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Mr. President, sign my iPad

Obama signs iPad

At a rally in Seattle on Thursday, Sylvester Cann decided, like many, to ask the president for his signature.

Unlike hundreds of other clamoring supporters, Cann asked President Obama to go digital. He asked him to sign his iPad.

Using the Adobe Ideas app, Cann scrawled "Mr. President, sign my iPad" onto his screen.

Obama obliged.

Check out the YouTube video of the electronic signing.

-- Lori Kozlowski

Photo: Sylvester Cann asks President Obama to sign his iPad as the president greets the crowd during a rally for Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) on Thursday in Seattle. Credit: Susan Walsh / Associated Press

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Hm, smart.

Backward people for sure.

He definitely has a gift - his mind candy has made some people delusional - wonder how mesmerized they will be when their check from work has a deduction for health care - care that will give their freeloading neighbor health"care" for nothing because he won't work - or an illegal alien free health "care" because he lies about his qualifications - or gives little Johnny free care for his runny nose, while granny doesn't get her expensive medicine covered; of course they will never get old - and need health care.
It doesn't much matter - things have "progressed" to near bankruptcy, and social services will have to be cut at some time anyway - so enjoy all the necessary "reforms" - some day people will say don't care if it's socialists/totalitarian control - got to have a job - keep getting in bed with the devil/keep thinking the government will do whatever they want, and see how much hell can be mandated.


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