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Touch-screen voting machine issues pop up in Nevada to the benefit of Reid (and Angle)

Electronic voting machines are being blamed for anxiety in Nevada as several early voters are complaining that when they began to cast their ballot Majority Leader Harry Reid's name was already selected.

Boulder City resident Joyce Ferrara, who wanted to vote for Republican Sharron Angle, told her local Fox news station that she could understand if such an aberration happened just for her, but her husband and several others at a polling place also experienced the malfunction.

"Something's not right," Ferrara said. "One person that's a fluke. Two, that's strange. But several within a five-minute period of time, that's wrong."

Clark County Registrar of Voters Larry Lomax assured the news station that there was no monkey business with the machines and explained that the screens are simply extremely sensitive. With cameras rolling, he showed that if anyone had an advantage it would be Angle, whose name gets checked off if a voter clicks the English option too many times or if his or her finger lingers too long on the opening screen.

Lomax thinks that voters should rest easy, but after the jump, there's some video from around the country and around the world that shows how easy it is to hack electronic voting machines.

In 2008, the Netherlands became the first country in Europe to use electronic voting machines. But when convinced how easily they could be manipulated and tampered with, it became the first country to ban them. Here is video of several men needing just 60 seconds to switch out the memory chips in the machine.


What good is switching out memory? For one, you can alter the way the machine tallies the results. Using American ingenuity, Ed Felten, a professor at Princeton University, along with the two students who discovered the flaw, demonstrated on "Fox & Friends" in 2006 how one could alter the results of a Diebold electronic voting machine in just 10 seconds.


In 2004, Clinton Eugene Curtis testified under oath that he was paid by Republican Rep. Tom Feeney of Florida to write a computer program that would rig elections. Curtis said he created an undetectable program with just 100 lines of code to make it look as though Feeney won, 51% to 49%. Feeney denied all accusations. Although several of the details of Curtis' claims seem to have been debunked, Jon Kaney, a Florida attorney who represents the Daytona Beach News-Journal, said Curtis' fearlessness was what gives him credibility to some.

"You don't casually go around swearing under penalties of perjury unless you think you're right," Kaney told Wired in late 2004.


The distrust of voting machines has led to parody. In the fictional town of Springfield, Homer Simpson had difficulty voting for Barack Obama just a couple of years ago.


-- Tony Pierce

Photo: Harry Reid. Credit: Associated Press

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Claims that Clark County electronic voting machines are being activated with the name of candidate Harry Reid preselected are patently false. The voting machines only react to a touch, whether intentional or inadvertent. While it is possible for a voter to touch a candidate’s name with a sample ballot, a sleeve, or anything else without realizing it, it is not possible for the machine to make a selection without the voter’s input. Therefore, it’s important that voters review their selections on the voting screen and on the paper printout before hitting the “cast ballot” button.
Millions of votes have been placed on these machines over the past eight years, both in testing and in prior elections, without incident. Before being placed into service, all electronic voting machines have undergone pre-logic accuracy testing to ensure that they are working properly. Extensive security procedures are in place to ensure no machine tampering could occur. The software and firmware used in the machines has been validated against that on file at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Copies of the software, firmware and election profile are additionally secured in a vault at the Office of the Secretary of State where their integrity could be validated if the election were to be contested. Trained and sworn Clark County staff are available to answer voters’ questions and assist voters experiencing difficulties while voting.
Although much has been made of a reported incident in Boulder City that occurred yesterday, at no time did any voter bring it to the attention of an attendant, or the Team Leaders in charge of the polling location. Although poll watchers were observing throughout the day, no incident was reported to them. In fact, although over 160,000 people have voted early in Clark County, those allegations that have been made have gone directly to the media as opposed to election board officers.
Clark County residents can be confident their election equipment is working properly and that the results of the election will reflect exactly the selections made by the voters. If a recount or contest should occur, the Election Department is confident the equipment and procedures will stand up to any scrutiny.

Harvard L. Lomax Clark County Registrar of Voters

Dear Mr. Lomax, If what you are saying is true then there would be equal chance for other names to be selected and "pre-voted." Since only Sen Reid's name is the one coming up already marked you have fraud in that district. Instead of mouthing your standard denial, GO AND LOOK!

ChrisS, how is he supposed to do anything when people are not registering complaints with the Elections Department.

A Sharon Angle Voter rushing directly the Fox. Hrm, that's not suspicious at all.


Senator Harry Reid is a Liberal impersonating a Dem and if he is reelected, he will be delivering AMNESTY, to the 13 to 20 million illegal foreigners His counterpart Barbara Boxer is also kowtowing to the illegal immigrant invasion of our country. Reid lied when he said there were no illegal aliens in Nevada as they swept in with the construction boom and are now pilfering the welfare system in the state. GOOGLE--Voter Fraud; or Illegal alien costs; Another major concern is that the Democrats voted--YES--on, is "totalization" agreement between the U.S. and Mexico that would grant Social Security benefits to Mexicans, including those here illegally, even if they didn't work in the U.S. long enough to qualify for Social Security benefits. Our Senior Citizens have been gainfully employed all their life's and these demented souls in Washington, want to share our weak Social Security and pensions with illegal aliens?

GOOGLE--illegal aliens and Social Security. Whereas the Liberal-Democrats use the spin, rhetoric who splash on every page of the Liberal press that Tea Party members are anti- immigrant and this is not--TRUE?

If you want to compete for jobs in the future, then go ahead and vote the so-called Democrats back to power.

This is strictly about the “Rule of Law" and that coming to USA is a prestigious gift from the American People, who are represented by our government. Entering this great country without consent is an illegal act against all Americans. Therefore this is a crime committed by illegal aliens--NOT LEGAL IMMIGRANTS. The Tea Party will not become political pawns of the Republican Party, its elitist’s views like John Boehner or any philosophies that is epidemic of GOP demagogues. The Tea Party is a very large moderate Conservative percentage of the US, who are impulsive enough to return these United States of America back to its people

Less educated citizens have been programmed to believe that this seventh AMNESTY isn't going to cost the taxpayers--ANYTHING. But ask Robert Rector, Chief analyst at the Heritage Foundation that taxes will go up, to pay the 2.6 TRILLION dollar bill. Slowly this federal government is growing and spreading and we can only hope that the Tea Party candidates will begin reduction in this administration--TAX and SPEND--monstrosity. Yesterday the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday threw out part of an Arizona law requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote, but left standing a section requiring registered voters to present proof of identification to cast a ballot. This at least can divorce most non-citizen voters from casting a vote. This is extremely significant in tight races, when only say 800 voters can have a completely different outcome to who goes to Washington or State assembly.

To be fair, every polling location should have one Democrat and one Republican and an Independent as oversight referees to check for absentee ballots irregularities. This is where the honor system is most weak. With the money wasted by Democrats, Republicans it would be prudent to have a national Voter Identification card, with fingerprint and picture to halt for good any form of spurious voting. Vote for Candidates of the TEA PARTY, as our agenda is to remove the taint of escalating power of an out-of-control government, shrinking its size, reintroduce the instruction of the US CONSTITUTION and return the empowerment of the People from the overzealous and arrogant politicians. Tea Party will conform to the citizen’s referendum and not to the Socialist plan of President Obama and the majority of Democrats.

By the end of this election, illegal aliens will have figured out how easy it is, to check off Senator Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and even Jerry Brown on absentee ballots? This is not just saying Voter fraud is prevalent in the Border States, but every state is equally at risk. Consider the situation that Border States are heavily impregnated with foreign nationals, more so in California, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas. That Senator Harry Reid has promised them some form of mass path to citizenship, if they vote for him in this midterm. Now when illegal aliens have already committed one offense by entering America, so committing a second crime by voting is certainly insignificant to people after the first crime. The fact that potentially filling out a registration forms to vote at home opens a gaping loophole in the voting process.

It is a certainty that hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrant homes have in that family group at least one unprocessed person, therefore illegal entrant. That anybody can get from the Post Office, Drivers License Department a voter registration or by canvassers of which Acorn had the monopoly of this vulnerable system. Senator Reid has already proved this, by--BUYING--votes for himself, with free food and drink. Other questions should be asked about SEIU union who have a past history of voter fraud, should not be allowed any intimate programming contact with electronic voting machines. or within certain any legal distance near polling sites. Then again, in Orange County Democrats gave illegal aliens the right to prospect for votes in neighborhoods. With majority leader Harry Reid promising-AMNESTY, that any new administration and then--whatever political party is seated--better take note of the public’s fury that the majority of Americans will not sign on to any form of Amnesty whatsoever. IF ANY POLITICAL PARTY OR GOVERNMENT AGENCY HAD ANY TRUE COMMITMENT TO HALTING ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, THEY WOULD MAKE ILLEGAL ENTRY A CLASS ONE FELONY?

Two Skeletons in Senator Harry Reid's closet: GOOGLE-- In 1998, Reid bought undeveloped land on the edge of Las Vegas for $400,000 in a deal set up by friend and lawyer Jay Brown, whose name has popped up in organized crime probes. In 2001, Reid sold the land for the same price to a company formed by Mr. Brown in exchange for a share in the company. Reid didn't disclose the sale or note his stake in Brown's company. No document exists that proves Reid's stake.Brown fought for and obtained rezoning of the residential property to commercial use. The land was sold for $1.1 million in 2004. Reid reported a personal sale.This is a matter for investigation by the ethics committee, the feds and Nevada. GOOGLE--In November 2005 the Associated Press reported that Senate Minority Leader Reid had accepted tens of thousands of dollars from an Abramoff client, the Coushatta Indian tribe, after interceding with Secretary of the Interior Gail Norton over a casino dispute with a rival tribe.

Great Ghu, can we please just quit paying ATTENTION to these narcissistic-disorder idiots? "Obviously the machines were rigged because I lost, and everyone knows that nobody would vote for a socialist Muslim black guy, over a white woman in a thousand dollar make-up job!"

The idea that anyone AT ALL would vote for such an empty shell is terrifying. The teabaglicans really ought to be disqualified from voting on grounds of their mental instability.

"We had numerous complaints!" Produce a real one. "One of Reid's sons is on a county commission!" Which has to do with what, exactly? "According to one eyewitness!" Who went STRAIGHT TO the repukelibagger's main propaganda arm, Faux Spews.

Would like to bet that YOU could get on Faux by whining that your touch-screen came pre-checked? With NO evidence?

There WERE numerous cases of the touch screen flipping the D to R -- all of them documented and investigated. Some voters actually took cell phone pictures of their finger on the D button, and the R coming up checked. NOT ONE SINGLE DOCUMENTED CASE of the other way around.

SEIU "runs the machines"? Puh. Leeze. They're installed, run, and serviced by Diebold / ES&S / Sequoia / whatever they call themselves this month, OWNED AND OPERATED BY LONG-TIME FRIENDS OF THE BUSH FAMILY.

Jeb Bush called Florida for his brother before the polls even closed, on basis of KNOWING the machines were hacked. BlackBox Voting PROVED they were hacked.


And Kulin? Lomax just said that it was NOT true. Learn to read, teabaglicans. It ought to keep you out of our hair for a few years.


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