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'Oh gosh,' Sarah Palin's new TLC show launches its first commercial

"Flippin fun," the former GOP vice presidential candidate is heard saying in the trailer for her new show, "Sarah Palin's Alaska."

The hockey mom's TLC reality TV show debuts Nov. 14, and based on what is seen during the 30-second commercial, it looks like audiences will be treated to hiking, kayaking and off-roading with the former Alaskan first family.

"I'd rather be doing this than in some stuffy old political office," Palin is heard saying while looking out on across a beautiful snowy vista. And how can you not agree with her? 

"I'd rather be out here being free," she declares as she is seen sledding behind a pack of snow dogs.

The eight-week TLC miniseries is scheduled to begin just in advance of "America by Heart", the follow-up memoir to Palin's bestselling "Going Rogue."

As fascinating as hunting and fishing with the Palins sounds, it won't be the only reality show to come out of Alaska. In August, it was announced that Bristol Palin's baby daddy, Levi Johnston, has begun shooting "Loving Levi: The Road to the Mayor’s Office," in which the young father attempts to win the seat Sarah Palin once held in Wasila.

Appointment television? You betcha.

-- Tony Pierce

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Sarah Palin and her loved ones have given up a great deal of family time, only to be scorned by people like Matt Damon who believe we came from monkeys and the cat Couric style media figures and all of their followers that would rather base their voting decisions on the hoot and holler of a celebrity than to truly know what Palin and her family stand for. She's the only one conservative enough for my vote and I'll take being a single lower 48 random duck over falling for being a loony goony any day. I'm writing this in the hopes that her family will be blessed as they make this program and that even if some of us in the lower 48 don't see the value of her humble style then, may the state the Palins live in enjoy having the best conservative leadership. I'll tune in any day to your show over anything Hollywood has to offer, and the AM Radio. There are those of us in the lower 48 that are thankful for your efforts, Dear Palins, and I'm glad I can say so in this L.A. Times Article. Dave Kessler, "East" L.A.----- for a Palin/Limbaugh '012

By all means, Sarah, stay up there in Alaska and be as 'free' as you like. Give the rest of us a break from your smarmy speeches, your lies, and your ego.
And Dave Kessler, you sure have a different definition of "humble" if you think it applies in any way to Sarah "Daily headline, daily paycheck" Palin.

I hope within the next five years I wake up at 3am and find her pimping Amway products. I then will know that karma is real.

Lest anyone doubt Palin's intent when, on July 3, 2009, she threw her oath of office for the highest, most honored and privileged position of our beloved state of Alaska into Lake Lucille:
The Quitter now states, "I'd rather be doing this than (?) in some dumpy old political office."

What ingratitude...after she misused millions of our state dollars to promote her personal self onto the national stage while she desecrated our esteemed office and position of governor at Alaska's expense...and left the state of our state a heck of a lot worse off than when she took office.

And her appointed successor Sean Parnell continues to keep her secrets. It's been more than 2 years now that public records requests were submitted for Palin's official email records ... and 14 extensions later that the Palin/Parnell administration has refused to disclose those email records.

The culture of corruption of the Palin/Parnell administration continues...unabated.

Andree McLeod
Anchorage, Alaska

Sarah, just stay in Alaska and free the rest of us from your nauseating speeches. That's where you say you want to be so just do it. However, the real truth is you prefer the limelight and the money. Can you believe they actually pay you for speaking?

I find the idea of running a political show on TLC reprehensible. I am boycotting TLC until they cancel this travesty. And I'm a Republican!

Flippin far out! The Cuda's show's ratings are gonna be in the stratosphere.

Football can wait.

Ah yes, Sarah would much rather be roughing it among the moose and the caribou. But ever the altruistic maligned martyr, she's willing to sacrifice her preferred lifestyle in order to spread the word of God, tea, and GOP to all patriotic Americans.

... for $100,000 per appearance, plus perks. So long as all press are banned from the event. Except for FOX News, because they know not to ask any unscreened, unscripted questions.

Dear Palins,
Keep up the good work, ignore the haters, keep leading regardless of any titles, enjoy family time and fellowship with edifying people in your lives and thanks for all the efforts you make. Just by being forgiving and not resentful for how you've been treated, your kindness reminds me to pray for our current leadership, work hard, wait on God and stay conservative regardless of criticism. Have a great time with your show. Sincerely, quiet admiration from a few of us spread throughout here and there that recognize your sincerity. //Dave Kessler

Vote for Palin / Arpaio in 2012!!

TLC has just lost a viewer... anyway I prefer her there than closer to power, what a corrupted poison snake, HER No to Universal Health care for all us Americans but HER YES to use Canadians one (paid by Canadians) for her family make me want to VOMIT... Yeah! I hope Carma really exist and she gets what she deserves

TLC just gained a viewer

Make her go away...please

As a teacher and fan of sarah I will be watching every show. Also I have a son station in Alaska. IAM SO PROUD OF AMERICA AND THE WONDERFUL RESULTS OF THE ELECTION!!!!!! WAY TO GO!!!!!! ALSO I THINK PRESIDENT BUSH IS DOING A GREAT JOB IN HIS INTERVIEWS!!

Good for you SARAH. What a marvelous show and the whole family can watch it without worry. No vulgar language, beautiful scenery, and a refreshing look at our nation. To all you bashers and bitter haters, Bah Humbug. How can you dislike this woman with common sense and morals. Keep on watching your biased, liberal newscasts and living in left field. If I was her I would stay up in Alaska and forget about all the political b.s.

S palins show was the best show on reality tv this year it's a shame it's not coming back again. This show was filmed top notch quality edited perfict and great to watch. To many people ditch her up front as well as her family when they don't even know the truth. My statement to you ,TLC, is great job and hope you continue to get this quality of show on the air.


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