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Cindy McCain is of two minds about the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy on gays

Cindy and John McCain

Cindy McCain seems to be of two minds about the "don't ask, don't tell" policy of the U.S. government toward gays serving in the military.

Earlier this week the wife of newly reelected Arizona Sen. John McCain appeared in an anti-bully video for the group NOH8. There, she said, "Our political and religious leaders tell LGBT youth that they have no future ... They can't serve our country openly."

Her husband, a naval veteran like his father and grandfather, has his doubts about changing that policy. The Obama administration has vowed to repeal the Clinton-era law that allows gays to serve in the all-volunteer military as long as they do not announce their sexual preference.

But although he repeats the repeal vow, President Obama has lagged in providing leadership to actually accomplish it, at least before the midterm election this month, which didn't turn out so well for his Democratic party. Obama cites the need for more study by the armed services.

And the delay has annoyed many members of his political base, some of whom interrupted his campaign speeches this year with protests. A recent leak from the ongoing Pentagon study said changing "don't ask, don't tell" would create minimal difficulties.

When some people this week began pointing out the apparent policy disagreement between the two McCains, Cindy McCain, who is traveling in Europe, sent out a message on her Twitter page:

"I fully support the NOH8 campaign and all it stands for and am proud to be a part of it. But I stand by my husband's stance on DADT."

Maybe, since no one asked, she shouldn't have told.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Mark Boster / Los Angeles Times

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Most military people don't think that the gays pose any threat to military service. Why should they?
McCain is generally a fairly sensable if not completely boring and fairly predictable Republican.
99.9% of the republican party seem to be in favor of equal rights under the contitution or bill of rights for everyone except Mexicans, gays, muslims and perhaps, women depending on the circumstance.
I still don't understand why he was dumb enough to go with Sarah Palin.
Incidentally, did you know that John McCain was born in Central America? True and provable unlike the phoney birther theories.

McCain, McCain, McCain. Again with McCain. I remember not too long ago he was asked about his stance on some other policy issue and when told that most americans felt a certain way about it he flat out said he didn't care what the majority said. This is historically the biggest flaw of elected officials that have been in office way too long. They become completely out of touch with the citizenry and generally arrogant. But even worse, they forget that they are accountable to the electorate. Other than the fact that they are elected and have their personal views heard often, their opinions shouldn't carry any more weight than any other citizen's. Especially a majority. Over the last decade he has become a one trick pony. He is now totally vested in pandering. Unlike his wife, who he owes his career to, he is he totally out of step with twenty first century american values. Gay people live and die just like the rest of us. They too believe in and are willing to serve and die for this country. That is a lot more than can be said for some of our so called leaders. As for McCain, that whole war hero thing along with his everyone's favorite uncle personna has worn very thin.

I can't for the life of me figure out why anyone would care what Cindy McCain thinks about about anything. The fact that there was no opportunity to fawn over Obama's big zero on his Asian tour maybe?

Cindy, you are a silly woman and your opinion is clearly meaningless.

Only soldiers should serve in the military. Keep the diversity, special interest, etc out until you go home. When sons and daughters of African slaves entered the military during the previous wars they were very clear - to be treated like a soldier - NOT BLACK SOLDIERS.


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