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Obama rally ignites USC


President Obama is currently at USC to speak to crowds of students and the public in an effort to energize voters for the midterm election.

The Twitterverse is especially active with comments from supporters, voters and critics.

Here are a few sample tweets:

@RANKIS: Went to UCLA, but I'd love to be at #ObamaUSC right now. Okay L.A. stand as one. It's your day. It's California's day. It's the Nation's day

@hotpsychic: I have a psychic prediction. Republicans will win 120 seats in the House, and all 33 in the Senate. #ObamaUSC

@jdguenther: Overheard at USC Obama rally "We should have tailgated." 

@marc_cooper: RT @neontommy: New Slideshows from the ground at USC: #uscobama #obamausc

@hillelaron: Jamie foxx: "can I put y'all on my twitter?"

@allisonkgibson: Jerry Brown kept it shockingly short.

@NotYaAvg80sBaby: wish i was able to go see Obama today ... heard the line was 4000 people long at 8am said forget it lol #obamausc

The hashtags #obamausc and #uscobama are trending in Los Angeles. You can follow either stream to get attendees' live impressions.

-- Lori Kozlowski

Photo: People await the arrival of President Obama at USC. Credit: David McNew / Getty Images


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I think he just landed at the Burbank airport. A military helicopter is taking him to USC. That helicopter flew over my house 10 min. ago and rattled the windows.

You poor saps... What will Socialism do for you? What has it done for the millions of murdered victims in Europe? It's a shame you haven't been required to take some History classes, because to follow the pied piper is to repeat the folly.

Who cares. Ask him to prove he is an American and show his REAL Birth Certificate. Come 2012, lets take out the trash.

...and we ran up another $140 billion in debt this month. The credit card generation doesn't seem to understand, but when the bill comes due they certainly will.

Wake Up America!!!!!!!!

This guy doesnt have a clue.

Months ago when he attened a Chicago White Sox game he was asked who was his favorite Sox player and he couldnt name a single player, past or present. Take off the Sox hat and take off the pres suit.

I wish him and his entire crew of LOSERS would stay in DC and Chicago. That includes his wife.

Really? Twitter posts? *shakes head*

Fight On!

No mention of the union stagehand who was fired for wearing a sweatshirt he purchased at the USS George H. W. Bush? The man's son is in the Navy serving on the aircraft carrier, so he wore the sweatshirt and cap when he was called by his union to help set up the Obama/Boxer/Brown rally at USC. His union supervisor instructed him to turn the sweatshirt inside/out, so that the name "Bush" could not be seen. He refused, and was fired. KTLA has the video - I guess the LATimes can't be bothered with this story, huh?

Fascism anyone?

rally ? for what.... unemployement rate over 15%... vote them out !

Commies commies everywhere.. Surprised they didn't get lost on their way from blocking the streets in front of the Fed building in Westwood

Are these people crazy or what! Obama has proven himself to be nothing but a fraud. Do people still listen to this man who doesn't know how to come in out of the rain, unless he reads it from his teleprompter? Every time he speaks he lies, it's his way or the highway. We have a president, Obama, who doesn't like people, he hates America but want people to vote for him to keep him in power.

OVERCOME A REPUBLICAN FILIBUSTER --- gee, why would the Republicans' want to filibuster this bill--- (latest financial reform bill) that controls greedy, capitalistic Wall Street? The government needs to protect America from future bailouts (the government created , controlled, and as usual made worse the situation; but this does not matter social equality is on the way, so we can all suffer equally). We need a 2,300-page legislation --- hope they had time to read it, but we can be sure the mandates are numerous --- private industry mandates, of course.
It should be evident the White House is controlled by radical, progressive socialists that hate capitalism because nearly everything the elites' do shows America is going to be controlled by elitists' --- and the irony is many people want this --- apparently thinking the government is on the side of the poor --- the socialist progressives don't give a rats a** about the poor --- they want to remake America into a nanny state, that will be taxed, and mandated to oblivion/dictatorship.
--- Paranoid thought? --- maybe the opinions of the debt commission would bring some light to the oblivious.
--newsmax-com Debt Commission Leaders Paint Gloomy Picture 11 Jul 2010
At least some common sense leaks out now and then --- PLEASE get e-mails from your reps, and VOTE THE CORRUPT OUT
November elections may be Americas only hope --- please help stop the insanity --- of course there is corruption in the election process also; please research election reform, and capitalistic/private enterprise presidential candidates.
--- the debate is capitalism/private enterprise vs. socialism/Marxism/government control.


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