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Lowest ever: Obama job approval sinks to 39%, as even Democrats' support melts away


Another Sinking Ship

President Obama has passed the Big 4-0 -- going the wrong way.

Turns out voters were not simply satisfied to spank the Democrat and his party in the Nov. 2 midterm elections with historic losses in the House of Representatives.

Obama's job approval rating as calculated by the Zogby Poll has now sunk to 39%, a new low for his 22-month presidency that began with so much hope and excitement and poll numbers up around 70. As recently as Sept. 20, his job approval was 49%.

A whopping 60% now disapprove of his job, up from 51% disapproval Sept. 20.

Obama now trails in hypothetical 2012 matchups against Republicans Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and the next Bush, Jeb.

And, oh, my! Lookee here! Obama has even fallen into a statistical tie with none other than Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor.

How embarrassing that is because other polls have shown a majority of Americans believe she is unqualified for the presidency. So it appears many have now decided, on second thought after a nearly two-year test drive, Obama looks that way too.Democrat president Barack Obama enjoys a good laugh before the 2010 midterm elections

Obama began losing the support of independents in the summer of 2009, as he responded to polls showing voter concerns focused on the economy by staging 59 town hall meetings on healthcare. Independents were a crucial part of his coalition win in 2008 but have now dwindled to 39%.

Only 6% of Republicans, not surprisingly, approve of Obama's job performance. But younger voters, also crucial in the ex-state senator's convincing defeat of John McCain, now approve by only 42%.

Nearly 7 in 10 likely voters say the country is on the wrong track, rarely a good sign for incumbents.

But, Zogby notes, perhaps most ominous for the president is that he's now losing support among his own party people. His approval plopped nearly 10% in just one week, from 78% down to 72% in Zogby's latest read.

Obama, John Zogby writes, "is failing to please more than one-fourth of his own party’s voters. This is a perilous position for the President.

"Conventional wisdom calls for him to reach for the center and assume that Democrats will stay with him in 2012. But as we saw in the mid-terms, Democrats can't win without strong turnout from the young and minorities, both of which are demographics that need more motivation than others to vote."

Former governor Romney fares the best against Obama (44-38%), then comes Gingrich (43%-39%), then another former governor, Jeb Bush (40%-38%), who says he is not running. Palin ties (40%-41%). Obama does, however, destroy developer Donald Trump (39%-29%) and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (32%-13%). (A separate Quinnipiac Poll Monday found Obama in dead heats with either Romney or former Gov. Mike Huckabee.)

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photos: Chile Navy via Associated Press; Larry Downing / Reuters.

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Is anyone really surprised by these numbers?

Maybe some closet Marxist who wants the Feds to control every aspect of our lives. Or, how about a communist that believes every person works for the common good?

Yeah, those and others who think along those lines.

The closer we get to '12 the more Palin will beat Obamunist.


I have always said as in other posts, what will make or break a general election is the independent voter. They are usually moderates that think that extreme left or extreme right can be harmful to this nation. Mitt Romney is a conservative but not a radical right winger. He will bring us back to moderation where we can prosper again. The polls show it, the American people want balance.

OMG, I hope no one tells Obama. He'll plan another trip that will waste millions and millions of my hard earned tax dollars.

Gee is anyone surprised at this. You elect an incompetent fool as President and there is no place to go but down and not just him, the country also.

Pres. Obama must take a stand on two things: tax cuts, and don't aks, don't tell!

When will the Dems act like grownups and be responsible and let these irresponsible tax cuts for the rich Expire. Everyone knows that these tax cuts add to the deficit and take from the poor and middleclass, reverse Robin Hood effect! However, with the expiration of these tax cuts, more revenue will be generated into the economy, and the rich and wealthy will begin to pay their fairshare and not leave the tax burden to the middle class and working poor.

For a so-called enlightened country like the U.S. to have such a discriminating ban on gays is disgraceful. As a country we are bigger than that, and better than that -- or should be. What made America great was her openess and compassion for others, with the advent of the Rush Limbaughs, we lost a lot of that generosity of spirit. We have to get it back! America must take the lead as we always have in the past and show the world we do not discriminate against any human being.

Is anyone really surprised by these numbers?

Maybe some closet Marxist who wants the Feds to control every aspect of our lives. Or, how about a communist that believes every person works for the common good?

Yeah, those and others who think along those lines.

The closer we get to '12 the more Palin will beat Obamunist.


I am amazed that his approval rating is that high. Given his anti-American ways and ineptitude, it should be in negative numbers. History will record him as the worst president ever and by a wide margin. Even Jimma Carter looks good by comparison and that is saying a whole lot.

You can only fool some of the people some of the time... and even when you do, it only takes a little while to spot a phony. One and done... move aside...

I'm not sure in what world dropping from 48% to 42% is "nearly 10%."

"His approval plopped nearly 10% in just one week, from 78% down to 72%" Just a small criticism, but I don't think a 6% decrease is "nearly 10%".

(AM responds: A drop from 78 to 72 is 7 points, which is 10% of the starting 78 points.)

Democrats? Nah. Not anymore. What used to be "Democrat" has morphed into something rather sinister. These days, those who vote "Democrat" vote for money. No honor, no honesty, no integrity, no patriotism. Just money & a love money disguised with a lot of social-conscience jive-talk. Democrats? Pffffft!

Kudos to the LA Times for writing this. If the media had done its job and properly vetted this candidate we would not have the problems we have now. Hillary Clinton (I realize this is speculation) would be POTUS and the TEA Party would be a 5-10% advocacy group for lower taxes at best. I hope the media will insist upon all the answers to all the questions if a reasonable candidate challenges Obama from our party in 2012, to be sure the best candidate is fielded.

The real question is why anyone would have supported him at all, ever. He is a puppet, a Marxist, and he's incompetent. His values are wrong, therefore every decision he makes is wrong. Next comes the force.

Obama is a great community organizer -- for the Republican party.

39% seems generous.

One reason many Dems are losing their taste for Obama is that he has not governed far enough to the left. Yes, there are that many people off the charts into socialism or, as with the unions, who put self-interest above welfare of the nation.

If Obama's support is eroding for the right reasons - incompetence or the realization that socialism is bad for the nation - then this trend is a good thing.


Without the 92% aproval rating from the AA community he would be in the 20's.

Yesterday it was 43% now 39%? Try to get the group lie correct.
Its probably about 30%.
That's how many Americans are easily duped or dependent on government.
Will never gonna convert them till they lose there benefits or entitlements or handouts.
Funny how you dem wads want to help us pick are Pres candidate.
See ya in 2012

Obama is unpopular because his policies are being shown as the failures they are. Big taxes, big spending, big regulations kill jobs. Socialist, big government policies always fail. When are people going to learn this? Why do people have to learn this, over and over again?

Arrogant leader of the free world...did I say leader? I meant CLOWN!

korea burns and comrade president obama plans yet another vacation

No surprise... the guy is MIA and clearly his policies are not helping the country. Let me be clear... I'm not saying he's not trying, but he is not producing meaningful results.

He's better than Hillary Clinton. Other than that he's been a disappointment all around. From race relations to his view on how to handle taxes. ...and I volunteered for him for almost a whole year (which was fun actually). More people need to have a political website like his. Very organized campaign.

The current TSA nude scans and passenger groping is not helping Obama either. Now we're witnessing North Korea is trying to provoke a war with South Korea with several unprovoked attacks and many SK deaths. It's clear that NK does NOT respect Obama.

Elections have consequences. The international community do NOT respect Obama, and it's his own fault. Obama went around the world apologizing for America and bowing to world leaders. Obama sent a very loud signal to the world that the United States is weak.

This shouldn't surprise anyone who did NOT vote for him. We saw him for what he was which is a junior senator/community organizer with ties to a hateful anti-white, anti-semetic and anti-American preacher, a radical left-wing domestic terrorist's and communist's he wrote about in his own book. The liberal media put together a package that was all sparkle and no substance. It's as if he is an actor pretending to be president. I love Sarah but as a neighbor or small town mayor...Whats next...the high school janitor running as potus? We need someone who has run a successful company and run the country the same way. NO MORE EMPTY SUITS!

I listened intently to Barack Obama's post-election interview on 60 Minutes with the fervent hope that he would demonstrate the maturity to give some deference to the expressed will of the American electorate. Not a prayer. One can summarize the interview in a single word - "pitiful". When prodded on multiple occasions by the interviewer, Steve Croft, to present specific solutions to the economic malaise that our Nation is currently confronting, other than his characteristic platitudes that he constantly retreats to, the only sustentative solution that Obama could offer was MORE stimulus in the form of infra-structure spending. The man clearly does not have a clue. With an economically crippling debt burden, Obama's only solution is to dig the hole still deeper. Assuming that you don't have the integrity to voluntarily step down from a position that you have proven far exceeds your demonstrated capabilities, please Barack have the common decency to allow some adult intervention into the formulation of a recovery agenda to resuscitate our economy. In the interest of the 10% unemployed in America, do not obstruct the recovery formulation that will emerge from the Republican controlled House-Of-Representatives. You and Michelle can continue with your extravagant vacation sojourns and White House galas; and, you can even read from your teleprompters on-occasion; but, when it comes to the actual task of governing simply allow the adults in our Governmental structure to implement recovery legislation structured on conservative principles that have produced the most prosperous Nation in the history of mankind. Greg Neubeck

I just wonder what it's going to take the rest of the non-communist/non-socialist/non-black voters to see the light. Or is that the 39%? What has become of my country?!?

america is finally recovering from the media-induced euphoria that swept this overly educated under performer into office. nice job, journ-o-lists!

This just in....

"Free Nobel Peace Prize with 3 Shrimp Tacos for only $7.99! Get it, get it, get it!" - and this banner was on a restaurant in Martha's Vineyard, last month, just a few blocks away from dba Obama's residence -

I didn't vote for this guys because I knew he's a fraud and will fail grossly - yet I didn't expect this happen so fast and s0 clear -

Once a Grifter, always a grifter. Even the brain dead lefties have been hustled!

It appears that independents, but mainly the younger crowd, have discovered that there is no such thing as magical pixies who can make make energy out of unicorn milk and, more importantly, that such words as "hope" and "change" are essentially inert and can mean anything a huckster wishes you to think they mean. Especially the word "change". "Change" is not always for the better. The electorate are finally figuring this out.

No way Obama can get to the middle from where he is.........

You have to be kidding -- it took almost 2 years for a solid majority of the American people to realize that Obama was the epitome of an Empty Suit? And among other things a bald-faced liar... One of the few people that is happy that Obama is president is Jimmy Carter who will no longer be known as the worst president in US history.

President Obama,

Castro is right, you sir are a snake charmer !!!
And sir, and I use the term loosely
This is our country not yours !!!

Actually, 39% is pretty good. Wait until the Korea thing shakes out!

And, who's surprised by any of this? Not I. Coulda told you this in, oh, say early 2008. But would the majority listen? Nooooooooooooooooo.

We are paying a terrible price for the ignorance of an ill-educated, and blind electorate.

Why didn't this country use their brains before they voted for this failed social experiment. There were plenty of warnings about this man had the leftist news media investigated and vetted him instead of promoting him purly because of his skin color. He is by far the most arrogant, narcissitic ignorant person to ever sit in the oval office. Biden says he's not aloof, he's brilliant. If a brilliant person thinks there's 57 states and can't speak a coherent sentence unless he is reading what someone else wrote for him off a teleprompter, then the meaning of Brilliance has changed.

We asked for attention to the economy/jobs, we got Healthcare shoved down our throat. We asked for attention to the economy/jobs, we got Cap & Trade. We asked for attention to the economy/jobs, we got a moratorium on oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico that has cost thousands of jobs. Obama seems to have forgotten that he works for us and does NOT rule us, assuming he ever knew that.

Zogby is not a reliable pollster.

It should be noted that Gallup (the standard for Presidential approval polls) actually has Obama rebounding a bit (at 47% as of right now.)

Gee, who would have thought? This man was a fraud from Day One, but thanks to the mainstream media they sold him to an unsuspecting citizenry. Thank goodness they are now fully awake, and hopefully have learned to distrust the Obama lovers in the media. Personally, I still distrust the people who voted for him and probably would again in 2012, heaven help us. This country won't survive a second Obama term. There's no guarantee we'll even survive the first one. Is it time to use the word "impeach?"

Obama is incompetent,he is ignorant and just uncaring about American people...unless you belong to a union, minority, are gay, Socialist, Communist, Progressive or especially illegal...then you are one of his slaves and do his bidding

Unbelievable that 39% still think the obamination is worth supporting. Anytime I find out somebody voted for that buffoon, I have nothing to do with them. Their judgement can not be trusted and their presense is unwanted.

Even democrats are finally begining to understand that Obama is incompetent, arrogant, narcissistic, and socialist... despite the best efforts of the mainstream media to excuse his blundering and ill-willed incompetence.

Why is anyone surprised by this? The only people that are going to vote for him in 2012 are blacks, about 2/3's of Jews, Hispanics, and young white kids who still think it's you know, kewl to have um, a black president.

Why no mention of Ron Paul?

President Obama has done this to himself. He had no new ideas, only being a great cheerleader for far-left Progressive idealism. He prioritized every social-engineering, debt and spend idea Democrats could not get done since the idea of Hillarycare. That's what happens when one is elected to an executive office with no experience even as a first line supervisor or mid level manager.

"How embarrassing that is because other polls have shown a majority of Americans believe she is unqualified for the presidency. So it appears many have now decided, on second thought, Obama looks that way too."
Seems to me that the LA Times as well as the rest of the slobbering, state-run media was of the opinion two years ago that 'experience and pre-qualifications' made no difference when it came to your precious Kenyan interloper. Why, he would 'save the country as well as the whole world merely through the aura of his presence'; all wrongs would be righted; all people would finally receive 'justice and equality'; America would finally, magically, enter the hitherto elusive "post-racial" period.
Well, seems you sycophants are now coming down off your Kool-Aid buzz and finally realizing what a lot of us knew years ago. However, as the ratings and subscriptions bear out, you sacrificed your credibility by hitching your wagon to such loser. Remember, liberalism (as well as 'progressivism', 'Marxism', et al) are a fraud and a mental disorder. Next time, take a read of the average American citizen instead of leftist democrat hacks and empty-headed Hollywood types that inhabit your neighborhood before deciding who to support.
Sux to be the state-run media these days. SITYS...

So sad the "man" had such a great opportunity to show the world what a leader he was and sadly he has exposed himself as nothing more than a partisan hack. The hope is dead.

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