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Harry Reid - Sharron Angle debate: The economic meltdown

Angle: The housing bubble was caused a long time before this recent recession.

She accuses Reid of not dealing with the underlying causes of the recession. "Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae have never been truly dealt with. They keep sweeping it away....We need to start looking at true solutions, and first we have to investigate what caused the problem in the first place."

Reid's response: "We are on top of that." He says he has called for a Federal Reserve audit, which has not happened. He denies you can do away with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.


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Reid's history

I moved out of Nevada so in case this nut case Angelwon.
She will poison the air of all Nevadans with Toxic Waste,
she will take away all Health Care and give you high prices
to where you and your families won't be able to purchase
health insurance. She will try and do away with Social
Security and Medicare. Sharon Angle is a liar and it is
a well known fact. All of Nevada will be in danger from
toxic waste and she will try and do away with the Middle
Class. She is for Big Businesses, Big Insurance Companies.
She is very dangerous for Nevada. If Harry Reid wins I will
move back to Nevada and know that I will be protected
and have a better way of life.
This woman is crazy and a liar.

Senator Reid did not want toxic waste dumped in Yucca Valley.
He is protecting you and your family from toxic waste.
In the debate tonight Angle wants the toxic waste dump
and coal plants in Nevada. This will make Nevadans
very, very ill. She is for making jobs alright the wrong
kind of jobs for Nevada.
Nevadans wake up before it is to late.
Protect your children's drinking water and their air.

SNL is going to have big fun with this one. Sharon Angke is some kind of bad joke.

Harry really fell apart at the end when he was looking for his notes. I'll be glad to see him get retired in a few weeks.

Bank of America may owe the GSEs up to $70 billion. JPMorgan and the other money center banks could owe similar amounts.

Angle is siding with the TARP bailout banks over taxpayers by being against the GSEs. She doesn't realize that the GSEs are more of a market intermediary. The buy and sell assets, they don't sit down across the table from borrowers.

If a borrower was given a mortgage that they shouldn't have qualified for, it is the fault of the bank that meets and deals with the customer, not the GSEs.

>I moved out of Nevada so in case this nut case Angelwon.

Really? You didn't move out because of the 14% unemployment, or the highest foreclosure rate in the nation? You moved simply because Angle might win.

An interesting reason to move.

American's are rejecting Obama with the same vigor as they elected him. We wanted change and he gave us Marxism and Socialism. This administration is lead by czars that have no accountability, they aren't elected and they're not vetted. This is not the American way! Despite the pleadings of the majority of Americans, they forced Obamacare upon the masses. Obama said he would be different and government would be transparent yet he resorted to his Chicago thug tactics, back-room deals and bribery to accomplish his evil doings. This election is a rejection of those politicians that say one thing to get elected and then do the another. Reid and Pelosi never intended to seek bipartisanship. Yet we the people didn't want one party rule or a dictatorship. We wanted people in Washington to work together to resolve our challenges this country was facing.
Ridiculous claims against Angle aren't worth defending. She is a mother, a teacher, a smart person, a good politician and she wants what's best for her family and Nevada. We've seen the effects of Reid and Obama have had on the family and the country: highest unemployment, highest homeless, highest taxes, lowest growth, highest debt... Frankly, Obama has already taken all the money out of Social Security and Medicare - remember! The fact we're in debt means, we don't have money for government jobs, government projects or government health care. Obamacrats will pay the price of ignoring the constitution and ignoring the people they were supposed to represent.

Thank goodness for all big business - Thank goodness for small business too. Why? because they give us jobs, wealth and opportunities. Wonder why all college students are upset. Because this administration has removed their hope of a better future. That's what happens when you try to demonize business and take away incentives. This economic tragedy lies in the lap of Obama. His priory wasn't helping the poor and jobs as thought, it was to get more people to depend on government to secure his political ambitions. And many have drank this cool-aid. Wake up and see him for what he is and what he stands for.

Now I seriously hope Harry Reid doesn't win, then maybe nuts like the poster "G" will leave our great state alone. Harry Reid is the quintessential socialist, Angle is a breath of fresh air and one that we desperately need. As a small business owner, I can't help but laugh at how little the Dumbocrats understand how this entire "economics" process works. Companies, yes the evil Big Businesses that you all claim eat small children, provide jobs. Government jobs only add to our deficit and dependence on future government projects. That is NOT the type of job that will contribute to the DOW or NASDAQ.
There is too much to teach to the liberals to make them understand how things work, I just don't have time to teach close-minded children.

Sharon, you are a sad, sad lady. Harry's a democratic atm machine. Toxic air and water, are you for real. Reid started congress broke, now he is one of the wealthest man in DC, where do you think he gets his money. From you, and now that you have left he has no one left to rape and rob. Because the ones left in the state are going to vote him out. Viva LAS VEGAS!!!! As soon as he is out I'm going back to gamble. LOL

These folks who try to characterize Reid as "the quintessiental Marxist/Socialist" crack me up. I have lived in this state for 32 years, and Reid has always been known as a conservative Democrat. Angle is a nut-job with a long history of being the ONLY dissenting vote in the state senate "just because." For years the joke was, "the vote was 41 to Angle for the measure." Angle showed last night that she has no idea of the complexity of government and the issues. Harry has been a stabilizing influence in Nevada for a long time. He has my vote, and I think many people will be surprised at how big his winning margain will be.

Who pays these loons to post here ?? "Harry Reid is a Conservative Democrat"!?!?! "I moved out of Nevada just in case Sharon Angle wins"?!?!?

The truth is, I had to stomach 3 terms of Harry's lies in Nevada myself, and I will
tell you this . . he is soft spoken, polite, and usually in town hall settings he sounds like a man with tremendous common sense and compassion for the people of Nevada. He does NOT sound like a Marxist at all.

When Mr Reid goes to Washington, his true colors are displayed in how he votes, pretty much motivated by how much money he has to gain and how much power he retains in his votes. He is the one who "went to under the bus" for Obama, along with Pelosi in Obamacare.

Happy Retirement Years, Harry
May God have mercy on your soul, IF you have one.


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