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Nearly half of Obama's supporters have now given up on him: poll

Democrat president barack Obama greets a few supporters in Miami 10-11-10

Nearly half the people who once considered themselves supporters of President Barack Obama don't anymore.

Other than that, his virtually nonstop cross-country campaigning for embattled Democrats in the Nov. 2 election is working perfectly. Monday night, he spoke to two party fundraisers of ordinary American millionaires in Miami, as The Ticket reported here.

A new poll released today by Bloomberg News finds all that hopey-changey stuff is rapidly turning to disappointment and disenchantment. While 47% of all voters approve of Obama's job now, ominously for 2012 only 36% of onetime Obama supporters now approve. Feeling jilted?

Someone named Hillary Clinton is now viewed favorably by fully 64% of Americans, even more than like Obama's wife.

Of course, Obama is on no ballot three weeks from today. But Republicans appear to ...

... be succeeding in making the Democrat's first midterm election -- a time of traditional defeat anyway for the party of the White House occupant -- into a referendum on the Illinois guy.

Something about a stubborn national unemployment rate of 9.6% despite $700+ billion in non-stimulating stimulus spending and promises to keep the jobless rate below 8%.

Something about consecutive federal deficits of $1,291,000,000,000 and $1,416,000,000,000 despite that campaign promise to go through the budget line by line. Something aboutA happy Democrat president Barack Obama a controversial healthcare bill that a near-majority of Americans would like repealed.

On foreign policy, now that all the troops are on station from Obama's second Afghanistan troop surge, six in 10 Americans believe the 9-year-old war is a lost cause. Etc.

Meanwhile, a separate Gallup Poll Monday showed the Republican lead on the indicative generic congressional ballot remained strong.

A slim majority (53%) like the guy who just redecorated the Oval Office; he's got an OK jump shot and who knows what his golf handicap is after 52 rounds as chief executive?

They just don't like the job Obama is doing as president -- 47% think his policies have actually hurt the economy.

And 53% think that about the president's Democratic Party,  which, not coincidentally, has held complete control of both houses of Congress since the 2006 midterm elections.

Two-thirds of these likely voters do think George W. Bush hurt the economy, too. But it seems he hasn't been president now for 21 months and things are still in the tank, with no end in sight.

Unemployment is the country's top concern, as it has been for the entire Obama administration, even when he was holding more than five dozen healthcare townhalls. The deficit is the No. 2 concern.

In fact, almost two out of three Americans believe the country is on the wrong track under President Obama.

Which is not typically how congressional leaders like Democrats Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi would like the country to feel after 46 months of their Capitol Hill reign of error.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Jim Watson / AFP Getty Images (Obama greets a few Miami supporters too young to vote); Associated Press.

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this reads like a 1940's gossip column. (btw that's not a good thing)


I haven't and over the full term of his presidency (hopefully 8 years), I will be a loyal supporter of his. How would you like to clean up the mess after Bush?

If you can do so much better, get in the game and put yourself out there and let's see what you can do. At this point all I have from you is talk. Nothing else.

Who's Andrew Malcolm???

Obozo is facing far more difficult challenges for the second half of his first term. No more press honeymoon and fawning masses. No more compliant congress ready to write blank check after blank check and and an economy that stubbornly refuses to reinflate it's burst bubble. Add to that the upcoming currency wars, government debt crises, prolonged high unemployment, international and institutional instability, ethnic clashes and terrorism threats and you have el milagro presidente bumbling from crises to crises haplessly waiting for the lightning to come from the his golden mouth and fix everything. The next overinflated bubble to burst will be the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner's gigantic ego.

"Reign of error"...!!! Are my eyes upon the LA TIMES for real! You guys have finally come around to reality and fact from your two years of fiction! The readers deserve better as does the country which is why WE THE PEOPLE come NOVEMBER will be heard... for real!

You forgot something: only the good things that happen are the responsibility of the man in the oval office. Remember how 9/11 was Bill Clinton's fault, despite the fact that dubya had been in office for nearly a year? At least that's what you and your gang told us then; maybe the rules have changed now that a Democrat is in office.

You have to be some sort of freak-that-collects-government paychecks-red-diaper-doper-baby to still be supporting this Kenyan-muslim-maoist-usurper.

The President has a extreme progressive agenda and a Stepford Congress to legislate that agenda. Together, they more than doubled annual deficits 2007 to date compared to Republcan control of Congress the four years before. They have thrown money at every problem. That doesn't work. We spent billions on the LAUSD over the past 30 years. It has not improved education of our youth.

Fiscal issues are NOT just this President, or any President. Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution documents that ONLY Congress can spend, tax, or put us in debt. Congress is where the $ is.

Given that 91% of African-Americans still support Obama, that means the actual loss of support is far worse among the remaining 80% of non-African-American supporters, say 20% worse, which would mean Obama has lost the support of about 65% of his original non-African-American supporters, which is a stunning turn around of events in less than 24 months.

I guess Lincoln was right after all: "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time, even with a leftist-controlled media." (OK, I added the part in italics, but if Lincoln was alive today, I bet he would have included that last part himself, too.)

Obama and his Chicago boys are still guffawing over how all the chumps in the media reported that one with a straight face. Hey, it's a just another reason why running a gangster government is nothing but laughs for the Obama crew in the White House.
TO THE WEAK-KNEED REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRAT�..TO ALL THE COMMUNIST IN THE IG,FBI,CIA,AND U.S. Senators and the left wing media outlets�..Stop Obama's Attack on Our Borders, Economy, and Security,Wake up america!!!! This goverment is the most corrupt we have had in years. The good old boy network is very much in charge.Mr. obama and pelosi are the puppet masters.How many of their good friends benefited by the agreement ” what a farce. All of the u.sSenators voted for this. I am ashamed to say I voted for the these corupted self serving politicians.With good reason they picked an out of towner to be president.All u.s departments need an overhaul. We need to rid ourselves of the puppet masters and the dept heads that bow down to obama and pelosi.I am sick of the lip service I have been getting from these dummies over violations, their friends are getting away the goverment . Barack Hussein Obama , threatens friends and bows to Mmslim.
INPEACH OBAMA ,GOD OPEN YOUR EYES.///For us there are only two possiblities: either we remain american or we come under the thumb of the communist Mmslim Barack Hussein OBAMA. This latter must not occur.THE COMMANDER.
OBAMA goes about his business by speaking the lie. II Thessalonians 2 says that he comes "with all deceivableness of unrighteousness." Revelation 13:12 says, "and he spoke as a dragon...." Revelation 17 tells us that he was a false prophet, a prophet being one whose calling it is to speak and to teach. The armies of the world may have guns and tanks and bombs to bring people into submission; but the power of speech and ideas is a mighty power. In his initial attempts to destroy the cause of God Obama used a serpent to deceive the woman with crooked speech: "You will be like God." Now he uses a "dragon" who speaks crafty, lying words. His speeches will be heard by millions who will hang on his persuasive rhetoric. The content as well as the form of his speech will attract. Like most false prophets, he will even be sincere and passionate. But he is a liar. He adds dashes of truth to the mix, so that his lie tastes like truth. He will use all the right catchwords, using the language of the church, even throwing in a Bible text or two. But he is the ultimate Liar, and will deceive many.
OBAMA will use every tool available: school teachers, politicians, news broadcasters, artists, musicians, scientists and doctors, lawyers and businessmen. All will be pressed into the service of OBAMA to deceive men. But especially he will use those whose calling it is to persuade and to teach -- men who claim to be preachers of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
THE COMMANDER,,, REPOST THIS IF YOU AGREE .. THE END OF AMERICA .If one asks what he should look for in the days to come, I say this: there will be political union all nations will be gathered together into one mighty empire. This is the first of obama. There will also be religious union, joining all the religions and religious empires of the world. The powerful ecumenical movement of today, led by the religions of Christianity, will in the end fully succeed, swallowing up all the other religions of the world. You may expect to see one man over it all. obama. The Commander

I am giggling all the way to the ballot box!

So the fickle public dumps the Dems...fills the Congress with the GOP and they get to own the economy for awhile. Good luck with that.

Mr. Bo Jangles...............
Mr. Bo Jangles...............
Mr. Bo Jangles............... (More like Huggy Bear, dontcha mean?)

Dance............................. (Into oblivion, you fraudulent, lying, naked Marxist)

Now if we could only get half of those half off welfare we could pay half the national debt off in a couple months...

Yea and a Kenyan born man with no birth certificate who's never worked an honest job in his entire nomadic life could become president in the information highway era........ oops....

That's a pretty typical smirk in that photo of O'.
How much would you pay to get a REAL Lie To Me team to decipher facial expressions of politicians, especially before the election.

Andrew Malcolm. No kool-aid, no spin, "just the facts, Ma'am". And witty. BTW, the President's "crowd" seen above looks "fired up", but not numerous. Most look too young to vote.

All I can comment is this: Whoever in this great free country is happy with 10% unemployment, a deficit of "how many trillion dollars that can never be repaid, more taxes, health insurance "shoved down everyone's throat, as I say, if that's a program that fits, go for it. I'm not for blaming anyone, but let's wake up America and change what is taking this country straight to "hell."

The real purpose of this article is to promote Hillary. Sorry, but we hate Hillary, too! We are firmly against Obama because he campaigned as a healer and as a uniter. He is nothing but a Communist liar who has been quite successful in doing what foreign armies couldn't do: destroy America. Everyone knows and sees this. Only American Blacks still overwhelmingly support him and this is a tragedy.

I am glad some of his previously "head in the sand" supporters are starting to see how stupid they were.

Imagine a person who never had Military experience and pretends to govern Military personnel; imagine a civilian who never had any business experience pretends to govern the Business Sector; imagine Government appointees pretending to govern this usefull idiots have done such a thing; you've voted in a 'Fool' who doesn't have any experience in any sector. A kid who talked his way into your vote and your not even sure why he's popular. He's the guy you threw the basketball to and you don't even know why. The right to vote should come with an IQ test.

Only half?

BTW, 9/11 was Bill Clinton's fault. We were attacked again and again and again, but BC was too busy getting serviced to notice that these attacks were acts of war, not criminal matters.

Kudo's to the Writer, surprising beginning, both sides covered in the middle, and the ending totally unexpecte.

"While 47% of all voters approve of Obama's job now, ominously for 2012 only 36% of onetime Obama supporters now approve."

That is an absurdity on its face. The author is either a liar who can figure or an idiot who can't read poll results.

He is apparently referring to the 39% of DISAFFECTED Obama supporters who now no longer approve of the job he is doing. This group (which is defined as those who now support Obama less than they once did or not at all) is a little over two-fifths of those people who describe themselves as having been supporters of Obama at one time or another.

93% of the black folks still support there messiah. Hows that 20% unemployment workin for ya ?
You have been sold a bill of goods by the Democrat party for years. Read your history.
The 4 D's of the party symbolized by the jackasss, keep them Dumb, Dependent, Depressed and Democrat.
The free ride is gone when I'm not workin.

I like how he did not mention how a majority of his own party that disapprove of him do so because he is not far LEFT enough, moron.

I love how the Obamoids keep repeating how it took Bush 8 years to run the car into the ditch or the same tired metaphor and now Obama has "only" had 2 years so we have to give him 8 to destroy the country completely.

What if we already see after 2 years that his policies not only haven't improved a thing, but they have made a bunch of the Bush legacy worse? Much bigger deficits and debt, continuing wars with Americans still dying with no policy goal whatsoever, government controlled health care deform, just about every single campaign promise broken, calling opponents real or imagined names like bitter clingers, and 9.6% unemployment.

How can people say with a straight face that he is "cleaning up the mess?"
If Bush drove the car into the ditch, then Obama is soaking it with gasoline and setting it afire. Six more years of this or even two and there may not be anything left to salvage. Unbelievable that he stills gets any support at all.

"Someone named Hillary Clinton is now viewed favorably by fully 64% of Americans, even more than like Obama's wife."

Yeah, and someone named ME and 18 million of my close personal friends knew this before it was two and a half years too freakin late to do any good.

Thanks, O-bozos. We'll do for you what you did for us this November.

We have seen that "progressive" is simply a more palatable label for socialist.

The vast majority of Americans have seen how Social Democracy has failed miserably in Europe, and want none of it. The government can't efficiently run the Postal Service or AMTRAK - does anyone actually trust them to run the health care industry? Who in their right mind trusts a 2000+ page bill that few, if any, legislators have actually read? No American should be in favor of government control of all sources of energy, and thus all manufacturing and distribution. Nor should they favor government control of the media and the internet. This administration is trying to do both through the Cap and Trade, Net Neutrality, and a resurrection of the Fairness Doctrine. And redistribution of wealth is a distinctly socialist notion.

Government is the problem, not the solution.

Has anybody actually read the poll?? It doesn't say anything like what this bizarre editorial claims it does. According to the poll, 3% were former supporters who no longer support him, 1% of them actively oppose him, and 9% support him some days and not others.

And your point ??? Saint Ronnie (as in Reagan) had a 35% approval rating at this time in his first administration. Why? THE ECONOMY STUPID! However, PBHO (whom I did not vote for) has time on his side.


where's Obama Illegal Immigrants Aliens the demand Amnesty

This is a childish hit piece. It sounds like every republican sound byte for the last 6 months. No analysis, no deeper reading on the issues people are talking about- just spin. It shouldn't matter though, seeing as how the LA Times has been irrelevant for quite some time now.

(AM responds: And yet here you are taking all the time to read and scroll down and go through all the clicks to leave a comment. We appreciate being that kind of irrelevant. Thanks much.)

Now it's time to take action. Go to the polls in November and 'vote the Obama gang OUT'!

Hey, all the disenchanted Obama supporters -
Come on over and join the "Tea Party" in November!

Obama has been the greatest disaster to happen to the United States since we were attacked on December 7, 1941 by the Japanese military. Obama's policies are destroying the nation. His appointees are out and out socialst-Marxists. Many of them admitted it in their pasts. Anita Dunn praised Mao Tse Tung for being a wonderful leader; the maniac murdered tens of millions of Chinese people who opposed his tyrannical methods.

Obama is a dangerous man who needs to be stopped; the only peaceful solution is to vote out the Democrats in Congress and tie Obama's hands until he gets voted out of office himself. Please vote for the Republican candidates, if only this one time, to stop the Obama juggernaut that is dismantling America piece by piece.

Vote for non-Democrat candidates who will slash government spending at all levels, local, state, and federal. NOW before it is too late.

uneducated rants about socialism, marxist, and communism from the party of Facism, Bigotry, and Racism. The party of racist teabaggers hiding behind our flags as an excuse to hide their racism. Racist signs, Racist billboards, racist columns and books written by right-wing racists. homophobic, bigoted groups (Operation Black Storm). sad right-wing desperation pinning Obama and his supporters as racists aside from the fact that black people always support democrats because the republicans are racist a-holes, a clusterpuck of morons, racists,dumb rednecks making our country look stupid day by day. Why? all because they can't stand the thought of a black man becoming president. STOP SAYING THIS ISN'T ABOUT RACE!!! IT IS ABOUT RACE!!! YOU HATE THIS MAN BECAUSE HE'S BLACK AND IT MAKES YOU SICK INSIDE!!! If the GOP wins, then racism will raise higher! race relations have gotten worst and the racists blame Obama for this. And it's not the fault of the KKK card carrying, racist sign, billboard makiing, black hating, muslim hating, racist loving bastards. well in reality, it IS YOUR FAULT!!!

I said that Racism was on the rise. but i was called stupid. But not when there's proof.
commander is a racist, John Teeter is a racist, Chicago Nick is a racist, otbros is a racist, sickoffools is a racist, and HobartStinkson is a racist!

For two years, ever since Obama has become president, racism HAS been on the rise. White Christians have been on a tirade to bring down this presidency. Posting lies on a daily basis, questioning his birthplace and religion, pinning all of the republicans' screwup on Obama in a desperate attempt to get back in power. Creating fake documents, racist commentators ranting about bullcrap, constant fear tactics, hate smears, lies about Obama's policies, lies about Obama's personal life, lies about Obama's family, constantly changing history in their favor by turning right-wing dictator, Adolf Hitler and the Right-wing racist group, KKK, as left wingers.

I listened to the Black woman who confronted Obama last week at a town hall meeting and, after listening to her for about a minute, came to the conclusion that SHE COULD DO BETTER THAN HIM. That anonymous woman could make better decisions, and probably be a better leader, than this useless Obama! Thank you lady, whoever you are, and you've got my vote...

Yuri Bezmenov on YouTube explains how Obama has been able to become president with so little opposition

All of the people who have stopped supporting President Obama after 20 months were never supporters in the first place. I agree with statements over the past few months are correct. Take your ball and go home. But please know if you give up on him now, we will give up on you going forward. In other words get ready to have the GOP rule this country for many years to come. Just like you we will take our ball and go home and leave you to yourselves.

who cares who he is Hary Lang the point is that this writer has facts and is simply stating them quit being naive about Obama being voted by 47% of politicians in actually hurting our economy with his policies, what makes you think hell do any better with 4 more years?
As for all you Obama lovers out there Obama has done nothing to help our economy in a significant way in which FDR did in his first four years, my point is its possible all we need is a capable president in which Mitt Romney seems to be in 2012 as a candidate that is able and with his proven financial knowledge to fix this economy, CHANGE? yeah right now with Obama as president we need a change. Before voting do your research don't vote for a man simply because of his skin color as most of you do, get educated in that aspect first, be an educated voter and make a difference.



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