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Harry Reid - Sharron Angle debate: Closing statements

Reid fumbled around for his papers when asked for his closing statement. Gotta be around here somewhere! When he found it, it was brief. He knocked Angle for mocking the notion of "green" jobs, and closed with milquetoast boilerplate: "I am a fighter," he says. "I will continue to fight for what I believe is best for the American people."

Angle was a bit livelier. "People ask me why I smile so much," she says. "I am an optimist. Like Ronald Reagan, I believe in American exceptionalism."

What she would do is "cut back on the spending, pay back the debt, and take back our economy by repealing policies like 'Obamacare.'" She is about "lower taxes, less government regulation, more individual freedom and stop the spending. I am Sharron Angle and I am asking for your vote."

Hard to imagine this debate moved the needle much in this tight race. On the other hand, she didn't seem crazy -- which is how Reid has tried hard to portray her -- so maybe she won?


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On continuing the Bush tax cuts

-- Robin Abcarian

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This was an embarrassing debate. Reid's performance against such a feeble opponent was laughable. So much red meat and Harry Reid was on the defensive the entire time. He has thrown away his chances. What a shame for Nevada!
It was one huge cringe fest. Watch out America! Sharon Angle is about to take the stage!


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