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Sharron Angle ad spurs a ... colorful ... outburst by 'The View's' Joy Behar


What a way to start your day.

Early Tuesday morning on ABC's female-centric chat show, "The View," longtime co-host Joy Behar gave her view about the Nevada Republican Beharnominee for Senate, Sharron Angle. It was enough to make some spit out their cornflakes.

After Barbara Walters presented Angle's controversial TV ad, "Thanks Pal," showing ominous-looking men illegally crossing the border while innocent white children attend grade school, Behar went off on the candidate comparing it with something Adolf Hitler would use to recruit kids. This is the same ad that MSNBC's Rachel Maddow on Sunday's "Meet the Press" called the "most overtly racist ad of this campaign season."

"I’d like to see her do this ad in the South Bronx," Behar yelled at the end of the segment. "Come here bitch, come to New York! I’m not praying for her! She’s going to hell! She’s going to hell, this bitch!"

Although Elizabeth Hasselbeck, the conservative on the panel, didn't resort to name-calling she agreed that the ad was in poor taste.

This isn't the first time that Behar has flown off the handle regarding Republican candidates. In 2007 she...

... compared the GOP presidential candidates with the Klu Klux Klan after many of the hopefuls refused to attend a debate at a predominantly black university.


JOY BEHAR: Giuliani is not. Romney is not. [Sherri Shepard's] the only one going. Um...Fred Thompson is not going. What are they afraid of? They don't have the black vote anyway, so they're not going to go....

SHERRI SHEPARD: At Morgan State.

BEHAR: Is that what that's about?

ELISABETH HASSELBECK: I don't know. I think — it's interesting to look at. Go ahead.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: I was just going to say it was interesting to find also that they did not show up for the Hispanic forum, either.


BEHAR: Scheduling conflicts? What, are they all at a Klan meeting at the same time?

It was Behar (and Goldberg) who walked out on Fox News talk show host Bill O'Reilly recently after he aired his views on "The Ground Zero Mosque."

-- Tony Pierce

Photo: Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar on the set of "The View."  Credit: Associated Press

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I think Behar is a loud mouth moron, she sounds like she is PMSing constantly and Whoopi is just stupid !!!!

there is only one bitch in this senario and she is not in Nevada.

Would the reaction have been the same had they been at an all black school?

Joy Brhar is out of control, and Barbara Walters should put a leash and a muzzle on her and teach her some manners! That show has gone continuously down hill over the past few years because they have no "tolerance" for anyone or anything that does not completely embrace their left wing extremist ideology. The show has become nothing more than a hate filled mouth piece for the radical left, which is why the show no longer has any credibility. It started out years ago as a great, fair show, and lost it's way along the way. Hey Joy, guess what, there are a lot of people who think you are a "B" word, and maybe you shoujld be the one going to "H" word.

My God what has happened to television in this country? Between advertisements for "Girls Gone Wild", late night phone sex/talk and male enhancement products we get the incredible intellect of Joy (the rocket scientist) Behar acting like a drama queen on the View in the morning and CNN at night. Would it be asking too much to ask for some good "Francis the Talking Mule", movies. The donkey made a heck of a lot more sense and ranted a lot less.

The 2010 elections... The year of the "B" and the "W" words with no observable consequences... if you're on the "correct" side of the political spectrum.

Why do liberals worry so much about the ability of the electorate to make an informed decision? These harridans on the View wail about the "emotionalism" of Sharron Angle's ads, worried that people will vote based solely on emotions and not reason. I believe they are expecting everybody else to behave as they do -- emotionally and without rationality.

I used to be a fan of the view = NOT ANY MORE! THEY CAN GO TO HELL.

Mark my words, by the end of this election, illegal aliens will have figured out how easy it is, to check off Senator Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi and even Jerry Brown on absentee ballots? This is not just saying Voter fraud is prevalent in the Border States, but every state is equally at risk. Consider the situation that Border States are heavily impregnated with foreign nationals, more so in California, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas. That Senator Harry Reid has promised them some form of mass path to citizenship, if they vote for him in this midterm. Now when illegal aliens have already committed one offense by entering America, so committing a second crime by voting is certainly insignificant to people after the first crime. The fact that potentially filling out a registration forms to vote at home, opens a gaping loophole in the voting process.

It is a certainty that hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrant homes have in that family circle at least one unprocessed person, therefore illegal entrant. That anybody can get from the Post Office, Drivers License Department a voter registration or by canvassers of which Acorn had the monopoly of this vulnerable system. Senator Reid has already proved this, by--BUYING--votes for himself, with free food and drinks. Other questions should be asked about Union who have a past history of voter fraud, should not be allowed any intimate contact with electronic voting machines. or within certain any legal distance near polling sites. Then again, in Orange County Democrats gave illegal aliens the right to prospect for votes in neighborhoods. With majority leader Harry Reid promising-AMNESTY, that any new administration and then--whatever political party is seated--better take note of the public’s fury that the majority of Americans will not sign on to any form of Amnesty whatsoever. IF ANY POLITICAL PARTY OR GOVERNMENT AGENCY HAD ANY TRUE COMMITMENT TO HALTING ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, THEY WOULD MAKE ILLEGAL ENTRY A CLASS ONE FELONY?

Of any open border Liberal impersonating a Dem delivering AMNESTY, to the 13 to 20 million illegal foreigners over here is--dead meat. GOOGLE--Voter Fraud; or Illegal alien costs; Another concern is that the Democrats voted--YES--on, is "totalization" agreement between the U.S. and Mexico that would grant Social Security benefits to Mexicans, including some who are here illegally, even if they didn't work in the U.S. long enough to qualify for Social Security benefits. Our Senior Citizens have been gainfully employed all their life's and these demented souls in Washington, want to share our weak Social Security and pensions with illegal aliens? GOOGLE--illegal aliens and Social Security.

Less educated citizens have been brain-washed to believe that this seventh AMNESTY isn't going to cost the taxpayers--ANYTHING. But ask Robert Rector, Chief analyst at the Heritage Foundation that taxes will go up, to pay the 2.6 TRILLION dollar bill. Slowly this federal government is growing and spreading and we can only hope that the Tea Party candidates will begin reduction in this monstrosity. Yesterday the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday threw out part of an Arizona law requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote, but left standing a section requiring registered voters to present proof of identification to cast a ballot. This at least can divorce most non-citizen voters from casting a vote. This is extremely significant in tight races, when only say 800 voters can have a completely different outcome to who goes to Washington or State assembly.

To be fair, every polling location should have one Democrat and one Republican and an Independent as oversight referees to check for absentee ballots irregularities. This is where the honor system is most weak. With the money wasted by Democrats, Republicans it would be prudent to have a national Voter Identification card, with fingerprint and picture to halt for good any form of spurious voting

Joy Behar ..I was watching The View..But because of your comments like"bitch" I will never watch your show anymore and I will encourage all my friends stop to watch your show..You are disgusting .

Joy Behar is neither a comediene nor a decent human being. Her calling Angle the "B" word is like the pot calling the kettle black. Barbara Walters is too classy a woman to have her on the show.

Who cares that Joy used the B word??? is this a right wing forum? Where is the outrage regarding the ad? I am a PROUD LATINA AMERICAN born and raised and NO not from illegal immigrants as my father was from PR (You know one of the last commonwealths) who married my mother from Central America. Nevertheless the ad was completely outrageous AND racist. I applaud that Joy had the balls to say what she did...more importantly I am happy that some one has a powerful enough platform to express the View that every Latino American I know has.

Barbara Walters & Bill Giddie why are letting Joy B get away with walking off and calling people names . Telling people they are going to Hell. Then to make a remark about the flowers she got from Ms Angle" was picked by illegal " WHAT!!! Think about it Joy B . You are the one that is becoming offensive .
Ms Walters & Mr. Giddie Please do your job and get Joy under contral before what stated out as a good show is dropped because you aren't doing your job and keeping the show high quality.

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Mahatma Gandhi

Joy Behar is an insult to women. Just goes to show you do not have to have intelligence or talent to become a "celebrity". The only people watching her must be the trash as she is. What a classless act Behar is. Her vocabulary is pretty limited too

It sickens me to see The View getting so High and Mighty that they assume their View is every body's.
I think Joy and her name calling went way far across the line and she should be fired. I can not believe that Barbara Walters would condone this type of behavior! I am disgusted! Fire Barbara!

Whenever I want an intellectual viewpoint or commentary on the serious issues of the day, the first people I look to are Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg.

Joy Behar is a hypocrite! I never will watch this show until Joy Behar is GONE! She makes women look BAD. She's so full of herself and has trashed and crashed daytime tv. I'm not surprised she is an Obama follower. I don't want to see her face or hear her mouth again

Joy Behar is only there calling this woman an offensive name because she is not there to defend herself. With Bill O'Reilly, she tried to bully him when he did not agree with her liberal thinking. Then, when Bill popped it back at her and she had no response, in classic bully fashion, she gets up and retreats. Just like you would see in any school playground when a bully is finally confronted. Grow up Behar! She should not be allowed on TV. Liberal or conservative, grown adults should be able to disagree and debate issues without name calling and childish behavior. Sad thing is, she will continue this behavior because she continues to get away with it for "show ratings"....Disgusting.

I love love Joy Behr!!! She makes the View!

I will not watch The View again. I think Joy has gone off the deep-end..Maybe she needs a man or some hormone pills, but walking off the set last week and now this potty mouth ourburst...Too much!!!

Joy Behar is a disgrace. I just wish Elisabeth Hasselbeck being the "slightly" more conservative one on the show, would stand up to her and quit being afraid of her.


Joy Behar and Mel Gibson are EXACTLY alike. The way Mel Gibson talked to his girlfriend is exactly the way Joy talked to/about Sharron Angle. Mel calling out his girlfriend and telling her what he would do to her. Joy did the same to Sharon, telling her to "meet" me in the Bronx and see what will happen. Joy is PATHETIC.

I think Joy Behar hit the nail on the head regarding the Miss America Pageant and the girls wearing bikinis. I thought it was disgusting and see no need for the parade of teeny bikinis. What happened to one piece bathing suits. You can be smart, talented, beautiful without having to show so much skin. So does it mean in order to be talented, etc you must parade around in a bikini or is this forum for all? I think it sends a message to stay skinny or you will never go any where in life. Barbara Walters, Sherri, Elizabeth did not even allow her to tell her full view as they constantly kept interrupting her. What makes Sherri and Elizabeth so out of control and no one else can speak. Sherri has become a show off and really she needs to pay special attention to her out of proportion body...boobs so big they make her look deformed. Why doesn't someone tell her that. She would look so much better if she had a boob reduction. Nothing sexy about her look.


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