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Michelle Obama falls off the healthy eating wagon, downs cheeseburger and fries

Cheeseburger and Fries like those consumed by Democrat First Lady Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama has been talking for a while now about how Americans should eat healthier.

She's even proposed some serious menu reforms to the nation's restaurant owners, as The Ticket reported here.

As The Ticket has reported here and over here, her husband has been ignoring his wife's advice.

Now, it seems the first lady is ignoring her own advice.

A Milwaukee TV station reports that Michelle Obama dropped off the campaign grid for lunch one day last week when she was in Wisconsin to help endangered Democrat Russ Feingold try to salvage his Senate seat.

It seems Mrs. Obama's motorcade made a surprise stop at a landmark local diner, Miss Katie's, where everyone says she was very friendly, signed autographs and they were really excited and in awe.

However, the diner staff inadvertently let it slip that when it came time to order, the healthy eating advocate decided not to eat so healthy after all. She passed over the salad idea. And, instead, the first lady veggie gardener downed a cheeseburger and French fries.

No report of a milkshake. Good for health perhaps. Bad for votes in a dairy state.

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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So now the LA Times is going to stop the presses every time Michelle Obama has a cheeseburger ? Thank God she didn't have a shake! Andy, you're better than this. The First Lady is right, and I've goy the diabetes, heart disease and stroke numbers to prove it. This is nonsense.

The whole family is a bunch of liars. Anything they say is only for the peasants. The elite have only one restriction on what they do and; that is, "Do what we say and not what we do."

Let them eat cake.....She should do a remake of Sanford & Son as Aunt Esther....maybe they were twins seperated at birth!

Well, good for her. At least she seems more normal now.

Me-me-me-mechelle Antoinette says "Let them eat celery--I'll eat what I darned well please because I'm with "The Won"".

Please make them both go away.

At least Michelle ate lunch with commoners!

She's putting herself out there as some health food guru who wants to control everything we peasants eat, she should be more careful of the image she puts out there. Hypocrite!

All Fried Up, Take It To Go.
All Fried Up, Take It To Go.
All Fried Up, Take It To Go.

"… for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country"...because it feels like my hunger for fatty foods is finally making a comeback

Don't know Katie's, I woulda gone to BigBoy.

How can anyone even begin to believe anything that either of the adult Obama's say. They lied their way into the White House and have been lying ever since and will continue through out their trial for treasonous acts against the United States of America.

Michelle is sorta like me trying to lose weight. I go on a diet until I run across a good hamburger, french fries. That is just the "alcohol talking".

Mrs. Obama - the perfect progressive,"I know what is best for everyone, just do as I tell you and don't ask questions." The elite special people don't have to lead by example, just by power of government.

Moochelle needs to go on a permanent vacation and while she's at it she can take her husband with her.

The Obama's have never felt the need to follow their own advice. When Michelle says we are to fat, she does not include herself. I suspect that she and "The One" have the WH staff well versed on making frys and hamburgers (probably ground Kobi beef) rather than "healthy" food that they propose for us. I think she should get off the campaign trail and back on the Thighmaster.

Mucho Obama stuffs her face with french fries and hamburger while Barry goes out and smokes cigarettes. What a presidential scenario while the rest of us try to make ends meet these 2 communists are living high on the hog.

Seriously? This is ridiculous. Yes, Michelle Obama advocates healthy eating, which makes a lot of sense. This doesn't mean she can't eat anything but salads. A healthy, balanced diet can include pretty much anything, as long as meals such as this are eaten infrequently. If you're craving a burger, eat a burger, but balance it with healthier meals through the rest of the week. She has committed no crime here, and it certainly does not make her a hypocrite or a liar.

I don't care what Michelle Obama says! This is what is so infuriating about the "do as I say not as I do" Liberals. They want to control us in numerous ways, but don't abide by what they preach. This is America and if I want a cheeseburger I'll get one! And I'll pay for my own insurnace thank you!

With these 2 hypocrites, it's more of "Do as I say; not as I do!" Since she's such a preacher of healthy eating, I find it extremely hypocritical that in public she has the nerve to order a cheeseburger and fries! She's packing on the pounds and all the while preaching to us and our kids. Is it any wonder people want the Obamas out of OUR WH?


Thank you , Allison - a voice of reason.
I don't understand what people find unreasonable about encouraging a healthier diet for the country. It doesn't mean that every meal needs to be a dressing-free salad, but it does mean that we should watch what we eat overall. It would have long term benefits for our collective health.
Get real, folks!

Doesn't this speak more to what she has been saying than anything else? We all love cheeseburgers and fries. Only a few shun these foods. What she is talking about is getting help to make the hard decisions, hard for all of us!
It is hard to make the decision to eat fruit and vegetables instead of deep fried side dishes, but these are the decisions we need to make if we choose to be healthy. I would love it if restaurants would make it easier for me to achieve that goal, yet I too will still eat a cheeseburger and fries from time to time.
Food selection in most casual restaurants, as well as portion sizes are completely out of scale with our health. I know I have a hard time resisting unhealthy selections or stopping eating when there is food in front of me, and judging from the obesity levels in the US, it seems others do too.

If you think that the first lady suggesting that restaurants prepare healthier choices is too high handed, what is your suggestion for assistance with this ongoing problem? Suggesting that the government not get involved in what we eat is laughable by the way. Low food prices have been generated by government involvement in the food system since the 1950s. As well, the sugar and meat lobbies have successful bullied the government for years.

Andy, given that you have a venue to share solutions here, in addition to your dose of sarcasm, how would you tackle this problem?

What people eat is nobody's business but their own. "How would you handle the problem?" someone asks. I'd keep my mnouth shut about other people's diets and get a real campaign like returning discipline to public schools. How many parents know that most schools these days have nothing but a warning or a suspension? After-school detentions went out when the after-school programs and bussing came in.

Fact it, you guys supporting her. It's Michelle you like, not her ideas. As for the majority of us, we can't stand either of the Nobama's and will show it with a conservative landslide Nov. 2, followed by some serious hearings in congress.


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