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Ominous new Gallup findings for Democrats: Blacks still love Obama, others not so much

Democrat president Barack Obama greeting presidents of Black Colleges and universities at White House 9-13-10

The good news for President Obama is his popular support among blacks is holding steady at 91%.

The bad news is no other group of potential voters likes him that much.

In fact, 29 days before his first midterm elections, the Democrat's approval ratings remain mired below 50%.

A new Gallup Poll this morning finds his approval rating for September was 45%, almost the same as August's 44%. Obama's not exceeded the crucial 50% level in a single month so far this year.

Since Obama's name is not on any ballot Nov. 2, the proportions of Americans who like or dislike the fellow on Oct. 1 of a midterm election year shouldn't matter, in theory. However, history indicates otherwise.

Presidents with approval ratings below 50% at midterm time see their party suffer substantial losses in its congressional membership, regardless of how much explaining and blaming the president attempts in the campaign leading up to what becomes, in effect, a referendum on the president.

And since Democrats currently hold substantial majorities in both the Senate and House of Representatives, they have substantially more seats to lose. A switch of 39 House and 10 Senate seats would give control of both houses to the Republicans for the first time since they lost it in 2007.

Democrats (79%) and liberals (75%) still like Obama a lot.

But after that, his approval percentage goes to the deep south. Support among even young people is down: 57%. Hispanics: 55%. Moderates: 54%. Unmarrieds: 53%. Easterners: 52%. Women: 47%. Midwesterners and Westerners: 45%.

Men: 43%. Southerners: 41%. Independents: 40%. Marrieds: 39%. Seniors: 38%. Whites: 36%. Conservatives: 23%.

Amazingly, among Republicans Obama still manages to hold the support of 12%.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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This is probably between "he's one of us" and "we (Paul) love him but all you others (Peter) don't". Another factor is that there are those that want a communist tyrannical utopia over a entrepreneur laden capitalist system. I can understand the freedom of a United Order but to force people to accept what he is building up in his form of socialism/communism is not American.

So who are the racists???

Nothing better than a poll based on ethnic groups to split Americans.

I love the very first commenter trying to help buck up the democratic troops by citing irrelevant percentages and finishing up with as his argument that democrats in congress have equal support as republicans. I took the time to enter, left out the part about "Huffington Post, the new home of" check it out for yourself. Yeah, no bias there, remember Research2000 used by DailyKos, they are now out of business because they shaded the results to fit their owners agenda, don't believe me, look it up for yourself. Let's stick with Gallup, RealClearPolictics or with Rasmussen, who by the way was the closest in predicting Obama's 2008 victory (off by 0.1%) because they use LARGE samples of LIKELY voters.

So are you telling us black America is racist or clueless?

Shame on you lamestream, you should simply admit your culpability in keeping Americans uninformed or disinformed.
Still, undersell if you wish but it won't make November go away.

re:"I don't know where they are getting their results because ALL of the educated Black Americans I talk to do no favor oblahblah at all.

Posted by: Mike | October 04, 2010 at 07:08 AM "
I think you answered your own question - you know the 3%.

My guess is that those 13% of conservatives who by poll say they like him, are not really conservatives, but liberals pretending to be. In just 19 months, Obama has piled $2.6260 trillion of public debt onto every man, woman and child in the U.S. This is fiscal treason.

The chickens are coming home to roost!

So what! Blacks are about 12.5% of the US population and decreasing every decade. The media needs to get over the blacks are great fallacy and start talking about what they cost this country in crime, welfare and underachievement in education and productivity.

Is this a surprise?

Obama guilted US blacks into voting SKIN COLOR instead of ISSUES.
And they followed right along, like good little racists.
It was wquite amazing how many times I heard
"Hooray! The BLACK man won!"
I never heard:
Hooray! The BEST man won!"

So OF COURSE they will stand behind their mistake. no matter HOW obvious.

91%...91? No wonder why Blacks can't achieve on their own. They need "affirmative action" and all sorts of crutches and wheelchairs to make up the difference for their missing 100 IQ points.

And I guess we are suppose to be surprised by this poll. LOL

I like the guy but I don't like his policies. Simple isn't it, eh?

Looks like the only ones left who still like Obama are LA Times subscribers.

I can't understand who the 12% of Republicans are who still like this guy! What's shameful, is the way Obama has used race in campaigning, playing to his base and to blacks. Yet, poverty has increased sharply under Obama. He hasn't helped blacks or other minorities at all, and they should re-think their support. His race and class warfare that Obama engages in is shameful.

It says more about the black community--looking for handouts, not hand-ups...

Blacks and illegal aliens and catering to their lazy asses will be the downfall of America.

Obama the great divider.

And the reason 90% of blacks liked/like Bill Clinton and 90% of blacks liked/like Al Gore... must be that heinous, heinous black racism, it wasn't at all the numerous Republicans and pundits who permeate the GOP who then, as now, do everything from display the confederate flag to oppose the civil rights act. Presidential candidates who dismiss Plessy vs Ferguson to call Roe or Hamdi "the worst decisions the supreme court has ever made". Heck, many of these voting blacks were alive when Nixon and Reagan openly catered to racists, before the republican politicians got more skilled at the dogwhistling we see today and left the open racism to the conservative pundits.

The poll is very telling...its indicative of why the African American subculture has been the source of much social unrest in America throughout history...they simply are not in touch with the majority fo Americans

Isn't it racist to print an article that clearly implies whites are so much smarter than blacks?

If the democrats wanted a black guy, there are many who were far more qualified than the community organizer in chief. The man was never qualified to be president-he has never run anything, so no one should be surprised by his socialist beliefs, poor perfomance and failure as president.

It seems like African Americans can not get over the color thing at objectively look at issues

Welcome to the post-racial era of BHØ. The standard of living for blacks has gone DOWN under this Administration. But you’d have to be standing among at least 10 African Americans to find just ONE who realizes that fact. The plantation is alive and well.

Posted by: AndrewL | October 04, 2010 at 04:20 AM

That's right, dude. Nothing to see here. It's all good. Democrats are sitting pretty.

Mmm hmm. Yeah.

Seems to me the 91% are the racists. Until blacks stop being so needy and dependent they will never be more than slaves to the liberals!

Obviously blacks only like Obama because of his race. It's not possible for 96% of blacks to agree where to eat dinner, let alone political issues. How is that not racist?

Why would his approval be so high I wonder?

May I recommend the book "The Bell Curve"

Proof positive of its assertions.

Poll must be wrong. There is no way 23% of conservatives approve of Obama

So give the liberals and blacks their own little niche in the US and let them run their own country - NE preferably and the remainder of the nation can separate from them and run our own country - time for change is right!!!

What's surprising about a 91% approval rating among blacks is that Obama has done nothing but make life harder for blacks and other minorities. His policies are terrible for working class Americans and impoverished blacks. He hasn't created a single organic job since he took office - only temporary, make-work jobs designed to keep the constituency suppressed and under control. He still supports policies that kill jobs and prevent employment.

Black America, please wake up and realize you are only being used and abused. These people are only making you dependent upon them, so that you have to vote for them to continue receiving government benefits. They're taking away the jobs that would make you self-sufficient, and committing you to a lifetime of slavery to and dependence upon the government. Only you can stop it.

The never-ending race war Obama has created. Why on earth would 91% of blacks still support this guy? What exactly has he done for them?

LOL at black peeps. Get a least 9% of blacks see thru this clown man.

So many cynics. All it takes is a statistic for people to use it to support their myopic views. 91% must mean blacks are racist, nevermind that nearly 80% + supported the democratic white guy in the past. So that would mean that about 11% more may be supporting solely on skin color - so what? There's gotta be plenty of people who vote only because someone is white ... again, so what? Get a grip people, instead of painting an ENTIRE group of people as racist. And for those that say that blacks only vote dem because of handouts ... again, NO. The democratic party has focused on the poor, trying to lift them up out of that poverty ... it doesn't always work, but their policies are generally for people who have little say or voice or means (DOESN'T MATTER THE RACE!). Sure, some people (of ALL RACES) take the handouts and work the system, but to paint an entire segment of the population as doing so is just incredibly asinine. And just because it may seem to many that more blacks are taking hand-outs than whites still doesn't make an entire group of black people bad, lazy, etc. If our system creates a percentage of cheaters, then work to change it, but seriously, quit looking for people to blame, focus on your own issues and concerns, feel free to debate the ideology and vote accordingly, but don't do these broad brushes and dismissals of your fellow Americans. A little thoughfulness and respecfulness goes along way. (And yes, this message is very EVERYONE, blacks, whites, dems, repubs, etc, etc).

What a joke! This is the kind of "news" that would be deemed evidence of a sinister and pervasive bigotry IF the President (and supporting majority) were white.

The facts are that black people are the most racist ethnic group in America. Martin Luther King dreamed that one day a man would be judged by his character not the color of his skin. Blacks are doing the complete opposite. They refuse to judge this man by his character and support him only because of the color of his skin. BOTTOM LINE! Most Christian blacks support him even though his policies are completely at odds with most of their religious beliefs. It's sad that racism will never die, because of black people.

Nothing to see here folks so just move along. Keep the line moving. Blacks are core racists. Now that's a real scoop! Obama is a racist. I'm shocked! Change we can believe in. Yes We Can.

If 91 percent of white people where in favor of white candidate just because he white they would be called racists.

First off I dislike Obama because he thinks he's a modern day robin Hood, when it's more like "ROBBIN" the hoods to give to the other hoods.

Sounds more like an intellect and common sense divide rather than a racial divide because we see many many successful African Americans in America, especially now joining in with the 'None of the Above' Tea Party while the poor and uneducated whites AND minorities ALIKE head for the freebie line.

Anyone who can't see that's what the Sharpton's and Jackson's wanted all along is sadly brainwashed with racial hatred which elevates their status (the race baiters mentioned the lefty's eye at least) along with their substantial and always growing personal fortunes.

They're not poor and never have been . Charletons. Wait til their gone and the divide all of a sudden closes. Look at Triple J (JJ JR) and his millions garnered from extortion of Anheuser Bush tossing daddy J a distributorship to shut him up in the 90's for a sliver of the available evidence of that arrangement.

I know not one Caucasian who gives a dang what color anyone is. It's what's inside them that we look at and ghetto is a personality that's developed and can be eschewed and is all the time. I know as many white failures as any other color, as anyone knows deep down at least that 'bummage' knows no boundaries.

Anyone who's a minority today if they wish to take advantage of it all can get free college, free housing, free paychecks just like Obama did and come out all the way on top. Sadly it takes a lot of work that those who aren't accustomed to can rarely do at an advanced age since our society has deemed most folks over 45 useless no matter what their 'race'. But the kids still have a chance, IF they take advantage of it. Hangin and bangin' aint taking advantage of it..

This just in...if a black acorn pos polls a black person can you imagine the courage it took for 9% of them to say obama is destroying the US? Is it possible that some of the 91% "approvers" just say they approve so as not to bring down the wrath of black dems down upon them?

How on earth do 23% of conservatives like Obama? This is a stark contradiction.

And how would it be that 91% of Blacks still like Obama and it wouldn't be racially motivated?

So, why does it matter what race, creed or whatever? Aren't all of people in the poll Americans? So, if 91% support Obama, does the same amount think we are on the right path and do they agree with everything he's doing? How about the higher than average number of blacks that are unemployed do they support the agenda? I guess liking somebody and accepting the things that are being done or not being is another. Reghardless of the spin, the bottom line is that we are worse off today than we were 21 months ago; unemployment is still at 10%, the deficeit is out of sight and we still don't know what our tax rate is going to be in January. Great Job, right.

91% percent of blacks supporting Obama is racism? Well. so was Whites not voting for him.
They call Obama a socialist because they can’t call him a ni@@er. And why doesn’t anyone point out that George W. Bush federalized the transportation safety workers? The government took over an entire industry and threw all the private security companies out of the airports. THAT is socialism. Why doesn’t anyone talk about the socialist government in Alaska where the government extorts payments from the oil companies and distributes the money to the citizens? That seem a lot like socialism too.

I see a quote from someone very ill informed that "blacks" know where their bread is buttered so they will stick with the "democrats". A little history (before it was liberally revised). A Republican president freed the slaves. The democrats did everything they could to extend segregation and stop integration. George Wallace, one of the most anti black governors was a democrat. Democrats tried to keep the black people from getting to vote. The KKK was created by democrats. And finall none other that LBJ (democratic president) said, and it is documented, "let's give those (insert N word here) some free handouts and we'll have them voting democratic for decades." Now how black people think the democrats are actually in their corner completely confounds me but maybe peoples memories are shorter than I thought.

These percentages are to be expected. Obama is the nation's first Black president, and Blacks are still enamored by the election.

But make no mistake. Blacks are as smart as Whites and Asians. At some point they will set aside his color and see Obama's accomplishments as what they are. A disaster.

Maybe he should run for president of Kenya and screw up their country.

Yet more proof of how the black people of America still base everything on race, thank you Jessie Jackson. Booker T. Washington said in 1915 that there were too many people in the civil rights movement didn't want the problem to be fixed, because it gave them an easy living and medium to make themselves prominent in the public eye, and as a result it hasn't. The race-baiters are alive and well in nearly every facet of black life, from music to TV to politics, they don't want it to end.

I would be careful jumping to conclusions about racism based on this poll - especially when you consider that in recent history, Black support for Democrat presidents regardless of the individuals race seems to hover in the 90% range. It has more to do with Blacks unshakable alignment with the Democratic Party rather than race preference for an individual candidate. Both are equally boneheaded if you ask me.

here's another news flash. . . . the sun came up this morning

Confirmed: Blacks are racists.

here's another news flash. . . . 91% of blacks think OJ didn't do it, the other 9% are certain he didn't

If this poll is correct, race more than substance remains an issue. There are those of many races who deem anyone disagreeing with policies and legislation as racist rather than opposing substance or fiscal responsibility. Too bad we can't follow the President's lead. From what I have seen, he has done what he can to take race out of things. Except when it comes to the vote. But that's not unusual for anyone, of any race or ethnicity. Politicians use what they can for their political advantage to get their agenda(a) accomplished. I wish we were all...all races, more like Martin Luther King. Content of character over what we look like on the outside.

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