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Sarah Palin pleads: 'Nobody tell Barack Obama what number comes after a trillion'

Sarah Palin, that reputed Republican rebel who's supposed to be at odds with the national party, swung through California this past weekend to rouse Republicans at a Republican National Committee rally in Anaheim.

Yes, yes, of course speaking near L.A. gives Palin a chance to visit her daughter, Bristol, who turns 20 today and performs tonight for the fifth week on "Dancing With the Stars." Our pal Kate O'Hare nabbed an exclusive interview here with Palin about that and her own new show premiering soon on TLC. "She's having a ball," Mom reports.

Palin seemed to be enjoying herself too in Anaheim, as part of a national RNC campaign tour that wraps up next Saturday at 3 p.m. at the Marriott World Center in Orlando, including an unusual chance to meet Palin for a photo.

The crowd packed into the Anaheim ballroom began chanting Sarah's name Saturday while the band was still playing "Journey" songs.

The audience cheered and whistled appropriately for other party speakers including GOP House candidate Van Tran, who's giving Democratic incumbent Loretta Sanchez a run for her money to represent most of Orange County. And Andrew Breitbart, the conservative blogger, got folks laughing with his initially unintended but then repeated campaign call to help fire "Harry Pelosi."

And RNC chairman Michael Steele got an enthusiastic response for his rising peroration not to let up despite a plethora of optimistic polls for the GOP on Nov. 2.

(A growing number of news reports indicate many Democrats already believe they have lost control of the House, will suffer badly in the Senate and in control of governor's offices. A new Associated Press/Knowsledge Network Poll released early today shows many 2008 Obama supporters are disspirited and peeling away from him in dismay over a lack of promised change.)

As Steele moved toward introducing the day's special you-know-who guest from Alaska, the roar of the crowd grew along with the cellphone camera flashes.

Palin's full remarks are just below here in video.

Palin said, please, nobody should tell the Democratic president what number comes after a trillion. (It's quadrillion.) Obama will bring Air Force One back to California later this month to help incumbent Sen. Barbara Boxer against Republican Carly Fiorina -- and drop into Nevada again to do the same for embattled Harry Reid vs the GOP's Sharron Angle.

The top two other Palin quotes, the first one spoken from her own losing experience in 2008:

"There's nothing wrong with America that a good old-fashioned election can't fix."

and, speaking of Obama's oft-promised change for the country:

"Our America, we do not seek its fundamental transformation. We seek its restoration, all that is good and strong and free in America."

-- Andrew Malcolm

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H/T Steve Krakauer.

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Susan - You might want to review the "shock and awe" denigration assault on Sarah Palin from the left wing-nuts before you chastise Sarah for firing back.
And the notion of Americans for Americans - is this a euphemism for taking from some to give to others? Where in the world has this scheme worked well for all that country's citizens? All over the world, socialist nations are privatizing large segments of social responsibility programs because they cannot afford to provide the care under the government program. These systems are collapsing and you want America to embrace them here. Unbelievable.

Another anti-Palin story with the requisite bias from liberal "journalists" in L.A. If California citizens grew some brains, they'd vote for people like Palin and not just the regular crop of socialist morons (Pelosi, Boxer, et al) who've already put the state in bankruptcy.

as if she knows what number comes after a trillion

Ah you libs. I luv ya! So scared of Sarah Palin. If she opens her mouth to cough you jackasses are there to try and shout her down.

Why so scared lefties? Cause you are all going BACK TO THE GUTTER where you came from come November!

once again the Left whines that the Right is a fringe minority and then tursn around and complains that they are blocking them...

I sure would like to see Jesse Ventura body slam Sara Palin and take over the tea party.

What?? No teleprompter?

I believe the number 2 comes after a trillion... as in, Nov 2.

And like death, liberals can't avoid it.

See ya in a couple of weeks, losers.

And let the subpoenas begin, Waxman, Obama Czars, and all the other corrupt Democrats.

Gonna be fun and let's see how you like it.

God bless Sarah Palin! All you who hate her, including Maureen Doud, get a life and quit being so "mean."

Why are you liberals so scared of little 'ol Sarah?

Obama knows the number that comes after a trillion. 57.

Has he visited all 57 states, plus Hawaii and Alaska yet? If he has, you can bet Queen Moochelle was along to cram lobster and kobe beef down her gullet.

Those who whine about Sarah Palin not being the governor of Alaska anymore, are just jealous about all the money she's making now and all the time she has to keep her name in the news. I would bet none of them are Alaskans who have an interest in her still being in government. How ridiculous for them to chastise her for "quitting". Some people ( a lot in dem circles right now) are so bitter ( like Maureen Dowd) and the only way they can feel good about themselves is maligning others.

Hey, onlyinAmerica, home healthcare benefits have already been cut by Obamacare. At least in my state they have been.

We are on the way America - Don't stop - vote them all out.. In with new.

Politics of hate? It is not hate, its that progressive leftwing politics don't work. OilBama Campaigned like Reagan, but has governed like Mao. He Lied about tax cuts....told us 95% of americans would get a tax cut, now 100% of americans are getting a tax increase as we go back to the Clinton era tax hikes.

That line about "Don't Tell Obama What Comes After A Trillion" is actually a great bumper sticker!

Go Sarah!

God help us if we ever start talking Quadrillion. That's more than the total value of all countries combined.

Who would Obama borrow from then?

Wow she is a moron... Woopy do a governor who quit half way through her first term to go on a book signing tour. Lets face it if she was ugly, she would lose 90% of her votes.

It looks like California is a failed state.
The outcome of this election will determine if California can survive.
A famous visitor to America in the early 1800's said:
This democracy that you have will continue to work pretty well for you
until you get a majority getting it's money from the government, then it's all
over. They will be able to vote in more and more money for themselves until
the system collapses.
Now the collapse is upon us. God help us all.

This is a good time to repeat the Dennis Miller line "the thing to like most about Sarah is she bugs all the right people".

What's wrong libs, does it scare you that Sarah can sell out any venue in the country and your muslim Marxist leader has to buss in union members just to fill a 300 seat hall?

You should be scare. It took a Carter to get a Reagan and it takes an Obama to get a Palin. Your worst nightmare is about to come true and it all begins in a couple weeks.

You are so toast.

Taxpayers provide an expensive aircraft for the POTUS to assist him on official business. It should not be used for campaigning. Doing so redistributes my tax dollars to fund acts I thoroughly disagree with.

I'm not one given to hysteria, but after watching that Palin video, I can say that I just watched the next president of the US. She is relentless in challenging herself, and as a result she is growing before our eyes. No one lays out the issues before us so viscerally. There's room for improved focus and delivery (she needs to lose much of her "lamestream media" whine), but having come so far I can only believe that minor issues are not going to be able to hold her back. And once the content of her speeches are out in mainstream America, much of the resistance to her - which is due to the liberal media defining her, and yes, her own missteps - will dissipate.

To the idiot fringe; she has not released her transcripts, the state of Hawaii did release his birth certificates, thousands of times & his birth was announced in local paper! She should have spoken out while Bush cut taxes & spent 3 trillion on oil war in Iraq, never vetoed a spending bill, passed huge Medicaid drug bill, and doubled size of govt. One more thing, unfunded NCLB.

"...what number comes after a trillion..."

It's called a rhetorical device, libs.

It never ceases to amuse me how wound around the axle Democrats get about this women, who holds no office nor is running for one. Liberals like Eugene Robinson bemoan the fact that people talk about her while at the same time make a living...talking about her.

Also amusing is how Democrats run her down about her intelligence while giving the man who is the actual vice president a pass on, say, not knowing that he's next in the line of succession to the presidency.

The descent of Barack Obama's image from Holy Muslim Messiah to Chicago Con Man is accelerating, He is now seen as an undocumented illegal alien, liar scumbag.

According to Obama's recent NYT interview, he's now blaming the voters for not appreciating his genius! LOL!!!

BTW, seen the pictures of his rally for Deval Patrick? He looks unglued, unhinged! I think Obama is a narcissist who's now looking unstable. Maybe Obama needs a shrink.

Why are females attacking Sarah?

She is not a quitter, she served 2 1/2 years as a governor and moved on
to better and better things. That is very smart and astute. Now she is a
multi-millionaire and can live comfortably the rest of her life. The governor's
salary in Alaska just pays pennies on a dollar. Most of you wish you are
in that position.

She is pretty, very smart and extremely intelligent. She has lots of basic
common sense, trust worthy, loves her family, religion, country, not afraid
to take on controversial issues , fights back at injustices and speaks the truth.

She is fiscally conservative, believes in small government and a great American.
She live life to its fullest and a no nonsense true conservative.

Look at all the conservatives women on Fox. They are pretty , happy,
really hot, slim and toned. They really takes good care of their bodies,
shapely legs (they are always showing off) , big boobs, shapely waists,
very intelligent and always have a warm smile.

In contrast, the liberal women on tv are kind of ugly, not attractive,
obese , snippy, very condescending and name calling, always have a sly
smirk on their faces after uttering a cutting statement , always attacking .
Some of them don't speak much english, and have a heavy accent which
you can't understand. They love to put you down and stab you in the

Stop attacking Sarah. I can't wait for Nov. 3 to roll around.
We, all of us will be dancing on the streets.

To you Palin-haters,

That's President Palin to you!

Palin's public speaking is beginning to make Obama look like a bumbling 1st grader struggling with his first "Show & Tell" at school...go Sarah!!!

'Nobody tell Barack Obama what number comes after a trillion'
I love it, you go girl, we love your brutal honesty.

Obama promised Hope and Change instead we got Doped and Deranged

No matter what your idealogies are, you have to understand that he Democrats and Obama currently have far too much unrestrained power.
That power is a threat to us all.

I'm glad Andy printed 'quadrillion', so the Barry-bots would know what follows 'trillion'. Although, in all fairness to his numerically-challenged readers, he should have also stated that it is a one-to-three digit figure followed by F.I.F.T.E.E.N. zeroes, e.g. 1,000,000,000,000,000.

Impressive, impressive speach!

Barry Bin Inhalin "Go Sarah! You 'only' went to undergrad in fly-over country, but at least released your records.... Where are the Smartest Man In The Room's transcripts?"

Talk about an inconvenient TRUTH! LMAO

Here we go with the Palin hating Trolls. Please come up with something more substantial than "she's a quitter." She was forced out because of the financial drain on her family and the state of Alaska for the incessant frivolous lawsuits being filed against her. However, you people on the left coast continue to ignore the facts. What should the rest of America expect when you people were so enlightened as to wear t-shirts that read "Sarah Palin is C*nt." That was quite a persuasive argument from the left.
Stay classy California.

Just to diss Sarah, I am telling Barry that the number that comes after a trillion is a trillion and one.

You go girl. Sarah is number 1. A quitter no kewlbrez just has to much air between his ears to know the truth.



1. a lot of hedge fund managers are democrats. The people that benefited most from unruly loans weren't banks, but investors. Banks can't back out of loans they make, but investors can.

2. Republicans cutting elderly health care???? Are you kidding me. It's democrats that considered cutting Medicare again (AFTER the cuts due to Obamacare), to make room for Michelle's Child Obesity "program". Her slogan? "DREAM small" lol.

Why is it that liberal constituents seem to be the most uninformed?

My top 10 reasons to not vote for Obamacare was enough to raise eyebrows with every liberal I had 1-on-1 time with.

If I had a dime for every time I heard, "I didn't know it did that! Not Good!!!" from a liberal, I'd be a rich man.

A few of them:

1. You may have heard Medicare denies less claims than privatized insurance, but did you know it's the same exact denials per customer, and for the same reasons.

2. Insurance companies operate on less profit margin than Coca-Cola, and did you know that the bill requires privatized insurance to return unused portions of premiums (which is essentially profit control), but there is no control in place for taxes to support the public system (they keep the money they tax), and there's no restriction on use of funds collected by taxes (think social security).

3. The mandate to buy insurance wasn't to keep costs low by having more people buying in. The mandate was designed to offset the loss in profits from the previous point. This was to engage insurance executives in the bill. This is liberals acting in the best interests of Big Business, like they claim Republicans do.

4. It actually cuts Medicare/aid to make room for the costs of running the public system. It has NO measures to truly fight fraud.

5. It forces every business with a small amount of employess (think bare minimum staff to cover 24 hour fast-food restuarant) to now offer a company provided option with a minimum contribution, regardless of the gross revenue. If they do not, they are fined 8% of the wages collected by their employees. This requirement doesn't encourage small businesses to offer insurance, because they literally can't afford it. This encourages small businesses to reduce staff and lower pay.

So in short, Obamacare does the following:

Destroys small businesses.
Destroys small-business employee jobs.
Lowers small-business employees' pay.
Raises premiums on insurance.
Destroys primary health care provision through savings accounts (people are forced to have a high-deductible plan, even though they may never reach the deductible).
Raises taxes.
Cuts medicare/aid, and provides no alternative.
Supports big business insurance companies, while punishing small business insurance companies.

These are all things I predicted just by reading the bill.
So far, I've been right on most of them. (I'm waiting to see the impact on small insurance companies).

Interesting?? The debt from Pres Bush was only 400billion. The Debt from Clinton was 350Billion!!

Clinto left office we were in a Recession, Pres Bush took over and in the midst of a recession and then 9/11 happened because Clinton was ignoring the fact the Islamics were at war with us. Pres Bush got us out of the recession.

Pres Change Obama took over as President even though he sat in the Dem Controlled Congress who contriols the Purse strings and brought us into a recession on purpose and now brought us into a depression!!

Great Job libs!! (I wish the Socialist would leave our contry!!

Sarah's speech again shows why she is an icon... Sarah is positive and forceful when compared to the politician in the White House who does not embrace the American people, understand the American people, love the American people, or trust the American people. Sarah puts her faith where it belongs, in God and her countrymen. There is hope, but it takes the right leader to unify--and America has been listening to a hate-filled divider who truly doesn't have a feel for, or understand our heritage. America made a mistake. But that mistake can be corrected..

Things will begin to sizzle on November 2, 2010. And this is only the beginning for a renewed America.

After November 2, 2010, progressivism will disapear back into the caves for another 100 years, hopefully to never rear its ugly head again.

I sure hope she runs.... her common sense and ours is just too much for these looney baby-murdering-abortion liberals will able to withstand.

LOL it really make me laugh when people refer to Sarah as a quitter. How dare you stay in office and use tax payer money to push your agenda and help elect people who support your programs. Oh wait we have that already its Obama. Maybe he should spend more time working in the white house instead of traveling around the country onthe tax payers dime.

Come on Leftards!

You know you love Palin!

If not you had better start!

She along with the rest of the Tea Party's are kicking the crap out of your far-left friends in Washington.

Nov. 2nd 2010 will go down in history as the largest defeat in Democrat history.

Why? Think Obama! Think Pelosi! Think Reid! Think Dodd! Think Frank!

And most of all, Think Obamacare!

Oh So profoundly Reaganesque. I am really happy all the liberals who posted here with their contempt for Palin are truly very scared of her. She is powerful just like Reagan was and just as much admired and respected by most decent people. The main stream media, the elite and the far left kooks all despised Reagan too but most of America including the "Reagan Democrats" the democrats that embraced the man and his message, supported him in 2 huge national landslide victories in 80 & 84. Go Sarah, GO!

Wow. You called her baby abnormal?

You guys are really evil. I can't wait to get rid of you this November. You are pitiful

So....let me get this straight. Democrats have controlled congress now for the past 4 years and the presidency for the past 2 years. At what point do they begin to "man up" and take some responsibility for the failure of their big government agenda they have pushed through with 100% partisan votes and against all public opinion polls. Private industry made this country what it once was. Raising taxes on your employer at a time like this? Yeah...that will really help create more jobs. Create the largest new entitlement program in generations while doubling the national debt? Are you serious? Don’t we all remember the Dem’s pushing mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to make more and more bad loans to people who couldn’t afford to pay them back…creating the house of cards that help collapse the economy? Talk about incompetents and malpractice in running a country. You can’t make this stuff up. I’d love to see the Dems and Obama run a business. It would be quite comical.

Sarah Palin - One of the leaders of the movement to make sure we retain the greatest government ever devised - the Representative Republic of the USA.

In direct contrast we have the idiot "Acorn community" organizer socialist:
Obama's radical past
By Stanley Kurtz
On the afternoon of April 1, 1983, Barack Obama, then a senior at Columbia University, made his way into the Great Hall of Manhattan's Cooper Union to attend a "Socialist Scholars Conference." There Obama discovered his vocation as a community organizer, as well as a political program to guide him throughout his life.

@kewlbrez - Ah yes, the pathetic old "quitter" smear - Like your guy who did pretty much nothing in the Illinois Senate, voting "present" rather than actually doing what the people hired him to do. Who leveraged that position to get into the US Senate where he was even more useless and then QUITTING so he could leverage that to run for POTUS where he is absolute proof of the "Peter Principle" and that affirmative action hurts the very people it is supposed to help.

Gads. Is this the best America can do??

If anyone here thinks that putting the tax and spend Republicans in for the tax and spend Democrats will change anything I suggest therapy.

Both parties dance to the same tune: Corporate Money.

They don't give a crap about us.

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