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Meg Whitman tidies up after her former maid

Turns out former EBay CEO Meg Whitman spent about $144.2 million of her own money to not get elected governor of California.

That's no doubt the most expensive personally-financed political campaign in U.S. history, larger even than the hair-care budget for Flo, the annoying Progressive insurance lady.

Now we need to up that Whitman out-of-pocket expense total by another $5,500.

The unsuccessful Republican candidate has agreed to pay off leftover financial claims from her former household maid, an illegal immigrant named Nikki Diaz Santillan.

Back in September, she just happened to come forward with a Democratic celebrity lawyer when Whitman's race was close with the old-former and now old-new governor, Jerry Brown, who also happens to be a Democrat.

At the time the maid said she had been fired when Whitman decided to run for governor.

Diaz Santillan thought she'd like to have more like an additional $8,000-$10,000 in undocumented expenses from Whitman. But after several hours of negotiation Wednesday with state labor officials in San Jose,  both sides agreed to the smaller settlement and proclaimed themselves victorious.

"We do our best for our employers," Diaz Santillan read from a statement, "and in return all we ask is to be treated with respect and to be paid for all the work we do."

Tucker Bounds, a Whitman spokesman, said the maid's claim of exploitation was political exploitation from the start. "This is the last dying gasp of a political act," he said.

After 20 years in the U.S and having two children, now American citizens, Diaz Santillan remains an illegal immigrant. She has hired an attorney to make her case for legal residency.

Whitman is packing up campaign paraphernalia to auction on EBay.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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If You want to see REAL mistreatment of illegals in this state, just look to the "legal" Hispanic/Latino construction contractors, hotel/motel owners, or restaurant owners, who "know" when they have an illegal under their total control. Now, THAT is where you will find cruel and unusual abuse. But, I guess that's ok then, because they are all Hispanic? Even Jerry Brown, as Attorney General has a case at his website (go look it up for yourself), where he busted an Hispanic contractor for abuse of his field workers. Laughing yet?

I think all the illegals should have Gloria Allred represent them for free. After all her support of Nikki Diaz Santillan had nothing to do with politics.

Meg Whitman's experience with hiring a Hispanic should serve as a warning to all. The next time you hire a Hispanic to work for you, you might see papers or be given a SS number, but what is the proof that it is valid?

Furthermore, what guarantee do you have that an illegal immigrant you hired will not somehow come back at a later date to threaten your reputation as a law abiding person -- causing problems with your employer,etc.

So I guess the message on this board is: Don't hire Hispanics. Do I have that right?

To msj: you have no comprehension =, the message is do not hire ILLEGAL invaders

If Whitman ran against illegal immigrants, then I'd say that she was a hypocrite on that issue. I think that California could have used a conservative to show some fiscal restraint. Cutting or eliminating its budget deficit should be California's priority #1.



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