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North Korea parties likes it's 1934

October 11, 2010 |  2:44 am

North Korea Female Soldiers rehearse their goosestep

So, how did you celebrate the 65th anniversary of the founding of the mis-named Democratic People's Republic of North Korea's Worker's Party?

These young women had a parade. A big parade.

Actually, they were in a big parade over the weekend, an absolutely huge celebration with tens of thousands of participants and a laundered fortune in fireworks in Pyongyang, which is to North Korean tourism what Detroit is in North America.

The forced festivities were all designed to mark how well these last 6.5 decades have gone for the 23 million peoples of the People's Republic under the famine-riddled, family rule of the Kims -- as in, Kim ll Sung, Kim Jong Il and, coming to a palace far from you soon, one of his known sons, Kim Jong Eun.

Kim was newly named the successor to Kim after he was made a general recently with not one, two or three, but four stars -- at the estimated age of 27.

The elder, frail Kim of the immense Carol Channing eyeglasses is the son of the late Kim of the huge goiter who is the grandfather of the future Grand Exalted Leader of the peninsular hermit kingdom where there is no expressed concern about the lack of political bipartisanship.

A good time was ordered to be had by all. See video for proof.

--Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Vincent Yu / Associated Press