except in paid speeches, behind a FACEBOOK account that could be written by anyone, and as a paid mouth on Fox News? That woman is qualified for President? Please, she is doing what the GOP wants from her: shooting off lies about the President and the policies he supports. He no more supports abortion than she does. He is sworn to follow the law, just as she was while she was , briefly, a Governor. Where was her mouth when Bush was chopping wood and playing golf for more days off than any other President, while Katrina took lives, and while his troops were dying for him, not for this country? Where was her outrage when Republicans were in charge (oh, right) and her own Senator was collecting pork dollars hand over fist (right again.) She was silent. She approved. For all her ranting about abortion, why is she so willing to allow children in this country to go without lunch, without health care, and without a decent education, and to die in illegal and unfunded wars? Yes, she makes me angry, because her values are not my values. Because her platform, such as it is, will ruin this country. Because she speaks out of both sides of her mouth. Because Ms. Elite has no room in her 'servant's heart' for anyone who doesn't agree 100% with her. I am against abortion, too, but I am also against the death penalty and war. "Thou shalt not kill" does no have an addendum that says, "unless you are an American soldier."

Palin 2012!!!

The media has made Palin the Lindsay Lohan of politics and decreed there shall not be a single 24-hour news cycle that doesn't include her.

Meanwhile, we've seen McConnell and Paul stand up for earmarks, Rubio pledge allegiance to the establishment and Bachmann smacked down from a leadership bid.

Is it too early to begin asking, how's that "Don't Tread On Me" stuff working out for you?

Just read an article that stated that her new political ad cum reality show cum travelogue will win over people who don't like her. Ha. The people who loathe Madame Grifter will not even watch the show. Why do we want to contribute to her wealth building? Why would we want to support her narrow-minded, slimy views? What channel is TLC anyway on my system, and do I care? No, no, and no. Her hypnotized minions can support her all they wish, can send her their disposable income, can worship at her stilettos. Until she decides that all of America is full of AMERICANS who love our country, and admits that even the Great Sarah is wrong on occasion, she will never be the Republican nominee. The GOP watched her lose the Senate for them; they want the White House too badly to hitch their star to a woman who hates half of the country, and is fleecing the other half for her own amusement.

What mazhess said, one-thousand times over. Thank you.

How did this woman ever become a viable option?
Every single time I read that she may be able to catch
The republican nomination turns my stomach and literally
Frightens me into sheer terror! Who is conducting those
Polls, most of my friends who work in healthcare, doctors and
Nurses, surgeons, many of whom are former military feel as I do,
That Sarah Palin should turn her focus to writing a book
On truly going back to family values and going home to take care of her
Family. She obviously hasn't been there. She should start a home shopping
Decorating line... But she should NOT represent the republican party.
There's an educated Exodus taking place within the party. The libertarians
Who aren't for Obama, but will vote against Sarah.
Obama went to Harvard... He has an education. I believe that still counts
For something in this country. Sarah has no academic credentials whatsoever.

Hey Andy, you're risking a severe tongue-lashing from the left for this article. :)

The sentence your refer to is ambiguous, but the implied math is: 44 + 13 = 57.
(Bad news for Obama.)

Sally, breathe deeply and count to 10. You're exhibiting symptoms of PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome).

Former GOP Member (yeah, sure),

Wm. F. Buckley Jr., who had impeccable academic credentials and a towering intellect, famously opined that he would sooner be governed by the first 2000 names in the Boston phone directory than by the faculty of Harvard University.

Plus ca change ...

Palin is one of the most intelligent people on the political stage right now. She single handedly changed the health care debate with her "death panels" post. She wakes up in the morning and garners more attention then any two other repubs combined. She freed herself from the left's brownshirts in AK after the election that were sent to destroy her financially and politically and she is now the MOST powerful political figure in the country. How do ya like them apples you liberal socialist obamabots??? Hahahaha Just remember how well your attacks on Reagan and GW about them being stupid worked out for you!!

The true power of the wiliwaw from Wasilla is yet to come, and the opposition of both camps will find it devastating.

I have nothing against S Palin, i like B Obama, however who ever is in the White House or in public office for all that matter, should be given the time we elect them for, to deliver the agenda we elected them to deliver, if not they should be forviden to run again in other words they should be fired same as i would be fired if i did not do my job in the corporate world. in other words government people should have the same pricipals applied to them that all other americans in the privite world, we perhaps then go forward as a nation. false promises should not be allowed, i.e. McCain in AZ he has been an AZ senator for ever and he still talking about immigration, if we are unhappy about immigration why is he being re-elected ??

Sarah Palin,,nothing but a part of destruction. No new idea or creative,and part of negative attitude and thinking. I hope and wish American voters see the same destruction coming ahead of the country.


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