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Forget the veggie garden: Michelle Obama now wants some of your money

Democrat first lady Michelle Obama speaks to Black Caucuse 9-15-10

Democrats apparently believe they are in some kind of trouble with President Obama's first midterm election looming four weeks from today.

They've called in the big gun, First Lady Michelle Obama, who's more popular now than her husband.

In a rather blunt political fundraising e-mail for a first lady, Obama proclaims "I need your help."

She reminisces about the heady days of 2008 when millions who believed in her husband's change to believe in donated millions to his campaign, $750 million to be exact. It's more of a....

...motivational campaign challenge this time, since the Real Good Talker's name is on no ballot, just those congressional legislators who followed his fervent urgings to pass healthcare and other expensive new programs while the economy remained mired.

"It was inspiring to witness," Mrs. Obama says. "Now, Barack and I need you to help show that energy again. Because this is such a critical moment, a group of grassroots donors are ready to match any contribution you can give."

Her e-mail was distributed to millions of past donors by Organizing for America, her husband's ongoing campaign operatiopn under the Democratic National Committee.

Mrs. Obama wants everyone to give at least $3 -- more would be better. And then from across the country teachers, truckers, nurses and firefighters from unidentified organizations will match the new donations. Also, she'd like you to jot down a short note about why you are donating.

The threat is simple and imminent:

"Barack can't keep making progress without strong allies in Congress. And now the same people who've opposed us at every turn are targeting the folks who voted to make change real. They think we can't do it again."

Obama will also be hitting the cross-country political trail late this month, specifically to campaign in California for embattled incumbent Sen. Barbara Boxer, although millions will have already voted by Oct. 27.

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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I wish to share my joy with all Americans of good will in anticipation of the
democrats getting skunked on nov. 2.It will have taken less than 2 short years
for a majority of Americans to realize what a huge mistake voters made in 2008.The nation is now innoculated for generations against the socialo/marxist mirage.

We need some true American patriots in the White House, not these elitist socialist. Time to shatter the fist bump.

How is the life inh2ll Mrs. first lady?

Really she is going to be most effective raising money for the ABO party (anyone but Obama). Her speeches are guaranteed to galvanize those good and honest citizens who haven't signed on for income redistribution, corporate welfare and racial pandering. It also means that she is now fair game for political attacks as she has cast aside her nonpartisan first lady role to become chief huckster and beggar for the Democrats organ grinder.

Nice "hit piece."


The Obama administration has shown that American Society DOES NOT care for the NEEDIEST amongst us;the diaabled & seniors are REALLY HURTING!!! No C.O.L.A.s in 2010 & 2011,while inflation increases by the nano-second.What a DISGRACE!!! Highest crime increases are among 'bank robberies'. Last year the banks were the one 'holding-up the 'patrons'. All this made possible by the fools that voted for "Hope & Change". Hope you're happy now;now get on your knees & pray for 'Change'.

She needs my money? Are the poor overworking darlings in need more vacation time?

Go pound sand Moochelle.


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