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Harry Reid - Sharron Angle debate: On continuing the Bush tax cuts

October 14, 2010 |  6:57 pm

Reid-bushl70pyrnc Fox to Reid: "Why do you want to raise taxes, even on the wealthy, in the midst of a recession?"

Reid says, "I guarantee there will be no tax increase for anyone in middle class in America. I personally am not in favor of giving billionaires tax cuts."

Angle is for extending the Bush tax cuts. "The tax cuts need to be made permanent. If they are not, we will experience the largest tax increase in the history of America."

She turns her fire on Reid: "Voting for over 300 tax increases, Senator, we can't trust you." Then she gets harsher: "You came to the Senate from Searchlight with very little. On behalf of Nevada taxpayers, we'd like to know, how did you become so wealthy on a Senate payroll?"

Reid: "That's kind of a low blow." He said he made his money as a successful lawyer before he became a senator.


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