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Ominous new Gallup findings for Democrats: Blacks still love Obama, others not so much

Democrat president Barack Obama greeting presidents of Black Colleges and universities at White House 9-13-10

The good news for President Obama is his popular support among blacks is holding steady at 91%.

The bad news is no other group of potential voters likes him that much.

In fact, 29 days before his first midterm elections, the Democrat's approval ratings remain mired below 50%.

A new Gallup Poll this morning finds his approval rating for September was 45%, almost the same as August's 44%. Obama's not exceeded the crucial 50% level in a single month so far this year.

Since Obama's name is not on any ballot Nov. 2, the proportions of Americans who like or dislike the fellow on Oct. 1 of a midterm election year shouldn't matter, in theory. However, history indicates otherwise.

Presidents with approval ratings below 50% at midterm time see their party suffer substantial losses in its congressional membership, regardless of how much explaining and blaming the president attempts in the campaign leading up to what becomes, in effect, a referendum on the president.

And since Democrats currently hold substantial majorities in both the Senate and House of Representatives, they have substantially more seats to lose. A switch of 39 House and 10 Senate seats would give control of both houses to the Republicans for the first time since they lost it in 2007.

Democrats (79%) and liberals (75%) still like Obama a lot.

But after that, his approval percentage goes to the deep south. Support among even young people is down: 57%. Hispanics: 55%. Moderates: 54%. Unmarrieds: 53%. Easterners: 52%. Women: 47%. Midwesterners and Westerners: 45%.

Men: 43%. Southerners: 41%. Independents: 40%. Marrieds: 39%. Seniors: 38%. Whites: 36%. Conservatives: 23%.

Amazingly, among Republicans Obama still manages to hold the support of 12%.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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If you don't like Obama, are you disqualified from being black?
Or is black-ness qualified by the color of one's skin? Or is it by some Jim Crowe type calculation?
What's Obama's approval rating amongst mainstream media executives? After all, Hitler wouldn't have gotten anywhere that he did without his press faithfully pushing his agenda on the usually gullible masses.

Here is what I don't get. Black folks lives have not improved in the 20 or so months since Obama came into office. When Obama won the presidency, the most given answer of why they voted for him, was soley on the fact that he was black, and nothing else.
Now with unemployment among African American males hovering above the 20+ percent, it baffles me that the African American community still support this President. Hey I get that it may be a pride thing for African Americans. The first African American President. Hey I get that. However, to continue to support such a man with such radial ideas on domestic policy, just boggles the mind. Are African Americans just that intrigued with this President that they are blinded to the reality that is all around us.
Are African Americans waiting for the "spreading of the wealth" like Obama seems to be indicating in his policies. Is African Amercian culture a culture that relies on entitlements? That they cannot exist on thier own? That the remaining 9% are the achievers in Black society? This 91% seems to echo the majority of Germans that followed Hitler. Germany was devistated. Is this the same path that the American African is destined for?

Up or down votes on polls are inherently uninformative. What polls like this don't speak to is "why". Some non-blacks may dislike him because they think he's too liberal, some may dislike him because he's not liberal enough, and some may just dislike him because they are un- or under-employed and they somehow assign the blame for their situation on the President.

And compared to what? John McCain? George Bush? Bill Clinton? No President? The best President imaginable? It's kind of silly to look at such an elementary poll like this and try to extrapolate anything other than black people like Obama because he's (mostly) black, and everybody else is somewhere in the middle. I'm sure if you took a poll of 60 year old hay-slinging white Texans, about 91% of them would approve of George Bush. And what would you have learned from that exercise? Hmm?

Pretty much mirrors the "who thinks O.J. is innocent" poll numbers right after the trial.

I think it is best to be hard on the president for the presidents own good. Keep them on their toes and wary of the public. That way they are more likely to do the majority will.

I understand that most black people are liberals, and I understand that Obama's color is a bonus, but 91%? Seriously, it's time to start holding the politicians feet to the fire! Obama is not from the ghetto, he is from an affluent suburban neighborhood, just like most white politicians. Give me a break!

What else is new....

FACTS mean nothing to black people...

Obviously 91% of black people are racial bigots according to this pole.......

After all, almost the same percentage of black people supported OJ Simpson too....

OJ, Obama .... whats the difference...

The entire legal concept of "jury nullification" was created to deal with the bigotry exhibited by black people when they ignore the facts in order to let a guilty black person go free....

Same old, same old. Blacks support blacks almost unanimously, especially if they are felons, or have stuck it to the man. Look at Rep. Jefferson, and many, many other corrupt black legislators. Re-elected for term after term, until law enforcement finally nailed them. The fact that comrade Hussein is a marxist, and muslim, bothers them not a wit, as they expect him to redistribute the wealth of the U.S. to them. No difference between those thoughts and living totally off the system of entitlements. When the Demoncrats get their butts handed to them in November, there will be a lot of angry blacks, along with progressives/marxists, and libtards. Watch the fireworks around the country.

We all know blacks are the most racist of all Americans. They're the only group which demands to have their foreign roots denoted in their claim to be American. This poll proves that most blacks are extremely racist, approving of the worst president ever, simply because he's African.

Birds of a feather will stick together. I am so sick and tired of the Black Folk with their race card. Everything is just race race race to them. Oh maybe I forgot government reimbursement for their grandparents being slaves is also a hot topic. Why don't they educate themselves in a needed profession, work hard, invest their money prudently and be rich like the rest of the US.

sooo not surprising considering they are all ACORN's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol!

Gee, what a surprise....Democrats love handouts and they're generous with someone else's money.

All this tells me is that 91% of blacks support a clueless president who has NOTHING in common with me OR they support him, regardless of his inept "leadership", because he is black which makes 91% of blacks racists. Either way I have NOTHING in common with blacks, their culture or "values" ......why then do I have to applaud diversity?

Unfortunately the sneakeoil salesman helps to keep the people in the Democrat plantation.

Yea, and who are the rascists again?

In my own poll I have witnessed that most of my best black friends agree with me, that President Obama is taking our country in the wrong direction. Since I have one hundred black friends, and I consider 9 of them to be my best friends, we are steadily trying to inform my other friends of the historical facts involved with determining why they still consider the democrats to be in their best interest! It is a slow and trying reality convincing them that "historically" democrats are not their friends but simply a means to an end. That being a new sort of plantation which would include all of us holding hands as Martin Luther King Jr. envisioned. Unfortunately, all of us are still in the fields while they are in the big house eating kobe steaks!

91% of blacks also thought OJ was innocent. That makes twice they've been completely wrong.

They just care about the color of his skin - his lack of experience and his foolish, destructive policies be damned.

I can't wait for November, and then for 2012 - this idiot and all his cronies are history (bad history at that...)

Looks like Black people are more racist than white to me. When you support an epic failure because of his race...or you want free stuff and white people to pay for it? Whats up with that?..and Im not white...

Obama is an impostor with the same personality shortcomings of George W. Bush, the previous impostor president. Both are self absorbed with their own sense of historical importance, both are dismissive of criticism, vindictive, unwilling to compromise and both promised to “unite” the country, but both are divisive personalities with little knowledge of economics and organisational management. Bush was often mistaken, but never uncertain and a politician who stayed BOUGHT. Obama has not stayed bought.

Obama courts the Indian-American votes and their political contributions and then supports xenophobic legislation and is trying to force India to surrender Kashmir to Pakistan in exchange for supporting India’s bid for a spot on the U. N. Security Council. He recently signed a bill that more than doubled H1-B visa for critically needed Indian engineers and has been reported to have told the Egyptian Ambassador to the States that Obama is in fact a Muslim. ( Aboul Gheit, the ambassador, stated that on Nile TV.

We are supporting Nikki Haley for South Carolina Governor after Obama’s operatives wrongfully accused her of immoral behavior. Obama is nothing more than a slick Chicago politician who has duped the American public. Piety that the American Negros are so ill-informed that they cannot see that Obama’s policies have driven more of them into poverty.

This gallup poll must also be indicative of the intelligence divide.

A textbook example of racism. Could you imagine the uproar and rioting if the situation were reversed. It's always nice that we can still employ a double standard.

Voting for Obama because he is black is every bit as racist as not voting for him for the same reason. End the nightmare, let's take away Obama's "Change" in November!

This just proves once again that Black people hold deep racist views and make important decisions based on the color of ones skin rather than the content of ones character.

Oh yeah..blacks are real biggots...this is a real first, they must just like him because he's black. Just like Clarence Thomas, and Michael Steele..who've done wonders for the rethuglicans. It couldn't possibly be because *Gasp* he's a D'D'D'Democrat?? Did I stutter? ..when is the last time a democrat didn't carry 80+% of the black vote??

The one's spinning this story are the ones making it a racial issue, and by and large minorities support liberals because liberals have traditionally been pro-minority, whether Lincoln back when the republicans were the liberal party, or Kennedy during civil rights. Do you think they should be supporting the ones who want to give out a lifetime of tax cuts to the wealthy that have worked "so well" thus far? Call Obama a socialist wealth spreader for advocating an implementation of higher taxes on the countries small percentage of super wealthy (who arent putting it back into the economy anyway and this would be more like the pre-Reagan rates so its not unAmerican) but just know you're turning a blind eye to the wealth hoarders who wanted no regulation on banks, wall street, housing, you name it and helped cause this mess in the first place. Did Cheney have the masses flashed to forget the Bush administration like the Men in Black?

I'm surprised so many people on LA can write in English.

Blacks support Obama , because and only because they "think he is black" . Even if he were ( and he is NOT black at all ! white mother / arab father ) , nobody should approve just because of race . That is being as much a racist as one could ever hope to be . 48 % of white america voted for Obama . Many because they hoped it would end racial issues and instead it had escalated them . Most if not all of the blame on Obama and his administration ! The wool has been pulled over the eyes of many and most of black america , and they refuse to see the truth because they want to believe that their "messiah" has come . Wake up and accept the raw deal you were dealt in 2008 . The whole country got the wool pulled over their eyes .

Martin Luther King convinced whites to vote for his character not the color of his skin. Blacks voted for skin color not character. Who fooled who? Don't make this mistake again!!

The democratic party is NOT for black america . They are for keeping black america poor and buying their votes . Republicans freed the slaves . Keep that in mind

Truly sad. So many people of color don't realize they are still down on the plantation, and it is the Democrat party that strives to keep them there.

It s funny being black isn't the reason they like solely its because bigots like those on here hate him for being blackbut can't admit it because they fill guilty and the black community loves that. If Obama was a white male his poll numbers would be through the roof.Truth be told Obama has at least done something for there community by giving them a figure to look up to while all the other 42 white presidents have absolutely did nothing especailly the moderate day republicans. I bet 80 percent of blacks like bill clinton too. They don't like Republicans because all they do is promote greed and strip resources from poor communities. Just like they are about to do now. Benefits go bye bye, Inequality gap goes through roof and so does opportunities for those born poverty. Third world living here we come.

Something is wrong with this poll. The information must be distorted or contrived. I cannot think of many--or any--issues where you will find a group 91% in support of a politician. Where are all the black people who should be replying to affirm their support Obama? Just read the comments for yourself... Personally, I have more respect for blacks than this. I do not believe the majority are stupid enough to want a life of dependency on the government plantation. But then, I know many intelligent, productive, hard-working blacks who want to keep what they have earned.

The main reason why some blacks have an unshakable love for the President is because they are prejudiced. To be prejudiced has nothing to do with the pigmentation of one's skin, it's the heart of a person. It makes no sense when you look at the predicament of the black community now as compared to when President Bush was leading the country. The black unemployment rate is much higher now than it was then. The liberal philosophy is a religion, this proves it. Most American blacks who confess to be Christians are not that faithful to the Christian faith. I want to end this because I'm tired. The Empire is finished, the Russians and the Chinese are coming. The Lord Jesus Christ is your only hope.

If 91% of white people EVER supported one candidate, it would be unreal, bizarre, inhuman.
Draw your own conclusions, but I have one: Black Democrats are trapped in a hellish Plantation that will never solve their problems, only continue to abuse and use them for their own purposes. And none of those purposes are meant to help black people. When are these dopes going to wake up????

I think he's doing a much better job than Barbara Boxer. How is it that she is ahead in the polls?


Is this news, is this a surprise? Come on, who else but A/Americans would continue to support an adminstration that has all but ignored them , that has provided nothing but lectures. That has promised them nothing and delivered nothing to them, and A/americans apparently are happy to get it.

17% unemployment here we come, hey Im broke and unemployed but we got a black president.

Finally a poll that substantiates what I've been saying all along which is blacks are the most racist group of people in the country. Now we finally have it quantified for all to see.


Now we know where racism truly exist. If we can believe these poles it proves that Obama is a hate monger and race bater. It should be insulting to black citizens that 91% polled hate whites or I should say have caucasion phobia. Looks like Al Sharpten and the black caucus have gotton there way. As long as there is race hatred they make out like bandits.

"In fact, 29 days before his first midterm elections"


Let's hope and pray there's not a sequel....

Obviously, the majority of blacks are just not paying any attention. They will, once they are forced to buy ObamaCare and after their discretionary spending dwindles to nothing,

Polls show that blacks are ignorant and RACISTS! No one in his right mind would support Obama after his actions of the last almost two years.

There you go Keith Olbermann, Ed Schultz, Bill Maher, Janeane Garofalo, Michelle Maddow, Anderson Cooper, and everyone else making accusations of "rampant racism" in the Tea Party. This is why "everyone looks the same".

How can the Tea Party be truly diverse if 91% of blacks are on Obama's side? At the beginning, it was 97%. I've been arguing this point for months, but the MSM suppresses logic. Contrary to popular (liberal) belief, the Tea Party actually does have a lot of minority members, but how could they possibly be a significant percentage in this environment? What do you expect when Obama endorses every racially motivated group out there, including La Raza? Just look at the One Nation partner list.

Racism from blacks is socially acceptable. This is due to years of social engineering; NAACP, NAALCP, Congressional Black Caucus, Black Biker Week, Black History Month... you name it. Thousands of scholarships that only black kids can get. Black this, black that. Pure racism under the guise of "political correctness", promoted directly and indirectly by Hollywood and the media.

"Political" correctness. There's a reason why it's called that, you know; blacks are just a voting bloc, even to Obama. The Democrats have treated them as such for decades. Unfortunately, instead of being offended and humiliated by handouts and special privileges, the majority of liberal blacks have embraced them and forged a militant subculture, moving in lockstep with the far left who has co-opted them. The same left that enslaved them, and stood in the way of the last truly honorable remnants of the Republican party freeing them.

Racism certainly is a problem; it's organized, promoted, and aimed at political and social targets by the left. It is both a weapon and a shield, and any opposition to it is demonized as "racist".

Tired of racism of all kinds? Tired of massive, out of control government? Tired of corrupt, conspiratorial political parties? Want to finally clean up the wasteland formerly known as America? Join the Tea Party. Atheist, Christian, Agnostic... doesn't matter. This is about freedom and personal responsibility, not race or party.

Last call before America is gone.

So blacks are voting for him because he is black.
hmmmm nothing has changed,
It is so easy to see right thru this phoney (obama)
All of a sudden he is going to church, right before the elections.
War in Iraq ended?? again right before elections.
By the way its business as usual in Iraq.
And the only reason we are not at war with Iran is because of the upcoming elections.
This man (obama) is a terrible person and president!!!!

Hardly surprising considering the percentage of black people who thought O.J. Simpson was actually innocent. Sometimes group identification actually approaches insanity.

WHOA NOW, ye commenters! Many of you are saying blacks are....sssshhhh!....r-a-c-i-s-t...quiet, sshhhh! 91% of blacks still "love him?" Did he pay for your gas? Your mortgage? With his stash? Absolutely, blacks still give him a pass BECAUSE he is (1/2) black and he made it clear he wants to be identified as a black. This is the definition of racism, but in Obama's worldview and the majority of blacks-only white people can be racists. Period.

State run media is fighting hard to keep the puppet and thief relevant. November 2nd will determine the fate of a nation.

Two letters: OJ. If an entire race will applaud a man getting away with murder just because " he's a blood." Then this poll should surprise no one. And probably doesn't.

Does this surprise anyone? What would you expect from a breed of people who are more concerned where their next free ride is coming from. They don't care about anything but getting something for nothing! Non contributing scum!

This comes as no surprise when you understand who is paying the taxes in America and who is using the most government benefits.

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