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Republicans tweet demands for Obama earmark statements from Pelosi, Reid


If there’s one question the GOP really wants President Obama to answer -- alongside whether he’d undergo a pat-down by a TSA agent  -- it became clear during an online Q&A session Monday with press secretary Robert Gibbs that turned into a Republican cheerfest. 

Republicans continually asked if Obama would call on Democratic leaders on the Hill Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to publicly declare their backing for Obama’s support for an earmark ban, during a Twitter Q&A session where members of the public get to pose questions through the social media network to the president.  

The most pressing question posed by House Speaker-designate John Boehner was:

@PressSec If POTUS supports an "outright ban" on earmarks, will he call on Leaders Pelosi and Reid to do the same? #1Q 

Darryl Issa and Randy Neugebauer were just two of many Republicans who retweeted Boehner’s original question on earmarks under the Twitter hashtag #1Q, with Issa adding, “Good for the goose ...” 

Gibbs will answer questions on the tag this afternoon.

-- Craig Howie

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So, you want Pelosi and Reid to make a statement?

Those guys have in-slaved their states with "entitlements" and they like to "create victims" know.....and they keep us back in the 60's "affirmative action" mode. "slow learners"

Well, Reid and Pelosi are the "slow learners" and out side of their districts................everyone has their numbers.


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