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Jesse Ventura questions the WTC collapse, says 9/11 was to get us into Iraq and Afghanistan

Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, who during the Vietnam War was part of the Navy's Underwater Demolition Team, claims that the World Trade Center's fall was part of a government plot.

"I'm suggesting that governments do things to get us into wars," the former pro-wrestler told Eric Bolling on Fox Business News yesterday in an interview to promote Ventura's new cable TV show, "Conspiracy Theory," which premieres Friday.

"I'm saying 9/11 was to get us into Iraq and get us into Afghanistan," the actor formerly known as The Body  told Bolling on "Follow The Money".

When asked by Bolling if he really believed that the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, specifically on the World Trade Center, happened so we could get oil from Iraq, the typically outspoken Ventura said "yes, and so we can have lithium from Afghanistan."

This isn't the first time Ventura has publicly expressed his theories about 9/11. As early as April 2008, the former governor appeared on the Alex Jones show and said that after his son insisted that he watch the 9/11 consipiracy theory documentary "Loose Change" he began to doubt the WTC collapse.

"When I finally did watch it I went through every emotion you could imagine, from laughing, crying, getting sick to my stomach, to the whole emotional thing," Ventura told Jones in 2008

-- Tony Pierce



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Really? Why is anyone giving this yahoo the time of day? And what makes him the expert on American Foreign Policy? He doesn't even live in the US. He lives in Mexico as a recluse except for his TV show.

Does everyone realize what would had to have happened for him to be right? Not only would everyone in the Republican Party have to be in on the "evil plan," but so would the CURRENT Vice President, the CURRENT Secretary of State, and EVERY OTHER CONGRESS MEMBER IN THE COUNTRY!

I don't deny that the attack gave Pres. Bush the "justification" for going after Afghanistan, but come on, Ventura. The steroids have finally taken their toll.

Every part of the official government 9/11 story is a lie.
Every part of the controlled media sold it to the public.

Why do Israel-first dual-nationals demand censorship?

He is right.

Show me the proof.

maybe he is right and maybe he's wrong. maybe he is half way there. we will never know. thats is why there is always conflicting evidence t look at. i remember the word PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY. to get the public confuse. he has no evidence, but he also made a point. Why did we go in war in Iraq? Bush said weapons of mass destruction. then they found out there are none. then came up with an excuse that we need to help them established their country. What for? yes OIL is the common sense answer. Why can we just leave Iraq. we already spend trillion of dollars. ANd they made it convincing our troops are there to fight for freedom. Wait a minute, US is not being invaded. Iraq is. they did really found out wh were the masterminds of 9-11? no just speculations. even if they do. how come it is taking them this long to find them with all of our advancment in the military. satelites, lasers, sound waves. We all have it. most likely they already got them years agoand they just trying to get more money for the contracted people who make weapons. well just something to think about

Wake up Steve Dugan, you're living in the traumatic trance induced by those who wish to steal your power and your soul. Yes, it's true, sadly, and thank God Jesse has the courage and power to speak openly about it.

Steve Dugan,

Why would everyone in politics have to be in on the plan? What a ridiculous requirement! The whole point of of a top down hierarchical command structure is that the people at the lower levels do not need to know the full story or even the truth about their role. They only need to be told enough to play their part.

Do you think the people who trained the pilots knew they were training suicide bombers? Do you think if the news readers who read out the lie that WTC7 had collapsed 20 minutes before they were supposed to had been in on the plot that they would have made such a mistake?

People are put in a compromising position, they play their part and by the time they realise what they have done they know better than to confess.

People who have spoken out have died. Barry Jennings for example.

Steve, it is rather an "evil plan" by the elite and wealthy. It was an inside job.

The 9/11 Commission Report was a load of rubbish.

All the buildings fell as a result of explosives and controlled demolition, why don't you believe testimony from those who were THERE, not just watching.

Don't leave out building 7 (although the report did), which most Americans aren't even aware of.

It's funny, Jesse talking to Eric about 9/11 is like an adult telling a little kid there is no Santa.

Jesse Ventura is a liar and a fraud. He lied about being a SEAL. (he was a frogman in UDT 12) He lied about fighting in Vietnam, (he admitted he was never in combat) he pumped himself up with steroids and made his living in phony, staged wrestling matches. Now he is padding his retirement in Mexico by trashing the USA with his insane BS.
Anyone who believes a word he says is a fool.

go look at the, scholars for 9/11 truth, there are good sources all over, but your common sense and guts tell you the truth-- you just don't want to believe it, that's understandable-- but not wise. everyone should realise our country we'll be dead before too long if we don[t change. a huge step in the right direction would be justice for 9/11...and move towads energy independance and self sustaining infrastructure...but that would require exposing another conspiracy (energy)...then what global warming?

He's just punking Fox News. Guerilla theatre from a pro wrestler.

OMG, and he was the gov of Minn. Is there something in the water?

Steve Dugan - Almost every point you make is wrong, get your facts straight. Jesse Ventura is not a recluse and only lives in Mexico for part of the year. Not "everyone in the Republican Party" would have to be in on it, neither would Biden, Obama or any member of congress.

The attack was used as a catalyst for Afghanistan, Iraq and to clampen down on our rights domestically, beef up the government, award no-bid war contracts to their friends, not to mention the millions Larry Silverstein was awarded after purchasing the twin towers just months before the attack, making sure there was a "terrorist clause" in the insurance policy.

Google Building 7. Why did the 9/11 commission leave bldg 7 entirely out of it's report? Why have members come out publicly and even written books stating that the investigation was hampered by the administration?

These buildings did not collapse, any thinking person with eyes can see that they blew up.

Either you haven't done your research, or you're a dishonest man. Either way, you have no place to insult Mr. Ventura.

Interesting exchange. But why are these two clowns beating around the bushs--pun intended? Instead of barking back and forth about emotional aspects of the twin towers' structural failures and other non-essential issues, why not review the specifics of these failures?

Are they that ignorant of how the twin towers fell down? If so, countless people with much less prestigious occupations know it very well.


Facts for Brian:

1. Our military did dream up a plan to substitute a plane full of college kids with a drone, blow up the drone over Cuba and blame Cuba in order to attack it:

2. The Gulf of Tonkin "incident" didn't happen, but it was the excuse to attack Vietnam:

3. Operation Gladio, the 40 year conspiracy that brought state-sponsored terrorist acts to Europe, killing hundreds of innocent men, women and children, was dreamed up by the CIA. (be sure to watch the 3 part BBC documentary)

4. Plans for the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan were drawn up long before 9/11.

5. We were lied to about WMDs and the Iraq tie to 9/11.

6. Bin Laden was a CIA asset.

7. Numerous members of Bush's cabinet were a part of PNAC, the Project for a New American Century, and said 'think tank' described the need for a 'new Pearl Harbor' to gain public support for invading the Middle East. Bush wrote in his diary the night of 9/11: "The Pearl Harbor of
the 21st century took place today." The attack on Pearl Harbor was known before the event and was initiated by the sinking of a Japanese submarine. It was allowed to happen in order to get the US into WWII, in part so we could use our atomic bombs to show the world our power to annihilate our enemies.

8. The Patriot Act was drawn up long before 9/11.

9. World Trade Center 7, a 47-story skyscraper that would have been the tallest building in 35 states and was nearly a football field in length and 140 feet wide, came down at 5:20 pm on 9/11 at freefall acceleration for over 100 feet.

10. The only way an object can fall at freefall acceleration is through air.

11. WTC 7 had 58 perimeter columns and 25 core columns that would have had to have been removed simultaneously on 8 floors in order for freefall to have occurred.

12. WTC 7 had fires on only a few floors; fires that persisted in any given place for only 20-30 minutes. Ordinary office fires (and jet fuel fires, although WTC 7 was not hit by a plane) cannot exceed 1,000 ºC. Steel is an excellent heat sink and does not reach the same temperature as a fire except over a prolonged period of time. The fire proofing for WTC 7 was not compromised. Evidence of vaporized steel and lead (these elements vaporize at 3,000 ºC and 1,750 ºC respectively) were found in the debris, as well as previously molten molybdenum, an element with one of the highest melting temperatures at 2,617 ºC. None of these temperatures can be attained in an office fire. The only logical explanation for these temperatures is through the use of high explosives and/or thermite. Coincidentally, a study of the WTC dust revealed evidence of a high-tech military grade incendiary only made in government laboratories at the time, called nanothermite.

13. It would be impossible for this 47-story, 330 feet x 140 feet steel structure to fall to the ground in perfect symmetry in 6.5 seconds without the use of explosives to cut all of the support columns simultaneously.

14. WTC 7 contained offices of the SEC and held the Enron files, which were destroyed. Enron was involved in the failed negotiations for an oil pipeline through Afghanistan. The largest CIA office outside of DC was also in WTC 7, as well as Secret Service, the IRS, and Giuliani's Office of Emergency Management, a blast-resistant 'bunker' with it's own oxygen and power supply that went unused during the attacks.

15. No steel-framed highrise, before or since 9/11 has ever completely collapsed due to fire.

16. Solomon Brothers, the largest tenant in WTC 7, added more than 375 tons of steel to reinforce floors in their office build out, called "a building within a building" by the New York Times.

17. NIST (the National Institute of Standards and Technology) refused to comply with an FOIA request for all computer modeling data on its collapse simulation (which looks nothing like the reality), citing "public safety", even though its mission was to understand the 'collapse' in order to protect the public from a similar occurrence, which was allegedly the first occurrence in history: a steel-framed building collapse due to fire.

18. In the NIST report on the Twin Towers, its investigation stopped at the point the buildings were 'poised to collapse', at 'collapse initiation'. The report did not answer the question as to how a smaller, weaker upper block of bulding could destroy the rest of the building below, given Newton's Laws of Physics.

19. As the NIST report stated, the jet fuel in both buildings was entirely consumed within 10 minutes, and most of the fuel exploded outside WTC 2, yet this building, with an indirect (corner) hit and less severe fires, 'collapsed' first, in less than an hour and a half. This, despite firefighters reporting 'only a few small pockets of fire' that they could knock down with two hoses.

20. NIST stated in its report that there was no evidence of core columns heating up more than 250 ºC, and only 3 perimeter columns, in the impact zone, reached 600 ºC. Yet there was evidence of extreme heat in the debris fields in the form of molten and vaporized steel, satellite images, and fires that could not be put out for months. Nearly all of the steel was quickly carted off and sent to China for recycling, leaving only a few hundred pieces of steel to study in the greatest crime this country has borne. When asked about this, Mayor Bloomberg said, "In this day and age, that's what computers are for." In the case of the NIST investigation, it was GIGO: garbage in, garbage out.

I could go on, but you get the idea. The 9/11 investigation was one big coverup, which is what you would expect with the government investigating itself and its response to the attacks. We need a REAL, independent investigation of the big...gest crime in our history, one that has affected virtually everyone on this planet.

We lost 3,000 citizens that day, and thousands since in the wars and as first responders continue to die from the toxic dust the EPA (at the direction of the White House) claimed was safe to breathe. Then there are the millions of innocent Iraqi and Afghani citizens who have lost their lives and been displaced from the destruction of their countries. We have created enemies where there was never a threat before.

Do you seriously think, given the high risk of failure considering our defense capabilities are the most extensive in the world, that 'Al Qaeda', a CIA invention, would attempt such a grand plan when it would be infinitely easier to simply use car bombs and suicide bombers in train stations and malls? Have you ever wondered how all these planes could be flying around, some for an hour and a half, without any response from NORAD? Do you realize that a plane with no transponder signal sticks out like a sore thumb on radar? It is the only blip without identification such as tail number and altitude. Fighter jets have heat-seeking missiles onboard. They could easily have found those planes, given the heat signature of a large passenger jet. I'm not suggesting that they needed to shoot them down, but they certainly could have found them.

The official account of the events of 9/11 is "The Big Lie" as Hitler described it:

"All this was inspired by the principle - which is quite true in itself - that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying. These people know only too well how to use falsehood for the basest purposes."

Some of us didn't fall for it.

When political opposites: Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul were against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, people should have listened. I mean is it a coincidence when the Towers 1 and 2 were struck, three buildings came down and the Deutsch Bank which was closer to Building 1 remained intact? Was 9/11 an inside job? I think so more and more everyday. And when Republican Richard Gage of Architect and Engineer for 9/11 truth finds evidence of thermite and nantothermite all over New York, and in the lungs of the First Responders who are dying from this calamity, people should have listened. Is there any hope left for justice? There is and former prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi says: There is evidence to to charge George W. Bush et al for murder at the state level, people should listen...or more people will die...ask Cindy Sheehan.

Hi Tony,
Please clear your mind and pay attention to reality. You can't label something as 'conspiracy' when there is overwhelming evidence in the form of :
1. Damaging first hand eyewitness testimony
2. Damaging physical and scientific evidence supporting that assertion
3. Reproducible concrete application of basic scientific principles to support that assertion.

The only mystery now is the decision members of the mainstream media have made to not publicize this overwhelming evidence so we can move on with accountability.

Ignorant articles like this still wallowing in the old box cutter theory only serve to keep people in the dark to what really happened on 9-11
Shame on you for IGNORING the facts!

Jesse Ventura is correct. We know now that the Gulf of Tonkin was a lie set up by our government. We have a taped conversation with LBJ and McNamara discussing the incident...before it happened. 58,ooo Americans dead, and two million Asians a result of a lie. Just google video Building 7, and start watching...that is the Way the lie

Just because we saw planes fly into the towers, it does not prove that

1) the towers fell due to planes and fires only. There is substantial scientific evidence of weapons-grade explosives all over ground zero, and close-up and slow-motion video reveals all sorts of explosive activity in the twin towers as they fell apart

2) Muslim extremists were actually flying the planes. We've never heard anything from the black boxes, which supposedly "vaporized" due to the "intense heat", yet somehow the paper passports of the hijackers managed to survive the fires just fine. Cell phone calls from flying planes did not work in 2001. These are obvious contradictions.

3) the planes truly escaped the notice of the FAA, NORAD, and all related air-defense systems, which have dealt with hijackings just fine for decades, yet on that day, several planes were allowed to fly off-course for extended periods. Air traffic officials have commented that "nothing worked right" that day, for some reason.

To viewers of this debate,whom to believe.Research the subject for 30 minutes and come to your own conclusions.That's what I did. 9/11 is full of unanswered questions,from the exploding twin towers to the mysterious collapse of Building 7. Also the Pentagon and Shanksville tragedies have serious questions.We have all been "punked" re:9/11

"When I finally did watch it I went through every emotion you could imagine, from laughing, crying, getting sick to my stomach, to the whole emotional thing,"

I felt the same way when I watched the collapse of WTC 7. I realized that the American people had been set up. 911 is a fraud.
IF (as we were told) fires can cause a total, symmetrical, catastrophic collapse of 3 high rise buildings then there would be no need for the precise engineering and placement of explosives that demolition companies provide.
Simply set the building on fire and watch it drop to the ground through the path of greatest resistance. It will most certainly work again? Right.

Mr. Ventura has got it right. After researching the whole 9/11 incident, from the Twin Towers to Pentagon to the empty Pennsylvania field myself, you would have to be either blind or severely intellectually challenged (ignorant) to accept the 911 commision on what happened. A member of the 911 commision admitted on video that there was more work that needed to be done but the Bush admistration cut the funding for it so it had to stop. The Republicans spent more money trying to get at Bill Clinton and the whole Monica Lewinsky incident than the attack on our country! The main question is how was it done and who did it? No, the buildings did not collaspe from the airplane strikes as they went down in 10 seconds freefall speed and building 7 went down but was not hit by any plane. Eyewitnesses dispute the way the Pentagon was attcked and the empty field where the plane went down did not have any evidence of the aircraft crashing or bodyparts-completely empty. Open your mind and try to apply logic to what happened not just what you see on the news because the news is controlled.

It is interesting that the host jumped to the conclusion that the hijacked plane that crashed in Shanksville was destined to hit The White House. That is an interesting leap in logic.

What makes more sense is that it was set to hit WTC 7. The 47 story building near WTC 1 and 2 that had minimal fires and was NOT hit by a plane but never-the-less still completely collapsed into it's own footprint at near free fall speed at 5:20 p.m. on the afternoon of 9/11.

It was particularly odd to see a BBC reporter standing in a building near Ground Zero with WTC 7 standing in the background as she reported that "it had collapsed to the ground". Apparently somebody handed her the copy too soon, eh?

And since this building fell in a classic controlled demolition style, with even the leaseholder Larry Silverstein later admitting, "There had been such a horrid loss of life that day, we decided that the best thing to do with building 7 would be to pull it. So we pulled it."

Considering it takes WEEKS to wire a 47 story building for demolition, why is it that The 9/11 Commission not only did not question anyone about building 7, nor did they ask Larry Silverstein what he meant, nor did they question Mayor Guilliani about it, nor did they ponder how the "authorities" could possibly wire the building for demolition within about five hours. Where did they get all the equipment to demolish the building? Who set all the charges? Wouldn't the NYC Fire Department deem it too dangerous to go into a building that was "on fire" to set demolition explosives?

I have talked with Jesse Ventura regarding 9/11 and his bottom line is that there were too many very serious and appropriate questions unasked and unanswered in the 9/11 Commission hearings.

There was too much hard evidence suppressed. All the videos from The Pentagon were never seen. The WTC crime scene was scrubbed of all the steel beams then they were shipped off to China. Beams that should have been analyzed for nano thermite. Beams, that according to photos I have seen were clearly melted. Only thermite/nano thermite can do this to steel. And various physicists and engineers INTERNATIONALLY have analyzed dust from Ground Zero and have indeed discovered military grade nano thermite in the dust. But we didn't see any of this in The 9/11 Commission Report, did we??

Even the heads of the Commission admit that they were thwarted in their work.

The entire areas of the WTC, Shankville and The Pentagon should have been treated as classic crime scenes with local police and district attorneys brought in to do investigations and to call Grand Juries in each jurisdiction. Afterall, 3000 human beings were murdered that day.

Within one hour of WTC 1 and 2 being hit the news media were already chirping about Osama bin Laden. We should have known then that something was horribly amiss. Even when the accused OBL issued a denial the news of this was buried in the MSM. The FBI has since admitted that various videos that came out of OBL were forged. The conventional wisdom says he's been dead since the fall of 2001. It's a fact that the CIA station chief in Dubai had been with OBL in a hospital prior to 9/11 as OBL underwent kidney dialysis. It's kinda hard to have dialysis 3 times per week in a cave.

The unanswered questions just continue to go on and on and on and on with no answers.

This is un-American at it's core. It is no wonder that the United States is now dead last in the world as far as our criminal justice system goes:

The events at WTC 1, 2 and 7 should have had a prosecutor like Vincent Bugliosi in charge. Had that happened we might have had a different outcome to this international disaster. There might not have been illegal military invasions and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq had we handled 9/11 for what it was: A CRIME.

CRIMES like this don't need white washed "commissions". They need CSI style investigations with subpoena power to lead to the TRUTH. Not to some obscure Al CIA-duh non-existent boogeyman.

Remember the day after 9/11 when Ari Fleischer had a press conference and reminded us that Al Queda had done this to us because they "hate our freedoms"? Then he warned us: "You had better watch what you do and watch what you say".

The U.S. Patriot Act had already been written. All 1200 pages of it. The plans for an invasion of Afghanistan were on George W. Bush's desk the day BEFORE 9/11.

The Patriot Act gutted The Bill of Rights, and The Military Commissions Act sank habeus corpus and posse commitatus. FISA allowed our government to invade our privacy and to spy on us.

And now we have the FBI raiding Americans homes because they are active anti-war/peace activists. We have Barack Obama issuing death warrants in secret for American citizens. We have sanctioned torture and secret renditions of prisoners to countries that torture.

So, since we have lost our freedoms, does this mean that the "terrorists won"?!

Jesse Ventura is right. We need a REAL investigation into 9/11 and it is only a matter of time before the American people wake up and demand it.

Our ship of state is HORRIBLY off course. But it WILL be corrected.

In my business I deal with many Europeans and people from other countries. They all KNOW (not think, KNOW) that there was conspiracy to cover it up. I feel that most Americans are too close to the issue to really look at it objectively. In fact, even the most open minded, forward thinking, anti-war, intellectuals that I know seem to have no interest in looking at the facts and researching the incredible amount of information pointing to the fact that we are not getting the whole story! 9/11 truth is one of the most important issues of our time.

Mr. Ventura saying that the reason for the attacks on 9/11 was so that we could get Oil from Iraq and Lithium from Afghanistan is a bit short-sighted. It is like saying that I have a job right now so that I can buy an new iPad. While I can (and would love to) use the money that I make from my employer to purchase the newest gadget du jour, it is only a small part of reason that I get up and go to my job every day. In much the same way 9/11 was used for many expanses in government both foreign and domestic. The Patriot Act, torture, preemptive wars to find "terrorists" and systematic erosion of our liberties.

If you would like to research more about what happened, check out the following sources.

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Building What?

We Are Change

You can also check out these videos.

Zero: An Investigation Into 9/11

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth Presentation

Loose Change Final Cut

If you think that the government would never use something like this as a reason to go to war, research Gulf of Tonkin.

Most of all, THINK.

It's really obvious when you remove all the emotion surrounding the issue. Look at the way Building 7 fell, compared side by side with a controlled demolition. Hello! Same damn thing. My former college journalism professor who wrote for Anderson Cooper's show at CNN told me to my face the edict came down from on high that they were to go nowhere near 9-11. It's ALL bullshit, and Obama and everyone else is continuing to protect the lie. It's all so damn appalling.

The deniers are offended that "liberals" (though many of my friends in this posts are conservative, but I digress) accuse George W. Bush of planning 9/11. The deniers accuse the "liberals" of being traitors for not supporting the war in Iraq and Afghanistan (though now Republicans congress people are mimicking the "liberals" ( Now with Dana Rohrbacher saying that the war is illegal, and the Obama administration still keeping us in Iraq and Afghanistan, should not 9/11 be revisited? The war in the middle east were the results September 11, and now the supporters are saying it's illegal and immoral. What happens now? Please tell us, or do you want the "Kenyan", "Fascist", "Socialist" in our White House to skate through without being held accountable? The supporters in Congress, the Republicans, think not

The whole thing is so outlandishly ridiculous.

But would someone PLEASE explain why tower 3 collapsed? Despite never being touched by a plane?

That question alone is (a) Worthy of investigation (b) Gives credence to whatever theory is placed before us.

And , I might add, as long as Fox news tells me something is stupid, I tend to believe it's pretty damn smart to pay attention to. Sad to think that LA Times might be echoing FOX News...

How can anyone smart enough to be governor be stupid enough to miss the disconnect of suggesting that our government invented the fiction of blaming Saudi terrorists in order to justify an invasion of Iraq? If we manufactured the event, wouldn't we blame Iraqis? The entire truther mythology is based on repeatedly discredited myths and frankly lies. Anyone still clinging to that nonsense is either ignorant, dishonest, or delusional.

The below satire demonstrates how idiotic the truther fantasies are.

Bottom line: The major claims that truthers have trotted out to maintain their fantasies have all been proven false:

Free fall or near free fall speed? False
"Pull it" means demolition with explosives? False
Gravitational collapse can't go straight down? False
Collapsed just like controlled demolitions? False
Explosions just like in a controlled demo? False.

on and on

Ron Morales link to some ridiculous blog is supposed to be proof that the research done by Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth is false.
I suggest people do their own research and they will see that there are plenty of PHD's in Physics, engineering, and mathematics that are important contributors to the 911 truth movement. is a good place to start for a list of highly credible people in the truth movement.

This makes me so happy. I can't believe the LA Times actually linked Loose Change, the very film that woke me up 4 and a half years ago.

Building 7 is what did it for me. Waking up was hard, but after I was done being POed and depressed I started to DO something about it. Google WeAreChangeLA.

It's funny, Ron, I picture you as a guy with his fingers in his ears going "la-la-la, I can't hear you".

Even the final NIST report on WTC 7 disagrees with you. But not before they disagreed with themselves. In their draft report released in August 2008, they measured the collapse incorrectly (to hide the fact of freefall), in part by averaging the total time, and decided it fell 40% longer than freefall time. When it was pointed out to them that frame-by-frame measurements revealed a period of freefall equal to 100 feet or about 8 stories, they changed their final report to reflect this period of freefall, though they did not point out the ramifications of freefall, which is that ALL supporting structure would have to be removed simultaneously in order for this to occur. Interestingly, they also changed the wording in the final report and removed the words "consistent with physical principles" and replaced them with "consistent with the global collapse analysis."

Listen to Shyam Sunder at the technical briefing, when NIST was denying freefall:

And here, listen to John Gross feign ignorance of the molten steel:

And here, see just how accurate NIST's computer model is to reality:

Also, owing to an FOIA request finally being fulfilled, we now have ample video and sound evidence of explosions.

Is ignorance truly bliss, Ron?

Ron Morales, The Congress authorized Bush to fight terrorism in the Middle-East, Asia, and anywhere it existed which he used to not only attack Afganistan but also Iraq which had nothing to do with 9-11. TROLL, making up history once again. Makes me sick !!!

God Bless Governor JesseVentura. Why in the world would a former Governor of Minnesota say that our own government was part of 9 / 1 1 unless he himself had studied the facts and was absolutely positive that he was correct? Why would any man subject himself to ridicule about such a horrible incident in our history unless he was convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that we have been lied to?
Steel framed buildings do not collapse at "free fall" speed due to fires. Building 7 aka the Salomon Bros Building was not hit by a plane and yet it collapsed at 5:20 PM. Furthermore, how could BBC TV report that this building collapsed BEFORE if collapsed?
And why has no one in the media questioned Larry Silverstein about the comment he made on the PBS Special, America Rebuilds, in which he said, regarding this building "... maybe the smartest thing to do is Pull it.....
And why haven't we heard anything about the "dancing Israelis" who were arrested on 9/11 while celebrating after the attack, and who said on TV in Israeli TV "our purpose was document the event?"
And why did our government ban and burn Col Schaffer's book, Operation Dark Heart? God Bless Judge Napolitano for having him on his Fox TV Show
Facts are not theories, and as President Reagan said, they "... are stubborn things...."

I provided the wrong link for John Gross in my prior post. Here is the correct link:

9/11: NIST engineer John Gross denies WTC molten steel (extended)

If I were to use a hammer and crush both of my thumbs, I'd understand the logic much clearer that in understanding why this is still in debate. I suppose it is going to take a radical idea to get some of you to accept the reality here and that was that this was controlled. Is it possible that you people have never watched a buildings distraction by professionals? Never saw a Bruce Willis movie? I mean, come on folks, a child of five can recognize the similarities but you cannot?

If I could have a single wish granted, I would not hesitate to answer the following; I want real people ... not those criminals in DC, but real people to investigate. Build three buildings, 1.000 feet tall (one wood, one concrete and one steel columned in similar fashion as the WTC's) and they need not be elaborate. Next, crash airplanes into each one and watch the results. What part of, NO STEEL HIGH RISE BUILDING HAS EVER COLLAPSED DUE TO FIRE ... PERIOD?, don't you understand?
I think it is safe to say that none have ever disintegrated due to fire, either.

I must also say that I agree with a lot of people who say there are a lot of conspiracy theorists voicing opinions on this matter. That, of course, are the people who can actually look at the days events, all the coincidences, the perfection in the failures, the insider stock trading with 'put options, the stupefying possibility that Larry Silverstein is a financial genius who took a change and stands to make 1,000 percent profit because he happened to take out "Terrorist Insurance", the science, psychics and physical evidence that was nearly swept away in lightning speed and still suggest that the worlds greatest magician is to blame. What a fairy tale.

I am completely amazed at the facts placed on this blog!! I always thought G.W. Bush was a good ol' boy and not particularly bright. Boy was I wrong!! I just 9 months he was able to engineer a complex internal attack on the people of New York who had not supported his presidential campaign. Being able to orchestrate complex real estate deals, undercover demolation operations, get an obviously hostile main stream media to go along with his nefarious plans, and teach a kindergarden class all at the same time indicates he must be an evil genius!! It took the rest of us 9 years to find inconsistancies in the mountains of information logged by less able researchers.

My goodness GW makes all mere mortals pale in comparison to his towering intellect and organizational skills!! All Hail the Great GW!!

The rest of us who dare not believe our own sight of planes flying into buildings should cower in fear. The evil GWB will get you for speaking out. Some of us may go by accidents, others by sudden diseases, and the rest may not be murdered until they are VERY old and feable but by golly we WILL be erased.


Most Americans believe it was an inside job . Most of the poplulation of the world who have eyes to see and ears to hear know it was and inside job. All you have to do is about 2 hrs of research or watch one of the many many documentarys that clearly show it was a controlled demolition. WTC 7 only had a small office fire and fell at free fall speed . The original hole at the pentagon was only a couple of meters wide if that . No plane debris at the site . In order to get off your knees you first must take your head out of the sand..

Von Henderson,

Who said that GW Bush did it? Where did you get that from?

The evidence is empirical and impeachable the there was MOLTEN STEEL found for weeks and even months after the attacks of Sept. 11th 2001

Which correlates with the discovery of NANO THERMITE in all of the tested debris samples of the building's collapse by Niels Harrit and Steven Jones. These tests were peer reviewed and still stand unrefuted.

Which correlates with the characteristics of the THREE buildings collapses that day, which was at FREE FALL speed, through the path of most resistance, straight into it's own footprint.

Are you ignorant?


I don't agree with everything Ventura says but even the layman can see that the evidence of our government's involvement in carrying out the attacks on 9/11 is obvious and empirical after DOING YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

Look at the blocking of investigations of people like DAVID SHIPPER and JOHN O'NEIL.
Look at the foreknowledge and intelligence collected by Able Danger (a military intelligence unit), Richard Clarke's Memo (former counter-terrorism adviser on the U.S. National Security Council), the Phoenix Memo, and even the Presidential Daily briefing on Aug. 6th 2001 which had a two page section titled BIN LADEN DETERMINED to STRIKE in U.S.
Go see - Army Field Manuel 30-31B
Go see - practically anything on World Trade Center 7, any search on that will reveal the smoking gun.

Why did the Bush administration tell the EPA to say the air was safe to breath after they discovered it wasn't? Now we have a whole lot of volunteer first responders and firefighters who are terminally ill, had to retire early, and according to most doctors who have examined it, are going to lose their lives in 10 to 15 years.

(all this information is a mouse click away but you gotta be the one to look, healthy skepticism swings both ways)

Oh and for those of you who say "too many people would have to be in on it, someone would talk". Just look at the Manhattan Project, which Grove headed that up, where he stated (I believe I'm paraphrasing here) "compartmentalization is the very heart of national security."
just look up 'compartmentalization'.

The commentator made one error when saying that it would be cheaper to mine the Lithium in Afghanistan than to go to war. Cheaper for who? The corporations that will profit from the lithium extraction arent paying for the war ....WE ARE.

Sounds like a bargain to me...public debt and public death lead to private ownership and profit.

Oldest story in corporate history...

Jesse knows the truth and it's too bad the rest of the country is in denial.

Jesse Ventura is a true American Hero, look around, we should all be looking at "Our Government" through a new pair of glasses.

The fact is, we need to keep up with other countries to have a Department of Defense that is not a joke. That means, yes, we need to keep some things secret and away from the public so that intel will not end up in the wrong hands. Part of that means we need to test aircraft and it's not easy to hide a large chunk of land for flight tests from the public so yes we are going to see it on Google maps and people are going ask questions. There is a thin line between Freedom of Information and maintaining Intel so as not to jeopardize our safety but it is a bit annoying that the tax dollars do not need to be accounted for. That is the phrase "there's no price on safety" in action.

I don't think Jesse is so naive to not realize that. He knows the purpose of the show is for entertainment value so he's going to say things to make you think he's pounding down doors for answers. If you're high profile and live off the grid away from cities and electricity, it sounds a little paranoid but not totally irrational. I'm not so sure Mexico is a wise choice given all the ruthless drug cartel violence. So far I have not been too surprised by anything in the episodes of the Conspiracy Theory except for being able to remote control peoples minds in that place up in Alaska. I saw an article about a couple who ran across the "creature" that washed up on beach near Manhattan. They said it was just a dead dog. His snout was decayed revealing the bones of it's snout making it look like a beak or something.

Kudos to Ventura for saying what he believes against the odds. Many dare not speak. And in this day and age, where the Supreme Court between picking a US President & awarding corporations constitutional rights, committed a coup on democracy in America,it is downright brave. To any thinking person, the questions are there - unanswered.

All this propaganda that goes around needs to be analyzed to the fullest. When people speak on things there should be know fear of there personal safety. Sometimes people just want you to level with them on things.

today was the first time i actually had time to watch t.v. how refreshing it was to see jessie ventura. for years people thought i was crazy because of my ideas of the government. how wonderful it is to hear someone with the same suspicions. even better that he has the balls to go foward with it. i really admire jessie ventura. please watch yourself! we need you ! thank you so much for all you are uncovering. i will always be watching you and learning so much more.

why are so many people in denial about this crooked government? what does it take for them to see whats going on all around us? the gov. has us running so hard to make more money to pay bills, that we don't have time to do anything else. and what about these people on welfare? when will they finally get cut? i hope its before the gov. finally gets us. i wish we could do somthing about this, there are millions of us and a handful of them

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